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Awesome Hats

Awesome Hats

Yes, Norway, Sweden and Denmark are wearing the hats from Hetalia. ;)

21st August 2009

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8 days ago #9359124        

I love animu but i didnt know where those heads came from :/

10 days ago #9358926        

@BabsiNyan YES!

1 month ago #9352205        

Hetaliaaa <3
(I knew I know those hats from somewhere xD)

1 month ago #9349632        

Brilliant! Bravo! :D


1 month ago #9347310        

America is Canada's pants.

2 months ago #9343427        

I love you!

2 months ago #9334978        

I can confirm CyberViking's statement, we Canadians are hats

3 months ago #9333827        

Who doesn't want a hat like Canada! Well technically we are the hat of Germany... we are just tiny

3 months ago #9332065        

Not even for a flaming Team Captain?

3 months ago #9329207        

I can confirm that us Americans wear Canadians as hats!

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