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Clothes Confusion

Northern Lights Poster

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Clothes Confusion

Inspired by something I witnessed on a bus once. I sat opposite of two women in nikabs, which is a rare sight around here (usually it’s just scarfs). Then a bunch of kindergarten children got on, and when they saw the women, one little boy yelled “Ninjas!” and all the other children more or less went, “Oooooooh!”.

Their teacher tried to explain that the women weren’t ninjas, but I later heard two of the boys speculate on whatever or not the women were hiding their awesome ninja swords under their clothes.

One of the most entertaining bus rides I’ve ever been on. :D

21st May 2010


21 M
7 days ago #9327990        

Denmark, you little dumbass you... :P


15 O
13 days ago #9325390        

XD Oh my! Ninjas! I'm dying over here.


16 F
22 days ago #9322239        



17 F
4 months ago #9267637        

May the girl in nikab take it as a compliment?

Denmark has a point: nikab looks a bit like ninjas' clothes
furthermore, they aren't the same xD
(Norway seems to think she's a ninja too o.o XD)


15 M
4 months ago #9267244        

i love little kids


22 M
6 months ago #9235113        

yaer we have alot of this ninjas and thay comes in all collers

8 months ago #9199951        

I love that ice cream.

10 months ago #9149668        

Seriously... Denmark is racist :P

10 months ago #9142496        

He he he he he he LOOK OUT NINJAS!!!!!!!!!


22 M
11 months ago #9123251        

Hahahaha, awesome!

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