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Denmark's Gaydar


Denmark's Gaydar

After posting the comic about Canada being America’s hat, I got a lot of comments asking, “What about Mexico? They’re America’s beard!”

Well, this was the first thing I thought of when I read that.
For those who don’t get it, here’s and explanation.

Yes, I made Mexico a girl just so I could make this joke. :XD:

9th October 2009


14 M
18 days ago #9270891        


7 months ago #9152346        

Candadian hat, Mexican beard... Yep sounds about right. XD

7 months ago #9151991        

XD!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahhahaha

7 months ago #9135989        

Anyone notice that the eagle-on-cactus symbol is on mexico's crotch?


22 M
8 months ago #9123021        

Genius (y)

9 months ago #9092590        

Funnier in hindsight given America has recently been revealed to be in love with Norway, just like Denmark and King Europe.


35 M
10 months ago #9071841        

Love this comic

11 months ago #9056730        

@TimMogens- don't say silly things about America being clothes, you should know better :)

11 months ago #9035573        

No, NO ,NO! America is Canada's underwears and mexico is Canada's socks... don't say stupid stuff about america being in the center of all


17 M
12 months ago #9024498        

And Mexico is kinda shaped like a beard XD

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