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Boys will be Boys


Boys will be Boys

Oh Sweden, ever the prude.

Ever since I started making these comics people have suggested that I should make one where the landmass of the countries equals penis size. That just seemed a little too obvious for me, but then it was suggested that it should be the population compared to the landmass of the countries. I thought that would be funnier and make more sense because population is a “hidden” number. Just like you can’t tell penis size just by looking at the overall size of a guy, you can’t tell a country’s population.

In Scandinavia the numbers from 2000 look something like this:
Iceland - 272,000
Norway - 4,400,000
Finland - 5,171,000
Denmark - 5,330,000
Sweden - 8,861,000

Obviously Sweden is quite well equipped compared to the others. :D
Also, to be more fair, islands that are part of a country have the same size as said country. That of course means their private parts shrink when they become their own country *looks at Iceland*. :XD:

This should not be applied to other countries, especially those that already have a stereotype for their privates. Please think of the poor Canadians! D:

14th June 2010

17 days ago #9215872        

What about the US, India, and China? Dong sizes the world has never seen before?

22 days ago #9211660        

and now an actual research was made and denmark has the biggest penises in scandinavia! we beat sweden by 0,08 cm! take that! only 5 countries in europe beats us, bwahahaaa, my thought goes to greece at the sad bottom :/


16 M
1 month ago #9195819        

That would be a huge contradiction with China

2 months ago #9189730        

Clearly it should be population relative to size. Otherwise some of those characters would be unable to move from the sheer weight of their members.

2 months ago #9189288        

We have a large landmass compared to our population, but we have over 35 million, so I don't think you need to be worried about us....

3 months ago #9158662        

"Please think of the poor Canadians!"

And Russians haha~

Also, China........

3 months ago #9158564        

@MissCake I like to think both!


21 F
3 months ago #9157304        

Finlands smirk in the end XD <3 is he happy couse he had that "d" back in history or is he sniggering about Ålands bad pokerface?

3 months ago #9150055        

I see that you went to the trouble of getting population size, but did you use those numbers in relation to land mass? because if you weighed the variables to be proportional to land mass, you would have different averages. I'd be curious to see how the 2014 numbers measure up (yes that was a pun ;)).

4 months ago #9135778        

28,000 loooooooooooooool dats tinyyyyyy!

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