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God Hates Sweden


God Hates Sweden

I’ve been wanting to make this comic for a long time, but couldn’t figure out who Sweden should be with. Åland, you saved my day!

Some time ago I got linked to this site
It’s an American site made by The Westboro Baptist Church and it's dedicated to all the countries God hates, and apparently he hates Sweden the most for various reasons, but mainly because it’s (Dun Dun Duuun!!) one of the most gay friendly countries in the world (If not the most gay friendly! Dun Dun Duuun!).

Only problem is, Sweden is also one of the least religious countries in the world, so he doesn’t really care. :XD:

In fact, the latest top five over the least religious countries in the world looks like this:
5.Czech Republic

(With USA as number 44)

We’re not big on religion in the North. :XD:

16th May 2010


16 M
5 days ago #9275368        

Being an atheist in Texas I can confirm that some Americans regrettably think this way. Thankfully most of us are normal people who encourage others to live how they want to live.

18 days ago #9270370        

@KingNolan @ilexopaca are you serious?! It's that bad?! Here all I've been doing is ignoring them!

18 days ago #9270369        

*sigh* I hate the Bible Belt. No offense to anyone, though, but it's sort of embarrassing to see these types of things. So many incidents and goddammit, this church needs to get a grip. News flash: god loves all his children, all those who are religious. And love is love no matter what. *insert anti-homophobe 30 page rant here* And thus, I'm greatful I live in a state where gay marriage is legal. I hate that church along with most Americans. It's embarrassing.

21 days ago #9269100        

Yeah, to everyone I know, Westboro Baptist Church is an outrageously idiotic group. They basically sealed their fate when they protested at a gay soldier's funeral. If there's one way to lose the respect of all Americans, Republicans and Democrats alike, it's disrespecting a soldier. But it's always great when people protest the WBC's protest.

22 days ago #9268356        

UGH! Americans despise the Westboro Baptist Church! The people who agree with their ideology have a lot of hate in their hearts and have neglected to understand the meaning of the statement, "For God so loved the WORLD he sent his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but shall have eternal life." The WBC just generally makes the rest of America (Christians included) very, very uncomfortable. In other news, have you heard about the rainbow house directly across the street from the WBC? XD


17 F
24 days ago #9267630        

Oh my, my, my...
South American countries are more religious than USA, but still it is religious at some point... (America overreacts ^^' 'Feel sorry for Aland and Sweden)

25 days ago #9267397        

Oh good lord, for real? Stupid stupid people procreating and making more stupid people.


14 M
25 days ago #9267250        

as a christian, i am embarrased by the westboro baptist "church". they are not doing the work of god, because god loves everyone, no matter what their sins are.


14 M
25 days ago #9267249        

this is the most perfect thing ever

2 months ago #9253907        

To be fair, most Americans think the Westboro Baptist Church is freaking (believe me I would use a different word if I could) crazy. And many Americans protect and protest against the Westboro Baptist Church who have the gall to show up at funerals for gay kids and spew their extreme hatefulness. I would never take anything those people say seriously.

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