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Italy is an European character who appears to be somewhat of a womanizer. He has dark slicked-back hair and, in his more realistic depiction, and wears a jacket bearing the colours of the Italian flag with gold sleeve buttons over a white collared button-up shirt and khaki pants, accessorized with a gold necklace and a belt with a gold buckle. From this it can be assumed that he is fond of "bling".

As stated previously, he seems to be a womanizer; in his first appearance, Axis Powers after the War, he looks towards the viewer with a flirty expression (in contrast to Japan, who sports a pair of panties on his head, and the apologetic Germany), while in Iron Lady, he unsuccessfully tried to seduce Sister Germany.

He is also known to be arrogant at times, with one instance being shown in Your time is up, where he refused to give up his turn as "leader of the week".

For some reason, his skin tone has changed several times over the course of the comic. In his first two appearances, he was as pale as most of the other Europeans; however, in Nothing is Perfect, he appeared to have gotten a tan. In his next appearance, Iron Lady, he was paler again. In his next two appearances he was once again tan, until his most recent appearance in Eurovision 2013.

He may have been inside the performers' cage in Eurovision 2014, as there is somebody saying "Ciao!" inside.

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