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Nothing is Perfect


Nothing is Perfect

In the north we like to be special with our alphabets. :XD:

But not too much like those Russians and Japanese and all that...

10th August 2010

3 days ago #9137893      

How about good ol'

á, é, ú, ü, ű, ö, ő :P?

Vi ungarere lægge Skandinaver til at skændsel!

(Dunno how grammatically correct, just started studying danish. )


13 F
6 days ago #9136120      

What about J, U, W?
And by the way, where can I put my Ä Ö Ü?

8 days ago #9134674      

Can I put in my +^*#*<~|>~} ?

9 days ago #9134478      

@Sakashar oooooooooh

12 days ago #9132345      

Am i the only one who miss "w"? It's in the norwegian aphabet..

19 days ago #9127685      

Those scary letters...
Don't you think that's wonderful? ЯR or NИ :D
Ёжики ^^ It looks so cute!


23 M
21 days ago #9126870      

I feel like Finland should be in there with Sweden.

And Germany follows suit.

27 days ago #9122182      

Realy? Well, it shouldnt suprise me, when I think about it. Of course the alphabet have changed in more ways than one oven time. Especialy since F and V were the same letter in medival Sweden (and probably other countrys as well).

28 days ago #9121624      

@Sakashar Oh... Okay. But it still doesn't explain why the Scandics didn't notice them missing. Then again, we're usually so wrapped up with ÅÄÖ (or whatever letters the Norwegians and Danes prefer) missing, we probably wouldn't notice the other ones, and they're located at the end of the alphabet, which makes it easier to notice they're missing.

And the song's good. XD

And you've just got to love Iceland randomly appearing in the end... I'm talking about the comic, not the song. But the end to the music video is also good.

28 days ago #9121120      

The first thing I thought of when I read this was this:
"We've got the bigger alphabet and it's a matter, of size."

@Bookworm13 @Bloodblender @Danishamerican123 It's said that it's the latin alphabet, which originally didn't include those letters. U was written as V and for the J and W sounds, they simply used I and I believe V again.

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