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Moby is a Dick


Moby is a Dick

Here's the whale spotted off Svalbard's coast

Most of the Nordics hunt whales, though not usually humpback whales, so that's purely for the joke.

28th November 2012

23 days ago #9211908        

I didn't know any of the background but I still loved this xD

1 month ago #9200556        

Funny thing, only nordics that don't hunt whale, are those without any significant populations of them in their national waters. :)

3 months ago #9161191        

@FinlandRules True.

3 months ago #9159850        

@Keichwoud 1 sniper > 5 harpoons

3 months ago #9157064        

I love Svalbard's character! It is perfect.

3 months ago #9156449        

Finland is ready to defend!

3 months ago #9151906        

@FinlandRules 5 harpoons > 1 knife.

3 months ago #9150968        

Why is Finland scared? That don't make no sense. (Intentionally poor grammar)


43 M
3 months ago #9148640        

LOVE that look from Finland lol.

4 months ago #9142497        

Why doesn't Denmark go?
He's in the open, kind of :(

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