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How most Scandinavians feel about the American healthcare system. :XD:

In Scandinavia we pay for healthcare though our taxes, which means we all pay for each other, and nobody thinks twice about going to the doctor because we’ve already paid for it. We also have private care for those rich people who don't want to wait in line.

But before you declare the American system “OMG!!! EVUL!!!”, remember that we Scandinavians also pay the highest taxes in the world.

We up her like it the way it is, but you Americans will have to decide for yourself.

27th August 2009

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3 days ago #9390251        

*insert muti-paragraph rant about my person beliefs about the new US healthcare system*

9 days ago #9387420        

I would gladly pay higher taxes if it meant I didn't have a $300 medical bill for nothing aside from getting vitals -_-

11 days ago #9386146        

How is it like? @pandapanda

15 days ago #9384086        

@Koshee It's a reference to Josh Kwondike.



26 M
25 days ago #9378913        

@ShylokVakarian And Americans talk strangely.

26 days ago #9377995        

@Koshee @serene88
It sucks mudda-ass-hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooe... (mother-asshole, short for motherfucking asshole)

1 month ago #9372454        

When I told my Swedish friends about our health care system in Taiwan, they want to move to there. :)


26 M
2 months ago #9361558        

@serene88 True. It does suck.


27 F
2 months ago #9361182        

Yeah, our health care system kinda sucks......

2 months ago #9360061        

Even though we pay so much in taxes, we still have plenty of money to life decent lives. The minimal wage in Scandinavia is very high and we have something i think is called "top tax" that makes rich people pay a higher % in taxes. That makes the gap between poor and rich much more narrow than most other countries. So i don't mind the way our economy are handled. Having less poor people also helps reduce crime.

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