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Burn the Witch

Burn the Witch

In the north we love to celebrate the midsummer, though we do it in slightly different ways. :D

Sweden is well known for their midsummer parties, where they drink, eat, sing and dance around the maypole (a pole decorated with flowers and ribbons). A wonderfully peaceful tradition that can be seen her.

However, in Norway and Denmark (and a couple of other countries) we prefer to celebrate it with LOTS AND LOTS OF FIRE!!! Or as we like to call it, Sankt Hans bonfires.

Some places in Norway they build HUGE bonfires. I’ve even seen pictures of them burning down houses and claiming it to be a Sankt Hans bonfire.

In Denmark we haven’t gone to such extremes. We get our morbid jollies by putting a witch doll made of wood, hay, old cloth and filled with firecrackers on the fire, and then cheer when the firecrackers goes off, making it sound like she’s screaming. So wonderfully politically incorrect.

And we will burn that witch no matter where we are. While looking for a good video of a Sankt Hans bonfire I found at least four of Danes burning wooden witches while confused Americans looked on. This is the cutest witch burning I have ever seen. :D

4th October 2009

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5 days ago #9390068        

The only bonfire we have in Ireland is during Halloween, I believe.

8 days ago #9388466        

I thought Swedish maypoles were a pair wreaths suspended on either side of a pole. (Why?)


20 M
28 days ago #9377817        

Sweden likes fire, too. Just alot bigger!

During Valborgsmässoafton 30th april - 1th may (Walpurgis Night)
we light massive bonfires and watch it burn while dancing and drinking!

Picture of a traditional bonfire during 1th may (Majbrasa)

1 month ago #9376486        

@FreezyFreeFire She's fresh from sauna and gives zero f*ks about their little bonfire?

Also why is Norway licking the fish?!?



576 M
1 month ago #9373527        

Yes, I've been to a Sankt Hans bonfire during my stay in Copenhagen, it was fun! The fire itself wasn't exactly impressive, it was barely higher than a human. But the festivities around it were fun!

2 months ago #9360070        

Well we never forgot our pagan ways. We just renamed the traditions and kept on going :P

4 months ago #9349029        

i love the smell of lightly roasted witch in the morning
cheers :D

4 months ago #9340677        

Nobody going to make a sauna joke?

...right then.

5 months ago #9336522        

MIDSUMMER! (Sounds seriously better in swedish...) I lOVE IT!

Sweden have huge bonfires on the First of May. Surely Norway and Danmark have that too, or...? Any danes or norwegians who can help me out? ^^

5 months ago #9328769        

the faith keeps her safe from the flames.

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