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How most Scandinavians feel about the American healthcare system. :XD:

In Scandinavia we pay for healthcare though our taxes, which means we all pay for each other, and nobody thinks twice about going to the doctor because we’ve already paid for it. We also have private care for those rich people who don't want to wait in line.

But before you declare the American system “OMG!!! EVUL!!!”, remember that we Scandinavians also pay the highest taxes in the world.

We up her like it the way it is, but you Americans will have to decide for yourself.

26th August 2009

1 day ago #9138711      

Russia actually has never been communist nor has it claimed to be. It's socialist.

7 days ago #9134687      

the scandinavian way is a good why of the Healthcare but i still pefer the dutch why everyone got a healthinceners

srry for my english still learning


20 F
15 days ago #9129393      

Well, im my country, public health care is a example that is not impossible in big contry, the is nothing like "is too big"
the SUS (Universal health system) do ALL the procedures, from wound dressing to organ tranplants, for free
yes, there is a line, but any brazilian can use the system, at any time in any part of the country


100 M
1 month ago #9118427      

Our country is just too big, It is the 4th biggest country AND it is split into 50 states (If you don't count DC and all the islands we own) So Socialized healthcare would be hard.

1 month ago #9114445      

hmmmm noo it still looks like denmark have the highest tax...sad...but good tooo :-)

1 month ago #9110507      

perhaps socialized medicine may work in smaller countries (although i have seen that there a lot of problems in england like people not even being able to recive health care at all, it may work in isolated instances but not over an entire nation. HOWEVER! dont get me wrong i actualy want all people to get health care but i dont think socilazied medicine is the best idea, we should come up with a less tax reliant alternative

1 month ago #9106408      

The public healthcare system in Finland pretty much sucks... but it's free because we too have high taxes!

...We always go to privates.

Oh, and Russia's cat is cute. ^^

1 month ago #9105486      

I like it here and I shouldn't complain, I don't get sick often but you never know

2 months ago #9101231      

I find it funny with all the taxes we have. Like Wealth tax amd Heritage tax.

2 months ago #9091931      

oh yes my sister told me about this, Obama likes how our healthcare is and wanted the american one to be like ours. When the americans heard of it they made a weird parody of Sweden :XD:

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