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Best Guy Wins


Best Guy Wins

You know it'll happen. XD

And illustation of a joke made as a response to my tweet about the election.

5th November 2012


18 M
7 days ago #9135150      

Did anyone else here support Gary Johnson in 2012?


16 M
1 month ago #9112045      

@torra thats what i meant, there are other party's but they are never gonna win so it might as well just be two party's


22 F
1 month ago #9111552      

We don't have a two-party system. We have five main political parties.... Ever heard of the Libertarians or the Green Party? They just never make it to the end of the election because they don't get enough publicity or support and drop out. On top of that no one pays enough attention to the beginning of the elections so most of us are narrowing our options without even realizing it.

1 month ago #9109077      

Yup xD


16 M
2 months ago #9102943      

@bellau2 sadly thats what comes with the two party system and it dose not look like the two party system is dying here anytime


50 F
2 months ago #9101515      

Every time we vote, it feels like 'who is the lesser of all evils and will do the less damage'. It shouldn't be that way, but sadly it is... then we feel very deflated by what we end up with. :/

2 months ago #9099633      

Yep That sums up most of America.

We always think we are picking the right candidate for power then BAM!!!! They stab us in the back. Everyone talks about betterment for society then before you know it the money for the poor pays for their new house in coco-mo!!

2 months ago #9096751      



100 M
2 months ago #9095165      

This is why I shall move to Europe when I get older.

2 months ago #9092668      

Since that day we have lost first place in many things like freedom of speech and freedom in general and the guns what's America with out guns

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