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Waiting Game

Denmark was freed by the west at the end of WW2, but they forgot the small island Bornholm, which Russia then kicked the Nazis off. The Danes were very grateful at first, until they realized the Russians took their sweet time leaving, and people started worrying that they had taken Bornholm. But finally after a long while they left and everybody made a sigh of relief.
But still to this day you can still see Communist monuments on the island that stands out from the rest of the art on Bornholm.

14th December 2012

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45 M
10 days ago #9385019        

Oh, the East German Central party tried to copy big brother Russia in everything. Including putting up socialist worker motivational posters in every space available. Similar to the Soviet monuments on Bornholm.

But some of them, somehow, inexplicably failed to really motivate...
One example is a motivational poster which was supposed to be a short-hand for the Truely Existing Socialism of East Germany.
It read:
Demokratie - Freiheit = Sozialismus
Democracy - Freedom = Socialism
Strangley enough, no one in the design bureau noticed the flaw of that 'semi-mathematical' formula for over three months.
Then, overnight, all those posters vanished. Who knew, right?

13 days ago #9383852        

Communist monuments ≠ art

2 months ago #9362992        

Bornholm really needs more character development.


999 O
2 months ago #9362330        

@atreju Agreed, I almost only know what the media tells, except for those I talk with in here, sure it's nice to get another angle. I don't think I know enough about Putin to judge all he stand for, but you right, he ain't generally popular over here.
I still think it's possible to like the people but not the government, even if the people like the government, like if my friend is friend with someone that I don't like, it doesn't make her less of a friend for me.



32 M
2 months ago #9362012        

@NerdyDane Putin is unpopular in the West because he refused to be America's bitch and pushes their interests. So the media does its job portraying him as an evil dictator. Now don't get me wrong, our media lies as much, we have our complaints about Putin's internal policy, but as to our external relations - the absolute majority supports him. So it is not really meaningful to say "we don't like Putin but like Russia as a whole". He does what people want.
Again, Russia is not USSR, we no more have our communist religion, so Russia will always be ready to trade. It is now more of a merchant then of a warrior it used to be. And the only reason for a merchant to go to war is when he is ripped off and military expenses are smaller then the profit lost.
So lets learn about each other and try to understand us better :)


999 O
2 months ago #9361964        

@atreju historical Denmark also had a great relation with Russia, if we had kept neutral in the Cold War many thing could have been different between us now, but I think we was having a great relation with you again before Putin. Most people don't like him here. But we still like the Russians as a people. There were also the bit teasing and the North Pole conflict. But I'm sure we will get along again some day. Everyone over here want to, and I believe that's your wish to. As I said, we still like you as a people.


32 M
2 months ago #9361897        

@NerdyDane Well I wasn´t there, so the gratitude goes to the soldiers who fought there I guess. Still feels nice to be related to them. You know, despite the wrongs that my country caused through the history (show me one that did not), I never felt like my people wanted to take over the world. Back at school they kept telling us we want peace, and now we are more concerned with the vast emty Siberia that somebody might want in the future, then with some tiny place in Europe that has unfriendly (t.i. should we conquer it) population.


999 O
2 months ago #9361893        

@atreju please not the red alrert, please, please. The red alert call the weapons out, please, no weapons!

You are properly right, you did give it back to us, and freed it for us, so thanks guys.

If you really wanted it you could properly have taken it by force, or it could go for you as it went for the Swedes that tried the same


32 M
2 months ago #9361892        

@NerdyDane *heavy red alert accent* Why of couRse! Not. It is, er, was! OuR honouRed guest! Welkome to stay foRever, da?

I didn't even know about the place really. Don't think we ever wanted it or it would be somewhere on history books.


999 O
2 months ago #9361866        

@atreju are you saying Bornhom belongs to Russia?

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