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How most Scandinavians feel about the American healthcare system. :XD:

In Scandinavia we pay for healthcare though our taxes, which means we all pay for each other, and nobody thinks twice about going to the doctor because we’ve already paid for it. We also have private care for those rich people who don't want to wait in line.

But before you declare the American system “OMG!!! EVUL!!!”, remember that we Scandinavians also pay the highest taxes in the world.

We up her like it the way it is, but you Americans will have to decide for yourself.

26th August 2009

18 hours ago #9267391        

As soon as I'm stable financially, I'm getting out of this place and moving somewhere else. Period.

11 days ago #9263111        

Any sane person with compassion would hate the American system

18 days ago #9259385        

A lot of Americans think the same way about the American healthcare system. Why, oh why, can't I live in a civilized country?


17 M
1 month ago #9251950        

The Dutch think the same way about the US health system


16 M

Online Now
1 month ago #9251314        

Oh balls
I thought I had replied : /

Oh alright :)
Thanks for that.

How on earth did that happen? xD
The Welsh accent is so different from the Irish one.


17 M
1 month ago #9251311        

I knew the Europeans were in on the Commie plot...

1 month ago #9247527        

Still relevant today....

1 month ago #9244150        

@DealyLittleKate Agreed!

3 months ago #9213077        

As an American, I would love a similar health system to what European countries have, but there is a downside. Unfortunately there are people here (mostly Republicans) that hold contempt for professionals whose salary is financed through taxes, such as teachers, simply because they are paid with taxpayer money. If we adopted that system, I would imagine a few outspoken groups holding protests against doctors, like what has happened in the past few years with teachers.

4 months ago #9189840        

@Robertjhsmith: None of the characters are meant to be accurate representations of the inhabitants of their countries. They're essentially based on stereotypes -- those the ones in the given country have about themselves, as well as the ones that all other countries have about them. With a bit of extra derp for comedy's sake.

The male America represents the stereotypical Republican. Female America represents the stereotypical democrat.

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