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Nothing is Perfect

Nothing is Perfect

In the north we like to be special with our alphabets. :XD:

But not too much like those Russians and Japanese and all that...

11th August 2010

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16 F
2 days ago #9375419        

@Ice0tea Okay :-)

9 days ago #9372591        

@WolfBook Ok Let me explain this: Different languages have different ways of handling their alphabet The German alphabet treats the ß as a form of s in this case ss. Just like they do ü is a from of u


16 F
9 days ago #9372330        

@Ice0tea Oh.... I thought ß was a double s....

19 days ago #9368473        

Here is our alphabet: A Ă Â B C D Đ E Ê G H I K L M N O Ô Ơ P Q R S T U Ư V X Y. Still, we are "unconsciously proud" to be one of the few asian countries to use the latin alphabet officially. Those who have bad handwriting are often said to write "chinese" or "arabic" letters.


20 days ago #9368135        

Personally I think that the alphabet with the æøå looks much nice... :D

20 days ago #9367905        

Also this alphabet is no good! I can't find the sounds for: ج ح خ د ذ ر ز ص ض ط ظ ع غ ل ك ي و ى ؤ ة م How am i supposed to use this?

20 days ago #9367904        

@WolfBook the german ß isn't a letter as it's a "form" of the s just like how in german ö is a "form" of o and ä is a "form" of a and also how the ü is a "form" of u

22 days ago #9367466        

I can't read æøå without that song playing in my head anymore


16 F
1 month ago #9362369        

What about the german ß??


32 M
1 month ago #9362072        


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