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Waiting Game

Denmark was freed by the west at the end of WW2, but they forgot the small island Bornholm, which Russia then kicked the Nazis off. The Danes were very grateful at first, until they realized the Russians took their sweet time leaving, and people started worrying that they had taken Bornholm. But finally after a long while they left and everybody made a sigh of relief.
But still to this day you can still see Communist monuments on the island that stands out from the rest of the art on Bornholm.

14th December 2012

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3 months ago #9326073        

@whale21 Yes, that was the pattern during the Cold War. A series of "proxy wars" in which one or the other (but not both) were involved (Korea and Vietnam for us, Afghanistan in the '80s for them). Sometimes, of course, neither was directly involved, (Angola being a good example).


20 M
3 months ago #9325918        

@rem1967 isn't that kind of the same thing America did in Vietnam and the Korean War? We didn't want to fight Russia directly, but beating up Russia's comparatively weaker allies? That we could get behind.


15 F
4 months ago #9316724        

@rem1967 xD You're right.

4 months ago #9316202        


More accurate would be "Beats the pulp out of some Third World Nation while glaring angrily at Russia"



15 F
5 months ago #9301862        

Let him go! *Beats Russia to a pulp*


24 F
5 months ago #9301483        

Well, the same happenned in Hungary...the Russians told that they only stay for a little time, just visit us and everybody believed them and thought they'll leave soon...but they didn't for a long time. Now, we have a lot of "beautiful" soviet monuments, yey! *irony* :D

5 months ago #9300021        

Isn't Bornholm supposed to be a little person?

6 months ago #9273300        

Russia's face is adorable in the last picture!


37 M
11 months ago #9187586        

There are many countries in which power was taken by force and somehow few have a problem with that. In ancient times, enough to kill a king or prince to take over - now it is also true but a little more subtle;)
And so far not seek Egypt a few years ago, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, a dozen or so years ago ... And Ukraine now ... This kind of thing just happen ...

1 year ago #9154872        

i was at bornholm last summer, loved it!

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