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Boys will be Boys


Boys will be Boys

Oh Sweden, ever the prude.

Ever since I started making these comics people have suggested that I should make one where the landmass of the countries equals penis size. That just seemed a little too obvious for me, but then it was suggested that it should be the population compared to the landmass of the countries. I thought that would be funnier and make more sense because population is a “hidden” number. Just like you can’t tell penis size just by looking at the overall size of a guy, you can’t tell a country’s population.

In Scandinavia the numbers from 2000 look something like this:
Iceland - 272,000
Norway - 4,400,000
Finland - 5,171,000
Denmark - 5,330,000
Sweden - 8,861,000

Obviously Sweden is quite well equipped compared to the others. :D
Also, to be more fair, islands that are part of a country have the same size as said country. That of course means their private parts shrink when they become their own country *looks at Iceland*. :XD:

This should not be applied to other countries, especially those that already have a stereotype for their privates. Please think of the poor Canadians! D:

14th June 2010

24 days ago #9250778        

Well... Then or dick is huge, around 17.000.000 people in or country.

1 month ago #9246822        

I love that evil snigger Finland has


15 F
1 month ago #9241134        

kya x//3

2 months ago #9237286        

Winner is Russia Loser is Vatican plus with Russia I have no idea how he gets it in his pants

2 months ago #9237283        

Loser of the world Vatican Winner of the world Russia (idk how he gets it into his pants at all)


23 F
2 months ago #9229851        

"This should not be applied to other countries, especially those that already have a stereotype for their privates."

3 months ago #9215872        

What about the US, India, and China? Dong sizes the world has never seen before?

3 months ago #9211660        

and now an actual research was made and denmark has the biggest penises in scandinavia! we beat sweden by 0,08 cm! take that! only 5 countries in europe beats us, bwahahaaa, my thought goes to greece at the sad bottom :/


17 M
3 months ago #9195819        

That would be a huge contradiction with China

4 months ago #9189730        

Clearly it should be population relative to size. Otherwise some of those characters would be unable to move from the sheer weight of their members.

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