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God Hates Sweden


God Hates Sweden

I’ve been wanting to make this comic for a long time, but couldn’t figure out who Sweden should be with. Åland, you saved my day!

Some time ago I got linked to this site
It’s an American site made by The Westboro Baptist Church and it's dedicated to all the countries God hates, and apparently he hates Sweden the most for various reasons, but mainly because it’s (Dun Dun Duuun!!) one of the most gay friendly countries in the world (If not the most gay friendly! Dun Dun Duuun!).

Only problem is, Sweden is also one of the least religious countries in the world, so he doesn’t really care. :XD:

In fact, the latest top five over the least religious countries in the world looks like this:
5.Czech Republic

(With USA as number 44)

We’re not big on religion in the North. :XD:

16th May 2010

13 days ago #9223070        


Is the Bible Belt, isn’t it?

2 months ago #9196758        

Wow, according to that website god hates everyone XD If he was real, you'd think the world would've ended by now. Silly fundamentalists and their extreme world views

2 months ago #9182788        

Jeez! I deeply respect religion and all, but fundamentalists? KINDLY FUCK OFF.

2 months ago #9179152        

@klausboy #9135049

"And yet, ironically, almost all of our flags in the north have crosses on them xD"

Not all. And it wasn't always so.

Karja triskele is at the church not far from the Kaali meteorite crater.
And Odensholm island is close to the rim of the Neugrund meteorite crater.

Essentially, Kaali meteorite impact was the act of Thor, while the much older Neugrund meteorite impact was considered to be the act of Odin.
(and the Ilumetsa meteorite impact at Põrguhaud was considered to be the act of Perkunas)

2 months ago #9173171        

I'm surprised that Estonia is nr 1 :XD:

3 months ago #9157500        

Aww... Can't decide which of Sweden/Åland or DK/NO is the sweetest couple :3
But yeah, religion is a very private thing up here. I mean, nobody is gonna give you weird looks for wearing a cross necklace or smth, but street preachers don't really exist here and talking about your faith with strangers is considered pretty bad form.


22 F
3 months ago #9157298        

If someone says something like "God bless your soul" or speaks about religion we actually become quite uncomfortable XD

3 months ago #9153283        

@Ascandinavienwiking "if you in sweden speak against gays the ikea police comes and get you", that is hilarious! lol, I cannot believe Westboro, but most Americans, at least in the North and West think the image of Americans, as Christian radicals is overly exaggerated...@Shadowlinks said it best, there is really only one family involved with WBC, and the movement against the WBC, here in the States is much larger.

I like how one tiny church in the Confederacy of the USA, somehow, becomes a fixed image in the "culturally-aware and educated masses of the world", yet when a Norwegian fascist becomes violent or Danish right-wing parties win big, they are to be perceived as fringe, radicals and not a product of that society? What about the BNP, or FN, or Swiss People's Party, or Hungary's far right, or the Netherlands with Geert?

Focusing on one tiny congregation of one church, in the US, while ignoring or downplaying extremists of the far right in other nations is ridiculous. It is also worth noting that the number of non-religious people in the US is comparable to many European nations, at this point (2014). Especially, when nations like Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, even France are included in a comparison, as they maintain nominally pious populations still, on paper.


50 F
4 months ago #9151648        

I can't say I like this one - Mostly because while it is directed at Westboro Baptist Church in the description, yet without the description it makes it look as though all Americans hate Sweden or are homophobes - which is NOT the case. And lets face it, the WBC hates EVERYONE who isn't them, including all the rest of us Americans. ;) They are a sad little group of people really.

4 months ago #9149600        

The WBC is pretty much made up of only 1 family and when they go to protest somewhere where nobody wants them, there is typically a much larger anti-WBC protest group. Trust me we are not fans of them, but they are free to believe whatever they want.

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