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Clothes Confusion

Clothes Confusion

Inspired by something I witnessed on a bus once. I sat opposite of two women in nikabs, which is a rare sight around here (usually it’s just scarfs). Then a bunch of kindergarten children got on, and when they saw the women, one little boy yelled “Ninjas!” and all the other children more or less went, “Oooooooh!”.

Their teacher tried to explain that the women weren’t ninjas, but I later heard two of the boys speculate on whatever or not the women were hiding their awesome ninja swords under their clothes.

One of the most entertaining bus rides I’ve ever been on. :D

22nd May 2010

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2 days ago #9360330        

Hahaha. They do kinda look like ninjas

7 days ago #9359047        

@MalaysianRobloxian13 Mind if I ask, how come there seems to be 2 variants? As in the head wrap around the hair only then the one similar to the "ninja mask"? Is it a coincidence or for different reasons? (If that makes sense)

24 days ago #9354334        

If I was in kindergarten and didn't know any better I think I'd do that to. XD

24 days ago #9354049        

@BrainHigh I hope you didn't realized the typo i made in "not".


25 days ago #9353954        

@malaysianrobloxian13 you have to agree it leave ALOT to the imagination

25 days ago #9353833        

@Mushies,no,it's a arabic/muslim (maybe) covering her whole body because she is afraid to make a sin,because women have a responsibilty of not showing her whole body except for hand palms,feet palm(or what the're called)and head(excluding the hair)

2 months ago #9343778        

Wait, is that Sister Finland?

2 months ago #9343542        

I laughed so hard I choked on air.

2 months ago #9335547        

so umm, how how does she eat the ice cream when dressed like that?

3 months ago #9332191        

You know,how does she eat that?

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