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Awesome Hats

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Awesome Hats

Yes, Norway, Sweden and Denmark are wearing the hats from Hetalia. ;)

20th August 2009

4 hours ago #9293642        


4 hours ago #9293641        

There Hetalians hats, cool

20 days ago #9281366        



16 M
23 days ago #9279420        

@Dan Us Illinoisans could cover for you, people here dislike the Cheeseheads just as much as you.


25 days ago #9278651        

I went to school with several Canadian kids. They're awesome people.

Believe me, many of us Minnesotans would prefer to go live in the Northwest Angle and maybe secede, but then who would keep the Cheeseheads in check?

28 days ago #9277014        

The sad truth. No one ever remembers Canada. America always the hogs the limelight. We've been living in their obese shadows. *sob*

28 days ago #9276649        

Has anyone noticed that North America and Jutland looks similiar?

3 months ago #9255515        

Omg, this is so perfect and adorable!

3 months ago #9244141        

Canada: I'm not a hat you Hoser!


25 M
3 months ago #9239687        

Well America IS an "Asshat" so yeah, it fits hehe

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