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Waiting Game


Waiting Game

Denmark was freed by the west at the end of WW2, but they forgot the small island Bornholm, which Russia then kicked the Nazis off. The Danes were very grateful at first, until they realized the Russians took their sweet time leaving, and people started worrying that they had taken Bornholm. But finally after a long while they left and everybody made a sigh of relief.
But still to this day you can still see Communist monuments on the island that stands out from the rest of the art on Bornholm.

14th December 2012

12 days ago #9128566      


If Kremlin does not even recognize Ukraine as a sovereign state (to quote: "Ukraine ... not even a state"), then one should not assume that any other former SSR is viewed differently from Kremlin. There can't be any sovereign states within the sphere of interest of Kremlin, it would be a contradiction.


26 M
18 days ago #9124965      

Yeah,by the way. That`s a bit strange as long as Germany has its Nazi alter-ego.
And ours today Russia is quite not the same for at least the fact there were some more republics inside USSR like Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other Asian and Caucasian ones, which now are sovereign states

30 days ago #9115435      

Russian federation and soviet Russia are both the Same thing now thanks to Putin @dantheman97x

1 month ago #9105509      

I notice that there isn't a soviet/communist Russia character...will that ever be a thing?

2 months ago #9100363      

Is it just me or did that "Mayyybeee..." took a more ominous note in recent days. Maybe Russia is not content on just Bornholm and is suggesting maybe Denmark would also take hands with Russia? Deal? Let's handshake on it!

Russia especially craves for peninsulas.

3 months ago #9073174      

Shouldn't Russia be dressed as his old alter ego, the Soviet Union, here?

4 months ago #9048643      

@FrankHarr It meant that the nazi were being tryald for crimes. And Stalin did the exact same crimes in Russia and Oriental front... the phrase meant to say that Stalin is as evil and mean as Hitler...

4 months ago #9048631      


I fail to see what that has to do with Stalin not being tried at Nurenberg.

4 months ago #9048625      

@FrankHarr you know... he was soo corky that when the Nazi started to invade CCCP the people just loved because they would be freed from Stalin.... Principaly in Ukraine....

4 months ago #9048607      


"... Soo he shoul have gone to tryal for human rights' violation."

Probably, but there was no genneral system of justice for people like him at the time. Nuerenberg was only ever about Nazi criminals.

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