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Best Guy Wins

Best Guy Wins

You know it'll happen. XD

And illustation of a joke made as a response to my tweet about the election.

5th November 2012
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Legit, every time.

24 days ago #9333365        

Part of the problem is that, it's actually very difficult to design a system that caters to the needs of 319,000,000 people over 3,806,000 sq miles (9,857,000 sq km) - that doesn't do horrible things along the way to accomplish it.

That said, there's too much money going into US politics on all sides and at all levels, and rigid adherence to strict ideology on the basis of how one sees the world (_not_ the other way around, as the political parties do try to cater to the whims of the electorate) never solves anything in the long-term. Buyer's remorse two months in, is still kinda fast though.


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@ Mecharic maybe but didn't Belgium become part of France during the French Revolution… hey that's it there should be a comic about belgium becoming part of france during the French revolution



21 M
1 month ago #9328296        

America is using a broken and corrupt system. I expect a revolution in the near future, similar to France's revolution - except that it'll probably lead into WW3 because of the US's current "stabilizing" force in the world (in defense of us, we've only toppled... what, half the Middle East? Meh)


20 M
1 month ago #9325916        

Unfortunately America is more of an Oligarchy than a Democracy, we don't get candidates that do what is best for the public, but instead what is best for a few key organizations in the US. It's depressing and the system is in need of reform, but the Catch 22 with it is that we need someone in office who would be willing to reform the system.


48 M
2 months ago #9318347        

No, we don't really get to choose our candidates. The major parties, the news, the politicians... they only put a few people in front of us and say, "One of these is your choice". Then two of them "campaign", and then we elect somebody.

It's lot like those Futurama episodes, where "Jack Johnson" and "John Jackson" are on TV, saying the same things with slightly different words. We have no choice of politicians in the U.S. Only two slightly different flavors of the same political candy.


20 M
2 months ago #9314567        

@KOakaKO, we're given a chance to choose our candidates too, but for some reason, people seem to choose the worst candidates.


48 M
3 months ago #9300217        

Well... almost, but not quite. The average U.S. voter just sighs and says, "I know this guy sucks, but I'll vote for him because the other guy sucks even more". Here we call that a "free election", which is an oxymoron because we almost never get to vote for somebody is actually competent to do the job.

I've learned, in almost 50 years, that it really doesn't matter who wins. About 50% of elected officials are lawyers, so the lawyers really ARE running the country - which isn't a joke, because jokes are supposed to be FUNNY.

3 months ago #9299697        

I skip the first phase altogether and just go straight to "Noooo" xD

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