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Clothes Confusion


Clothes Confusion

Inspired by something I witnessed on a bus once. I sat opposite of two women in nikabs, which is a rare sight around here (usually it’s just scarfs). Then a bunch of kindergarten children got on, and when they saw the women, one little boy yelled “Ninjas!” and all the other children more or less went, “Oooooooh!”.

Their teacher tried to explain that the women weren’t ninjas, but I later heard two of the boys speculate on whatever or not the women were hiding their awesome ninja swords under their clothes.

One of the most entertaining bus rides I’ve ever been on. :D

21st May 2010


22 M
24 days ago #9123251      

Hahahaha, awesome!

1 month ago #9110297      

If these women were Iranian then they might have been ninjas. Apparently parkour is pretty big with young women in Iran these days, but it's not exactly endorsed by the establishment, so they're forced to practice in secret. That's a secret meeting to do kick-flips off of buildings; there's nothing more ninja than that!


31 F
1 month ago #9108775      

Theres one that covers the whole face, like a black ghost...

2 months ago #9092501      

@IchinaraYakumo glad to help :)

2 months ago #9088463      

@DanishAmerican123 ok. i was just wondering since she's not sporting her flag in any way. even north korea manages it somehow. though like you said, that'd be against her country's rules. ok thank you

2 months ago #9088411      

@IchinaraYakumo uhhh yeah she is a country she is sister Saudi Arabia. In that country men are superior to women. Women have to wear head to toe in black and show no skin when there are outside

2 months ago #9088406      

I love Swedens face at the end

2 months ago #9085877      

I would love to be compared to a ninja, that would be awesome

2 months ago #9080525      

@Heimrikr Yeah... right. Live with your delusions. Most of the crime in Finland is committed by Finns - lots of dads have killed their whole family and then committed suicide over the past few years... Finnish people can get nasty when they're drunk. This includes my sister who was killed by her boyfriend seven years ago.

You actually think most of the crime here comes from immigrants? ...Uh. Breivik ring any bells?

3 months ago #9077420      

ok so
is she a country or not

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