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Bitchy Witchy

Bitchy Witchy

Happy Halloween!

During the witch hunts in Europe each country had their own witch lore.

In Norway and Sweden they were what you would expect. Women who did magic and could fly using anything from broomsticks to their husbands.

In Denmark however witches weren't believed to have the power to fly. Their favorite transportation was a horse at night.

And in Iceland and Finland performing magic was seen as a male thing, so Christians had a hard time convincing the natives witches were women. Instead men got burned and only one or two women were killed.

30th October 2013
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6 days ago #9340808        

you lucky git Finland...


21 M
1 month ago #9328320        

Those pesky demons are good for something at least tehe


15 F
2 months ago #9322957        

Finland is blushing... Maeby beucase he is the only guy who has a broom.... xD

2 months ago #9314666        

All ways same hat :D


2 months ago #9310965        

@Aramati Celty is a Dullahan, from Ireland, it's rather extensively explained in the show.


22 F
3 months ago #9308551        

Is Celty from Durarara danish?

3 months ago #9295937        

it´s actually a fun fact that the blonde gene originated in finland butt was poppulorised in sweden

5 months ago #9272507        

I think I got Sister Denmark's face down in an emoticon. >∩<

5 months ago #9268816        

Demons make the best broomsticks :D

6 months ago #9246224        

That little blush on Finland really makes this perfect.

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