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Waiting Game


Waiting Game

Denmark was freed by the west at the end of WW2, but they forgot the small island Bornholm, which Russia then kicked the Nazis off. The Danes were very grateful at first, until they realized the Russians took their sweet time leaving, and people started worrying that they had taken Bornholm. But finally after a long while they left and everybody made a sigh of relief.
But still to this day you can still see Communist monuments on the island that stands out from the rest of the art on Bornholm.

14th December 2012


15 F
22 days ago #9301862        

Let him go! *Beats Russia to a pulp*


24 F
22 days ago #9301483        

Well, the same happenned in Hungary...the Russians told that they only stay for a little time, just visit us and everybody believed them and thought they'll leave soon...but they didn't for a long time. Now, we have a lot of "beautiful" soviet monuments, yey! *irony* :D

25 days ago #9300021        

Isn't Bornholm supposed to be a little person?

2 months ago #9273300        

Russia's face is adorable in the last picture!


37 M
7 months ago #9187586        

There are many countries in which power was taken by force and somehow few have a problem with that. In ancient times, enough to kill a king or prince to take over - now it is also true but a little more subtle;)
And so far not seek Egypt a few years ago, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, a dozen or so years ago ... And Ukraine now ... This kind of thing just happen ...

8 months ago #9154872        

i was at bornholm last summer, loved it!

9 months ago #9148891        

Bornholm's sideburns remind me of a Welshman.

9 months ago #9145010        


Kremlin has said that same phrase "Ukraine / Estonia / any other former SSR... not even a state" since 1991. We do have excellent access to Russian media, you know.

The current government of Ukraine is legal, and new elections are coming soon.

9 months ago #9143645        


we say CURRENT Ukraine goverment is illegall! They took power by force! They are nationalist!

10 months ago #9128566        


If Kremlin does not even recognize Ukraine as a sovereign state (to quote: "Ukraine ... not even a state"), then one should not assume that any other former SSR is viewed differently from Kremlin. There can't be any sovereign states within the sphere of interest of Kremlin, it would be a contradiction.

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