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Bitchy Witchy


Bitchy Witchy

Happy Halloween!

During the witch hunts in Europe each country had their own witch lore.

In Norway and Sweden they were what you would expect. Women who did magic and could fly using anything from broomsticks to their husbands.

In Denmark however witches weren't believed to have the power to fly. Their favorite transportation was a horse at night.

And in Iceland and Finland performing magic was seen as a male thing, so Christians had a hard time convincing the natives witches were women. Instead men got burned and only one or two women were killed.

30th October 2013

16 days ago #9124954      

Dat sister Sweden....And I thought Emma Watson was the prettiest witch...
And I guess Iceland has something better than a broom...a demon. lol. He's like a feminine Nazghúl.


20 F
20 days ago #9122027      

Poor denmark wanna fly too xD

29 days ago #9114629      

@huangho you are right about 'ergi' being an unmanly act (also means homosexuality in some sources), but you're thinking of the Viking age where magic was indeed mostly seen as belonging to women. The comic, however, is dealing with the witch trials which were at their peak in the early 17th century. I don't know how it was in Finland, but in Iceland witch burnings never really caught on, and only a few men were burned. Also, witchcraft was for some reason a priest thing. There's a lot of folklore about magic priests in Iceland.

1 month ago #9109043      

An alternative shop near me is called Witchy Bitchy, I was just there xD I'm friends with the owner and most often go there to buy funky hair colors.


36 F
1 month ago #9108974      

I do wish you'd come up with a female Finn. Everyone else seems to have one :(

1 month ago #9108920      

Sister Sweden makes me wish I was a broom!

1 month ago #9108537      

In Finland magic and stuff was pretty normal before Christianity came and ruined our beautiful myths.

2 months ago #9100448      

a horse at night would be scarier...

2 months ago #9090968      

Wow, Sister Swede! SEXIEST WITCH EVER! Lulu from Final Fantasy X ain't got nothing on her!

2 months ago #9087664      

Horses are fun. I wanna be a Danish witch then I can ride horses instead of brooms.

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