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Big Brother Sweden


Big Brother Sweden

I've often heard Swedes say this, and the other Nordics have very different reactions to it.
Not sure how most Norwegians feel about it, but the few I've heard comment on it seemed to be okay with it.

18th March 2014


23 F
18 days ago #9308422        

We do have other things than demons... actually we do not have demons. not really... just the gateway to hell and a lot of lava and volcanoes... but we have glaciers, nature, beer, fish, seals (believed to be sailors that have drowned in some tales) and soo much more... :) But I like those little rascals, but it would be nice to see some other stuff too... you know there has been lava spewing from one of our volcano for months now, just like "Lakagígjarnir" which were active for couple of years and killed some of our livestock and caused "móðurharðindin" :)


14 M
20 days ago #9307062        

Finland's reaction is perfect and 100% correct

22 days ago #9305400        

cute thought by sweden, but no

27 days ago #9301643        

XD Iceland is like to badass to bother


48 M
29 days ago #9300791        

Love Finland's reaction. Seems right in character, for him. :)


25 M
30 days ago #9300119        



1 month ago #9299132        

Were rich, we dont care!

1 month ago #9295602        

I'll tear Sweden another asshole!

1 month ago #9294166        

HAHA! Finlands reaction was just right!

2 months ago #9291427        

Cute little Iceland demons :D

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