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Don't Panic


Don't Panic

Everybody but Japan seem to be panicking about the earthquake. I was watching the news and the anchorman asked, “So how are the Japanese people and government taking it? Has there been any panic or chaos?” two which the reporter answered, “.....No. Not really” :XD:

12th March 2011

2 months ago #9096777      

This comic is exactly how it happened. o3o.....

2 months ago #9090964      

Japan is the coolest!

3 months ago #9062957      

Japan has improved tech just against that kind of thing
he is fine

5 months ago #9011231      



5 months ago #9011096      

@FrankHarr - For that to happen, it would have to stop being Japan.

Perish the thought.

5 months ago #9009041      

Does Japan EVER panic?

6 months ago #8994481      

In retrospect, King Europe and USA didn't panic nearly *enough* about Japan's Earthquake+Tsunami. Fukushima's rapidly becoming a global disaster.

7 months ago #8963190      

That’s just what the rest of America is like whenever they hear about earthquakes in California. The Gulf coast and sometimes the East coast have to deal with hurricanes on an annual basis, but they are very *very* scared of earthquakes.

7 months ago #8960579      

Japan, showing how it's done in a natural crisis like a boss!

10 months ago #8876077      

@Snowpuppy14 it's ok :)

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