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Moby is a Dick


Moby is a Dick

Here's the whale spotted off Svalbard's coast

Most of the Nordics hunt whales, though not usually humpback whales, so that's purely for the joke.

28th November 2012


21 M

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3 days ago #9312947        

Svalbard har ikke rigtig deres eget flag. Det flag Svalbard afbildes med her er et joke-flag fra den satiriske hjemmeside Uncyclopedia:

Isbjørnen i dette flag er faktisk isbjørnen fra det grønlandske rigsvåben:

3 days ago #9312940        

@Thorantikrist It's Svalbard. The flag is black, dark red, and white with a white polar bear on it.


15 F
20 days ago #9303154        

Where were they keeping those spears?


29 days ago #9298447        

@Thorantikrist Þór, þetta er Svalbarði..


36 M
1 month ago #9296628        

Wait even Finland is disturbed by this?

1 month ago #9296554        

Also in modern day society flags should just have the name of the countries on it, this is so obsolete.

1 month ago #9296552        

What country is this supposed to be, black flag with white and read kross, when i google it then it appears as a flag for Durham city, in England, so a subtext would be great...

1 month ago #9291467        

oh my gosh this made me laugh more than it should have

2 months ago #9278340        

That whale is so beautiful!
Why would they hurt it??? THOSE BASTARDS!!!! D:<

2 months ago #9273297        

@kajkager-is-love Considering Finland is the one that carries around a knife, whatever it is must be disturbing.

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