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FennoSwede Smile

Personality While a very happy-go-lucky kid, he is also known to be spoiled by his mother and a bit snobby at times. While he isn't well known for talking all that much, when he does, it's in Swedish, much to his uncle Finland's dismay.

Appearance FennoSwede is known for wearing a shirt with his flag on it, a pair of sunglasses and a grin on his face. His hair is wavy and blonde, much like his father's, his shirt sleeves are rolled up past his elbows and his sunglasses placed on the top of his head. [img][/img]


Sister Finland: FennoSwede's mother. Known for spoiling him rotten and smothering him with love.

Sweden: FennoSwede's father. Since neither Sister Finland nor Finland speak to the boy in their native tongue, FennoSwede has learned to speak Swedish from Sweden (and possibly Aland, Sweden's boyfriend who resides with Finland, as well).

Finland: FennoSwede's uncle. It takes all of Finland's effort not to do away with his nephew. While FennoSwede seems to try and be friendly with Finland, his uncle wants nothing to do with him.

Åland: FennoSwede's first cousin once removed. It's hinted that Åland might have helped to teach the boy Swedish as well.

Kven: Friend

Christiania: Friend

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