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Burn the Witch


Burn the Witch

In the north we love to celebrate the midsummer, though we do it in slightly different ways. :D

Sweden is well known for their midsummer parties, where they drink, eat, sing and dance around the maypole (a pole decorated with flowers and ribbons). A wonderfully peaceful tradition that can be seen her.

However, in Norway and Denmark (and a couple of other countries) we prefer to celebrate it with LOTS AND LOTS OF FIRE!!! Or as we like to call it, Sankt Hans bonfires.

Some places in Norway they build HUGE bonfires. I’ve even seen pictures of them burning down houses and claiming it to be a Sankt Hans bonfire.

In Denmark we haven’t gone to such extremes. We get our morbid jollies by putting a witch doll made of wood, hay, old cloth and filled with firecrackers on the fire, and then cheer when the firecrackers goes off, making it sound like she’s screaming. So wonderfully politically incorrect.

And we will burn that witch no matter where we are. While looking for a good video of a Sankt Hans bonfire I found at least four of Danes burning wooden witches while confused Americans looked on. This is the cutest witch burning I have ever seen. :D

3rd October 2009

11 days ago #9127733      

@LemonDancer, I can easily understand why Finns were considered magical. Our traditional poems in the Folklore Archives seem mainly consist of spells and charms, which were used to get good luck in fishing, hunting, stock breeding or agriculture and to cure illnesses. And of course to find love. Even in modern times most of us (me included) have done spells in some point of our lives to see what the coming year will bring with it in the New Year's Eve or to see our future beloved one in Midsummer's Eve.

19 days ago #9122160      

LemonDancer is spot on. We can desapear in the midst of forest and reapear in somewhere else *that was kind of dry joke*

27 days ago #9114828      

I want to be Finnish now *sobbs*

28 days ago #9114061      

Actually, in the Viking age the Finns were considered supernatural people by all the Nordic countries. The word "Finn" was almost synonomous with magic. The Finns were also master shapeshifters, and they could travel far and wide in animal form, an attibute much sought after by chieftans for reconnaissance missions (all of this varies depending on the sources, of course). Despite (or maybe because of) this, the Finns were often vilified by the Vikings, considered untrustworthy, looked down upon, and even sold as slaves (mind you, the Vikings even raided each other on occasion and took other Vikings as slaves). But the Finns were most definitely a very cool and very badass people.


13 F
1 month ago #9110078      

the look on Sweden's face on the last and second last one...priceless

1 month ago #9106453      

I've never actually seen a proper bonfire, even though it's Finnish midsummer tradition... We just do a small fire in the grill. XD

And raise the flag, of course.

Damn, I want to see a proper fire...

And female Finland is so cool flames don't burn her.
But she still isn't blond. -.-

1 month ago #9105520      

If we did that every year the party would actually be a whole lot more fun :D

1 month ago #9104027      

What I think what Scandinavia did was horrible but this is your thing @shamanhrl

1 month ago #9102225      



2 months ago #9097736      

In Alesund we love to burn things in midsummer. Is pretty *.*

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