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"Aw duuuuuuuuuuuuuu-uuuuuuuuuu-uuuuuuued! That butterfly looks stoned!"


Christiania, introduced in No joints for children, is a micro-nation and the son of Denmark. He looks very much like his father only with longer "hippy"-like hair. He's rebellious and doesn't like taking orders from authority - let alone his father, who is quite unfair according to Christiania. He also likes smoking marijuana despite being too young, and threw a tantrum when his joints were taken away from him.

Christiania and his father Denmark don't have the most harmonious of relations, but deep inside they probably still care about each other, but it hasn't been shown yet. Denmark admitted not knowing Christiania's biological age and guessed him to be thirteen, which Christiania neither denied nor confirmed.

Christiania is friends with FennoSwede and Kven and seems to be the leader of their group, at least when it comes to talking back to the
babysitter. He looks down upon fellow micronation Sealand.

Also unknown to him, Christiania is the half-brother of Scania on his father's side which both of them are oblivious of, as Scania believes his father died in a car accident and neither of them have talked with each other about or been told about being half-brothers in the comics yet.

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