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Nothing is Perfect

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Nothing is Perfect

In the north we like to be special with our alphabets. :XD:

But not too much like those Russians and Japanese and all that...

10th August 2010

8 days ago #9290387        

@EricTheRedAndWhite Hmmm...Interessant...


17 M
10 days ago #9289346        

@EricTheRedAndWhite Learn something everyday.

10 days ago #9289252        

J, U og W fandtes ikke i det oprindelige latinske alfabet. De kom først til senere.

10 days ago #9289250        

Those three letters are later inventions. They weren't part of the original Latin alphabet.


24 M
10 days ago #9289248        

The Hungarian alphabet is: A, Á, B, C, Cs, D, Dz, Dzs, E, É, F, G, Gy, H, I, Í, J, K, L, Ly, M, N, Ny, O, Ó, Ö, Ő, P, Q, R, S, Sz, T, Ty, U, Ú, Ü, Ű, V, W, X, Y, Z, Zs :D

19 days ago #9283877        

abcdefghijklmnñopqrstuvwxyz none of that fancy øøð stuff

21 days ago #9282609        

@butler Nothing is perfect


17 M
22 days ago #9281703        

You missed the "J" and "U" and "W"

22 days ago #9281542        


22 days ago #9281541        


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