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Moby is a Dick


Moby is a Dick

Here's the whale spotted off Svalbard's coast

Most of the Nordics hunt whales, though not usually humpback whales, so that's purely for the joke.

28th November 2012

8 days ago #9200556        

Funny thing, only nordics that don't hunt whale, are those without any significant populations of them in their national waters. :)

2 months ago #9161191        

@FinlandRules True.

2 months ago #9159850        

@Keichwoud 1 sniper > 5 harpoons

2 months ago #9157064        

I love Svalbard's character! It is perfect.

2 months ago #9156449        

Finland is ready to defend!

2 months ago #9151906        

@FinlandRules 5 harpoons > 1 knife.

2 months ago #9150968        

Why is Finland scared? That don't make no sense. (Intentionally poor grammar)


43 M
3 months ago #9148640        

LOVE that look from Finland lol.

3 months ago #9142497        

Why doesn't Denmark go?
He's in the open, kind of :(

3 months ago #9139759        

Must be the first comic where the entire Nordic family is gathered (except Åland) :o <3

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