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Awesome Hats


Awesome Hats

Yes, Norway, Sweden and Denmark are wearing the hats from Hetalia. ;)

20th August 2009

7 days ago #9131335      

I like Canada, I feel sorry for Canada... I'd like to see Australia's hat. Like an Akubra cross a Cork hat :)

16 days ago #9125654      

Norway's hat looks kind of lazy.
I love it.

18 days ago #9124181      

America's hat is best hat

1 month ago #9111012      

Yay hetalia! Damn SatW Sweden looks a lot like Hetalia Sweden O-O

1 month ago #9105419      

So does that mean Germany's hat is Denmark.... I APPROVE!

1 month ago #9105253      

Hate to burst your bubble, but in Hetalia, Norway wears a cross hairclip and his hat has stripes along the bottom, and Denmark's hat is black, not green. Have you even watched Hetalia?

2 months ago #9092142      

oh my god! hahaha^^ Canada is a hat!

2 months ago #9083908      

I don't get it. We do have our own funny hat so we wouldn't need Canada to be a hat.

3 months ago #9071035      

Sweden looks so much like Su-san, er, I mean Hetalia Sweden with that hat on XD

3 months ago #9058869      


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