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"Of all your stupid ideas, Denmark..."

Greenland is a male character introduced in We Should Be Friends where he is seen claiming that Denmark ruined his life. He is a former roommate of Denmark, and is still financially dependent on him.


Greenland is depicted as a Greenlandic Inuit, and has short black hair, olive skin and small eyes. He wears the Greenland flag and black trousers with white shoes.

His personality shown in the Scandinavia and the World comics:

Greenland is seen as being quick tempered and sometimes violent towards Denmark. In The Scariest Ghost Ever it is shown that he is also superstitious and to have plenty of “helping ghosts” as he attempted to banish The Beer Ghost but is quickly scared off. Like his neighbour Faroes Islands he is an avid whale hunter. This is also shown in deleted comic shown here.


Denmark is shown to consistently push Greenland around, thus possibly leading to Greenland being openly hostile towards him. This is shown throughout the comics where Greenland will attack Denmark in a given opportunity like in We Should Be Friends and Eurovision Winners.

Greenland is shown to have good relationships or at the very least civil relationships with his neighbouring countries. In I Want Oil he is shown contemplating oil with Canada and in Moby is a Dick with Svalbard and Faroes bonding over whale hunting.

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