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Bully Fail


Bully Fail

I had to laugh when I heard that Greece tried to bully Germany into giving them guilt-money for all the stuff that got stolen during WWII. Luckily Germany just told Greece that they had already paid them back through EU.

Poor Greece will just have find another way out of poverty.

And poor little Iceland has reached a point where he doesn’t mind where the money comes from. :(

4th April 2010

4 days ago #9133736      

So are you really German?


25 F
9 days ago #9130803      

@CharlesXI hehehe did you thought the same?


22 M
20 days ago #9123140      

The dumbest thing to do when in economical crisis: Ban porn. Wrong move, Iceland!

21 days ago #9123073      


21 days ago #9122248      

*squeaky bubble eyes*
I've found an equal *trembles*

1 month ago #9107433      

Leave Germany alone!!!! It's not their fault they got taken over by a mad dictator (twice) and got told only stuff they wanted to hear!

2 months ago #9095905      


ssssssh! he'll hear you!

2 months ago #9087492      

poor Germany and Greece has no f's to give as long as he gets money


25 F
3 months ago #9055659      

somehow nazi germany reminds me at this picture of sweden with dark hair XDDD

3 months ago #9053782      

Love the face, Nazi Germany XD

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