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Bully Fail

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Bully Fail

I had to laugh when I heard that Greece tried to bully Germany into giving them guilt-money for all the stuff that got stolen during WWII. Luckily Germany just told Greece that they had already paid them back through EU.

Poor Greece will just have find another way out of poverty.

And poor little Iceland has reached a point where he doesn’t mind where the money comes from. :(

4th April 2010


30 M
3 days ago #9292113        

You're very wrong. Greece, like many other european countries, forgave the debt they knew that Germany had been punished and sympathized with her. What bothers some Europeans now, among whom I am, is that Germany has forgotten this solidarity and requires payments to nations whose citizens are committing suicide because they have lost everything. Another thing to investigate is and who has created these debts ...

17 days ago #9282768        

iceland is now Rich but stole tourist money

22 days ago #9279957        

...I wonder in which way the SatW Germany and Nazi Germany is related?
Are they like, alter-egos or distant/close family? Perhaps one is a clone of the other?
How ARE these two related to each other? Hmm... (._.)?


17 F
2 months ago #9267004        

Poor Germany :/

6 months ago #9178353        



27 M
7 months ago #9162939        

Yea... I remember this. I really wished at that time that b*tchslapping this greece politicians wouldn't be a crime....

8 months ago #9143621        

that was then, this is now. leave germany alone

8 months ago #9139805        

Sorry I have to reply
I just feel rude if I don't


25 F
8 months ago #9139590        

@CharlesXI it means that i scratch my head, like someone who is confused ;)

8 months ago #9139091        

Nice to know you little Prussian XD what does *kopfkratz* mean?

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