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Big Brother Sweden

Big Brother Sweden

I've often heard Swedes say this, and the other Nordics have very different reactions to it.
Not sure how most Norwegians feel about it, but the few I've heard comment on it seemed to be okay with it.

18th March 2014

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9 days ago #9358395        

This sounds like how America sees itself with respect to the whole damn world.

1 month ago #9349914        

Of course Finland/we protect ourselves, but we have very long common history and lots of similaritys.

1 month ago #9349658        


Um, no. We protect ourselves, thank you very much.

1 month ago #9347466        

Finland and sweden share a long history, religion, legal system, and economic and social model together. And as you may know finland was something about 700 years east part of sweden. So, it is ok if sweden call himself as a bigbrother of finland.


2 months ago #9341273        

As an Norwegian, I can see Swedes that way. We do call them our "big brother". But to be the one who is wiser and the protecting us? Nehh I don't think so, sorry xD.

2 months ago #9340625        

I like how Iceland is trying to get all the demons

2 months ago #9339314        

ok im norwegian cant complain its true that sweden is a little bit older than norway but that is just because of how late the norwegians left the scandinavian union "by that i mean the super country the vikings made" and the swedes were the first one to go since they got tierd of the violence the last ones to go were iceland cuz they got no word of them splitting up and finland who acctually loved being a viking.


37 F
2 months ago #9335277        

Is Norway knitting a fish?

2 months ago #9334901        

As a dane I can say that Sweden aren't nor has ever been the big brother of the Nordics


37 M
3 months ago #9333133        

As a Norwegian I am fine with Sweden being big brother. I do feel Norway and Sweden are like real brothers. We love each other, but never say that out like real siblings. Instead we make fun of each other, call the other stupid etc. But if somebody else not Nordic called Sweden stupid we'd stand up for them.

At the moment thought I feel that Sweden is like the cool bigger brother that sort of lost his way a bit and need some help. Suddenly big brother Sweden is having to ask little brother Norway for help because Norway has got all the money and jobs. That sort of throws a wrench in the relationship, because it was always okay to make fun of Sweden because they were on top of everything. But now that the roles have often gotten reverse the jokes fall flat.

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