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Bully Fail

Bully Fail

I had to laugh when I heard that Greece tried to bully Germany into giving them guilt-money for all the stuff that got stolen during WWII. Luckily Germany just told Greece that they had already paid them back through EU.

Poor Greece will just have find another way out of poverty.

And poor little Iceland has reached a point where he doesn’t mind where the money comes from. :(

5th April 2010

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12 days ago #9385788        

Iceland, ever hopeful.

1 month ago #9375094        

See, why can't you make an animation of this?

3 months ago #9354237        

OMG, @JxG, I learned more about WWII reading your comment, then I did in history class.

3 months ago #9354236        

as soon as I saw the title I busted my gut laughing so when I saw the comic I think I passed out.XD


3 months ago #9354233        

OMG, @JxG, I learned more about WWII reading your comment, then I did in history class.

3 months ago #9354229        

as soon as I saw the title I busted my gut laughing so when I saw the comic I think I passed out.XD


25 M
4 months ago #9349911        

I want some Nazi gold too..


14 M
5 months ago #9331944        

@JxG Nope, we wouldn't in theory lost any more than what we lost if we wouldn't have teamed up with nazis, actually we would have lost less even if they wouldn't have burned Lapland. You see we had 2 wars with Soviet Union. The first one they started and attacked us and we defended our independence alone. The second war, the continuation war, started when we thought after germany wanted to be allies with us, that we could get the lost areas back. After Germany had lost in Leningrad and in Stalingrad, we started to lose areas more than we lost in the Winter War. So in theory without the nazis help there would have been only 1 war.

And about Russia paying us... we had to pay to them...


5 months ago #9331588        

@Vela Uh, I think if Nazi-Germany wouldn't have allied up with Finland at that time, Finland would have ended up losing a lot more than whatever got burned in Lapland. Like, lets say for example, its existence as a independent country?
Without the material support from the Nazis Finland would most likely have ended up getting invaded again by the Soviets - and as much as I respect the Finnish guerillia war style resistance during 39-40, the Soviets were disorganized during that time - in the case of another war against the SU Finland would most likely have lost.

I've got no clue how much the material support from the Nazis is/was worth in Mark/markka/Euros - and how much it actually ended up helping Finnland to keep its independence... but I think its fair to say that Finnland and Germany are pretty even.
Supporting Finnland is one of the very, very, VERY few non-evil things Nazi-Germany did imo - if they wouldn't have acted like pigs when leaving, one could even argue that Finnland actually owes Germany - but ofc the moronic Nazis behaved like barbarians, so... ya.

By the way how much reperations did Russia pay Finnland for the Winter War? And did it apologize in any way for starting that war?
I think Estonia, Lithuania, Lativia, Poland, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldovia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan (I've might have missed a few?) are also still waiting for their reperations-check (or for that matter, apologies of any kind whatsoever).

@udac Brazilians might actually have a better claim than Finnland... but on the other hand, you got a cool story about smokin' snakes out of your WW2 involvement. If i remember correctly it was only one Submarine tho, not multiple - one Captain basically decided to torpedo anything that floats without bothering to check under which flag those ships actually sailed.

ON topic (Greece):
I don't think many Germans have a problem with lending (or even gifting) Greece money, as long as it doesn't end up being wasted.
They certainly didn't gain any sympathy with that attempted bullying tho. Dunno what they were thinking. (Geez, we just once gift the Israelis a bunch of free submarines and suddenly everyone thinks we total pushovers -.- sigh!)
And yes @Levinor other countries helped Germany immensely to rebuild after WW2 and thats certainly not forgotten over here.
But we also ended up doing plenty of stuff ourselves, i.e. reintegrating east-germany (still not quite done yet) and going thru some fairly harsh reforms recently ( - dunno if those were good or bad reforms - just saying, its not all smooth sailing since reunification for us either and we had to make some budget cuts too).
As far as im concerned, I do consider any money states lend each other lost anyways (as in: will most likely never be repaid) - but thats cool with me if it'll help the people of that country. But if it just ends up filling some corrupt fat-cats pockets some more... eh.


14 M
5 months ago #9331335        

@Svenskefan We were ordered to get the nazis out of Finland and we didn't harm them, we kindly asked them to leave and when Soviet Union told us we needed to get the nazis out faster we kindly asked them to leave faster and they got mad

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