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Big Brother Sweden


Big Brother Sweden

I've often heard Swedes say this, and the other Nordics have very different reactions to it.
Not sure how most Norwegians feel about it, but the few I've heard comment on it seemed to be okay with it.

18th March 2014

2 days ago #9242113        

@Svamlet Your borderline arrogant proudness is starting to annoy me.

3 days ago #9241445        

I'm with Finlands face
Say it again Sweden and I'm coming for your Pigs

3 days ago #9241157        

Finland's face is a picture.


25 M
5 days ago #9240376        

I'm with Denmark on this one... he called himself my what?!?


24 M
7 days ago #9238845        

1: We have never been occupied.
2: We have not lost an inch of our original territory.
3: We have concquered and kept half of our (old) arch-nemesis lands.

For these reasons alone, Sweden should be considered the Big Brother of Scandinavia.

9 days ago #9238113        

and with what muscle can sweden protect anyone?


24 M
13 days ago #9235689        

@Torbk Now i understand why you are carrying on as you do. Your sources are from the early 20th century. Your entire premise is built around the idea that the TYW actually was a war between a Protestant side and a Catholic side. The only problem is that no historian today agree with you. Riddle me this: if the TYW was so fucking "Catholic vs Protestant" then why did Catholic France aid and abet Sweden and other Protestant nations? Why we're all the Armies except maybe ours, made up of Mercenaries who fought for money? The Warriors switched sides constantly depending on who paid better and where they could loot. And if you are capable of using basic logic then why in gods name do you claim that Denmark and Sweden were Allies AT THE SAME TIME as we both wanted dominance in Northern Europe? It makes no sense. It is true that both Sweden and Denmark wanted dominance over the Baltic Sea ("Dominium Maris Baltici") so why would we HELP each other in acheiving something that only one of us could ever achieve? Think, man.

The TYW had many reasons. Czech-German rivalry, French-Habsburg rivalry, Danish-Swedish rivalry and Spanish-Dutch rivalry just to name a few. That a couple of Catholics got thrown out of a window is a very small part of the bigger picture.


32 M
19 days ago #9232403        

@Svamlet I twist nothing, any mistakes have been honest. Your need to accuse and ridicule on the other hand surprises me. There is no bitternes. There is no attempt to "steal" glory. If you read my previous post again you will see I lay the glory squarly at the Swedish king, which was broadly admired by all Scandinavians. It is sad Gustav Adophius didn't live to see his triumph. I am simply proud of Scandinavian achievements on a whole, be they Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. *shakes head sadly* Your pride and arrogance in denouncing me however worries me. There was no call for it.

And we were both historically counted among the faction recognized as Protestant States and Allies. This also included nations such as France, the United Provinces and England, as well as Brandenburg. Not all of these were official allies, but they were allies against what was seen as Catholic aggression and oppression by the protestant nations. The Swedish army preparing to invade into Germany in 1630 contained forces from many nations, including two regiments of Scots, many Danish soldiers released from the now defeated Danish-Norwegian army and troops from other Hanseatic cities.
By the way, source for Danish troops in Swedish army and Danish supplies: Gustavus Adolphus: A history of the Art of War, by Theodore Ayrault Dodge.

As for the war in 1643 that was at the very end of the conflict with officially is recognized as ending in 1648. What you call a chaotic war with no clear purpose was from the Scandinavian point of view quite clear. We both wanted dominance in Northern Europe, and what better way than send a military force, that would both be seen as the heroes of the Protestants and at the same time able to occupy ground. Yet, yes, there was a certain lack of a clear goal from many combatants, from both sides.

As the war progressed our mutual ambitions enlarged the divide and ensured further political rivalry. Yes, we ended up with a war. That does not change the earlier history of the war.


24 M
26 days ago #9227360        

@Torbk Thats not called being Allies, thats called being roughly on the same side in different periods in a chaotic war with no clear purpose. Nobody knows why Sweden entered the TYW but some historians have speculated that one of the reasons were to humiliate Denmark after their loss at Lutter Am Barenberg. That Denmark was to have supplied Sweden during the war is just blatantly false. In fact we were so much NOT allies that we even took time out from the TYW to fight the Torstensson War with Denmark in 1643 wich we won of course. I have a feeling that you are bitter over the fact that Sweden was way more Military Powerful than Denmark during this era, so you try to twist it into an "alliance" so the glory will be reflected on Denmark and thus also on Norway.


32 M
29 days ago #9225303        

@Svamlet Both Sweden and Denmark-Norway had embraced protestantism. We both fought against the catholic church when at the outset central Europe was the main battlefield we both battled the Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic League and we officially cooperated.

First there was the Danish-Norwegian intervention, officially to aid the protestant Germans from the catholic armies, but after some early successes it suffered defeat and after an early treaty they withdrew north. Then came the Swedish intervention, in responce to the troubles of their fellow German protestants, and to fill the gap left by the withdrawal. At this point we were fighting the same cause, and the Swedish army recieved Danish-Norwegian support and supplies. Sweden was a lot more succesfull, and their king certainly braver, and they won many major victories until their king, sadly, died in battle personally leading a charge. Such was his glory that even in Denmark-Norway Gustav Adolphus became known as "The Lion of the North" and "The Golden King"

So, yes, we were allies, despite not actually fighting on the same battlefields.

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