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"What!? B-But-!!!" shock

Scania, introduced in The Love Story of Bornholm, is the southern most part of Sweden, but was once part of Denmark. To show this Humon made Scania the son of Sister Sweden and Denmark revealed in Who's Your Daddy , however, only Sister Sweden knows Scania is his son, (ya know, mother's baby, father's maybe type a thing.) Both Scania and Denmark are unaware that they are related, however this does not stop them from being good pals.

The only one to know Denmark is Scania's father is Sweden, who wanted to be a substitute father figure to Scania, though Sweden himself admitted Scania did not want that for being to hard on him in the beginning, believing Denmark was a bad influence Sweden asked his sister who was Scania's father, as to get him away from Denmark, though his concern for his nephew quickly turn to anger, when Sister Sweden revealed that Denmark was the father, Sweden then in turn lied to Scania about his real father being in a car crash, not caring about Scania's shocked and sad expression. Since then Scania's and his uncle's relation has been confrontational, with Sweden being overly strict and baring, even going so far to threaten to kick Scania out if he didn't sit up straight and not mumble when he spoke, and was quick to blame Sweden's political problems on Scania. He also claimed Scania would be in a coma if the Japan's child hero thing was true to real life.
However Scania did not just lay down and took what his uncle said to him those times mentioned before, and was mad at his uncle for saying those things going so far as to tell him, not to blame all of Sweden's political problems on Scania. Though there is one thing both Scania and Sweden can agree on. Real Swedes eat snow.

When Scania was first taken from Denmark by Sweden, Scania was very rebellious and wanted to move back to Denmark, but after a while he became more tolerant of being with Sweden, though he still doesn't like Sweden too much.

Scania is shown to be about a teenager, and is shorter than the adults but taller than the children, and has light blond hair and the side of his hair is similar to Denmark's hair side (to show they are related, even though both don't know it) he wears a red button shirt with a yellow cross, similar to his younger cousin's FennoSwede.

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