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God Hates Sweden

God Hates Sweden

I’ve been wanting to make this comic for a long time, but couldn’t figure out who Sweden should be with. Åland, you saved my day!

Some time ago I got linked to this site
It’s an American site made by The Westboro Baptist Church and it's dedicated to all the countries God hates, and apparently he hates Sweden the most for various reasons, but mainly because it’s (Dun Dun Duuun!!) one of the most gay friendly countries in the world (If not the most gay friendly! Dun Dun Duuun!).

Only problem is, Sweden is also one of the least religious countries in the world, so he doesn’t really care. :XD:

In fact, the latest top five over the least religious countries in the world looks like this:
5.Czech Republic

(With USA as number 44)

We’re not big on religion in the North. :XD:

17th May 2010

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4 months ago #9436787        



Just want to say, Most Americans would not shed a tear if the WBC all died in a fire

5 months ago #9430122        



Don't worry.

Most of the United States wishes they were dead. Especially since we legalized gay marriage


16 M
7 months ago #9413864        



Im a Danish christian. And my views are that i will not respect westboro church. Ever. They have misunderstood the boble in so Many ways that i dont even want to Think about it.

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7 months ago #9410292        



Westboro is far from mainstream. The grand majority of Americans, Christian and not, don't view them as a legitimate church. And, the majority of Americans actually support gay marriage, something like 60-40. Don't be fooled. Just because a few folks are loud doesn't mean they speak for the majority of us.


29 M
8 months ago #9398462        



ahh the bible, one of the best ways to start a barfight, depending on where the bar is,

2 months ago #9461623        



Holy shit America.

I'm American myself, but I'm also bisexual and have always felt like religion was just another way to start pointless fights between people and no one can be proven right so it's an eternal stalemate. Plus so many religions are like do this or you go to hell and I'm just like "I DO WHAT I WANT."

But now America's like yo let's legalize gay marriage and I'm like I approve.

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1 month ago #9469037        



I ship Åland and Sweden actually :D


35 M
2 months ago #9465233        



Also in the Bible (mostly Leviticus, right next to "man shall not lie down with man"):
-- If a child curses its parent, that child shall be put to death. (To serve as a warning to the others! They had more kids back then; they could spare one.)
--If a man lies with an animal, then he shall be put to death... and so shall the animal (because that sheep was begging for it, the whore!)
-- If a man lies in a bed where a woman has had her period, he shall be put to death (Gee, I hope married couples are exempted. Pretty much makes premarital sex a capital punishment crime though. Maybe if you have your own rooms?)
-- "Anything from the water that does not have fins and scales is unclean to you" (So... I guess cancel our reservation at Red Lobster then... forever.)

They're not interested in living by the Bible (which is fortunate, because that involves a lot of murdering your children and committing suicide, apparently). They realize "Gays make me feel uncomfortable and think about things I don't want to think about" would be a completely weak, if honest, argument.

2 months ago #9464744        



Haha.... I'm not big on religion, either, and I personally think that gay-ness is fine.


18 M
3 months ago #9456224        



It's so religious here. You'll be a disgrace if your an atheist or gay(and I'm atheist and bi #-_-).

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