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Big Brother Sweden


Big Brother Sweden

I've often heard Swedes say this, and the other Nordics have very different reactions to it.
Not sure how most Norwegians feel about it, but the few I've heard comment on it seemed to be okay with it.

18th March 2014

2 hours ago #9278886        

I love Iceland's demons!x3


22 M
2 days ago #9278180        

Oh boy, you gotta love Finland!


23 F
6 days ago #9275891        

The Norwegians say that's it cute in sort of a patronizing way. We know the Swedes have high thoughts of their position in Scandinavia but we're richer than them now, and a more stable society - a lot of Swedish youths come to Norway to work because the unemployment rate in Sweden is so high. So, yes, we smile at this, but it's a somewhat patronizing smile...


17 F

Online Now
9 days ago #9274437        

Iceland doesn't care about it, anyway, he's a bit far from the others and he doesn't take it personnal

11 days ago #9273778        

Pffft, for centuries Finland used Sweden as a buffer zone against Russia! After centuries of warfare, Sweden finally gained a breather until the Spring War of 1940-1939, in which Sweden, with lots of Finnish help, repelled the invaders. That is, until Sweden invaded Soviet Union in 1944-1941 by bombing its cities, in order to hand back the territory the Russians had donated!

What? Right! Damn mirror, I held the history book the wrong way.
Now, where was I....?


16 M
12 days ago #9273259        

Swedes thinking highly of themselves again...? *sharpens knife*

17 days ago #9271182        

@chillis96 It's always Denmark and Norway vs Sweden, or Norway and Sweden vs Denmark. It's NEVER Denmark and Sweden vs Norway.

1 month ago #9259630        

I think Norway should act little more like the bigger brother, because they're always in the middle or often in the middle of arguments between Sweden and Denmark, according to satwcomic serie

2 months ago #9253395        

huh i feel like this should have been more of a touchy subject for norway seeing as norway was a powerful medieval nation before it got sick (black death) snd then denmark and sweden started fighting for it and yeah...

2 months ago #9246649        

Finland's face is so epic

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