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Big Brother Sweden


Big Brother Sweden

I've often heard Swedes say this, and the other Nordics have very different reactions to it.
Not sure how most Norwegians feel about it, but the few I've heard comment on it seemed to be okay with it.

18th March 2014


32 M
3 days ago #9225303        

@Svamlet Both Sweden and Denmark-Norway had embraced protestantism. We both fought against the catholic church when at the outset central Europe was the main battlefield we both battled the Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic League and we officially cooperated.

First there was the Danish-Norwegian intervention, officially to aid the protestant Germans from the catholic armies, but after some early successes it suffered defeat and after an early treaty they withdrew north. Then came the Swedish intervention, in responce to the troubles of their fellow German protestants, and to fill the gap left by the withdrawal. At this point we were fighting the same cause, and the Swedish army recieved Danish-Norwegian support and supplies. Sweden was a lot more succesfull, and their king certainly braver, and they won many major victories until their king, sadly, died in battle personally leading a charge. Such was his glory that even in Denmark-Norway Gustav Adolphus became known as "The Lion of the North" and "The Golden King"

So, yes, we were allies, despite not actually fighting on the same battlefields.


24 M
6 days ago #9223576        

@Torbk In what way were Sweden and Norway "allies" during the Thirty Years War?

16 days ago #9216842        

@Svamlet, As they say, the first one's free...


Well, quite a lot (legally!) free if you know where to look. :)

20 days ago #9214628        

@Svamlet Ah ok, I understand, I guess I was the hasty one. At least we could clarify that without starting a war :-).


24 M
20 days ago #9214517        

@Pjede I didn't mean "you" personally. I meant Denmark and Swedens historical imperialism

20 days ago #9214492        

@Svamlet Why do you assume I'm an imperialist?, I simply answered your question. Don't be so hasty to judge character.


24 M
20 days ago #9214452        


If we hadn't fought, Sweden would have been reconquered and remained in the union and been like Norway or Poland: a weak country being passed around between our stronger neighbors. So it was necessary to fight even though peace of course is ideal, and neither our or your Imperialism can be justified with modern morals.

20 days ago #9214224        

@Svamlet A year after the Battle of Lund.
Personally I'm sad that we fought amongst ourselves. The only real winners in that game were the other european nations, especially Russia and Germany


24 M
23 days ago #9211899        

@IsawaBrian That souns awesome. I've been meaning to read those books.


24 M
23 days ago #9211896        

Lol, like the battle of Lund were 8000 Swedes were up against 13000 Danes and Norwegians and we still won. Mention ONE of your equivalents to that battle and we'll talk.

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