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Moby is a Dick

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Moby is a Dick

Here's the whale spotted off Svalbard's coast

Most of the Nordics hunt whales, though not usually humpback whales, so that's purely for the joke.

28th November 2012

2 days ago #9291467        

oh my gosh this made me laugh more than it should have

23 days ago #9278340        

That whale is so beautiful!
Why would they hurt it??? THOSE BASTARDS!!!! D:<

1 month ago #9273297        

@kajkager-is-love Considering Finland is the one that carries around a knife, whatever it is must be disturbing.

1 month ago #9272002        

You know that something is seriously disturbing when Finland is freaking out over weapons!!!

3 months ago #9251589        

His name is Migaloo, and he was first spotted in 1991. Last sighting was off the coast of Australia in July, 2014, so it's nice to know he's hanging in there. Migaloo! Fun to see and fun to say. MigalooMigalooMigaloo!

3 months ago #9251377        

It's funny to see Finland freskes out by weapons, considering that he's the one with the sniper guns and the knifes :D


25 M
3 months ago #9248353        

Lead on Captain Ahab!

3 months ago #9241465        

Hehe finally some food

5 months ago #9211908        

I didn't know any of the background but I still loved this xD

5 months ago #9200556        

Funny thing, only nordics that don't hunt whale, are those without any significant populations of them in their national waters. :)

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