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Child's Play

Child's Play

I’m always surprised by how young the main characters are supposed to be in animes and managas. Naruto is 13? Ash (from Pokemon) is 10? What?

It leads to some funny discussions on the internet when people who are usually into anime tries to figure out how old characters from western animations/games/whatever are. Too many seem to think that Sniper from TF2 is in his 20’s. :XD:

As a wise Japanese man once said, “If you haven’t saved the world at the age of 14, you’re just not trying”

4th November 2010
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2 days ago #9331866        

Man Japan must feel confused

3 days ago #9331546        

The Sniper Is at least 40


20 M
17 days ago #9325620        

The think the sniper is in his 20's? That man is in his late 30's early 40's at least.


21 M
20 days ago #9324472        

Haha, this is hilarious.


15 F
2 months ago #9301327        

Cristiania. Stop smoking pot, and get a life.

5 months ago #9258464        

I said that butterfly looks stoned outloud and my brother said, "REALLY?! WHAT BUTTERFLY?!"

7 months ago #9210447        

I have studied in Japan and Anime is mostly for children, for adults it is mostly taboo. Manga is acceptable but for an adult who loves anime it is kept a secret or could destroy you socially. I had a Japanese friend who loved anime but always kept it secret and when she could finally talk about anime to myself and other foreign friends who had no social taboo against it. You could see this massive weight lift from her shoulders and she was flooded with happiness. Interesting how something that is enjoyed across the globe. Yet in Japan if you were an adult who loves anime having it publicly known could be extremely detrimental to your career and life.

10 months ago #9147686        

(As a wise Japanese man once said, “If you haven’t saved the world at the age of 14, you’re just not trying”)

Wasnt that mentioned to promote kamakazi bombings?

11 months ago #9139203        

I love how anime is a lot like that. Everyone's a hero.

Although Ash from Pokemon was only 10.

11 months ago #9136127        

He he yeaaaaah!
He's just as ill mannered and pretensions as the next gentleman!
Yes my good fellow *annoying posh noises*

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