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Best Guy Wins

Best Guy Wins

You know it'll happen. XD

And illustation of a joke made as a response to my tweet about the election.

5th November 2012

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3 days ago #9375105        

That's exactly what happened at the New York City mayor election back in 2013.


15 F
23 days ago #9367059        

That was let reaction to the election of Tony Abbot,
Until he introduced that GP payment, I don't remember.
Also about the thing about lying...

1 month ago #9359463        

Yup, US politics is pretty much always like this.

To be fair, it usually takes six months to a year after entering office for a high-level politician to begin really working on their own agenda. The months before that, they're getting used to the position (mostly acclimation to "business as usual") and doing "fireman" crisis aversion caused by last-minute instructions, appointments, and orders by the previous officeholder. The problems caused by "midnight appointments" is usually fairly minor, but red tape means it takes a while to smooth it all out. And no, usually voters don't see it and lose patience with the new guy quickly. And those in "the other" party are almost always angry at the results in the first place. Being in any high office in the US is a thankless job where you're not guaranteed to please anyone but ARE guaranteed to piss almost everyone off at some point.

2 months ago #9352456        

The United States is perpetually like this. No matter who is elected, even. And this is just because the US's politics are... well, incredibly polarized and petty. (The two parties in control of the US are the Democratic and Republican political parties, whose disagreements are so debilitating for the government that perpetually nothing gets done unless the president creates an executive order. BUT if they do that then Congress will get angry, or rather, if the president is a Democrat the Republicans in Congress will get angry, and if it's a Republican president then the Democrats in Congress will get angry. Everyone's always angry, though.)
(I always imagine the US as looking put together (a little bit) in front of other countries, but in reality the US either has two children who can't get along or one can make the US itself prone to yelling at himself in the mirror. Not quite Dissociative identity disorder, but like it.)

(America is ridiculous.)


3 months ago #9347434        

Right now, there is so much in America that gets an equal amount of love and hate. I'd like to see how that would turn out as a comic here.

3 months ago #9343643        

Shit! That's exactly what happened with Obama!

3 months ago #9343480        

This is so true, at least that I've noticed with Obama. I only really started to pay attention to politics around the time he first started running for office. I wonder what'll happen in the next election...

3 months ago #9341381        

Legit, every time.

4 months ago #9333365        

Part of the problem is that, it's actually very difficult to design a system that caters to the needs of 319,000,000 people over 3,806,000 sq miles (9,857,000 sq km) - that doesn't do horrible things along the way to accomplish it.

That said, there's too much money going into US politics on all sides and at all levels, and rigid adherence to strict ideology on the basis of how one sees the world (_not_ the other way around, as the political parties do try to cater to the whims of the electorate) never solves anything in the long-term. Buyer's remorse two months in, is still kinda fast though.


14 M
4 months ago #9329978        



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