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Driving in France with an Englishman was quite interesting. At first I thought I my view of French driving had been colored by my English chauffeur, but later I talked to a French girl who said, "As soon as you learn how to drive in France, you realize that everyone are out to get you"
Me: "But only in Paris, right? They must be more polite out in the countryside"
Her: "No" XD

3rd August 2012


23 M
3 days ago #9135206      

try driving in my country. you'll be swearing every damn minute

20 days ago #9124064      

If france way of driving looks agresive to you, never come to venezuela, here every living thing is on its own. Even the dogs.

27 days ago #9118799      

Yeah.... Sure that's waaaaaay better than the driving in Italy!

1 month ago #9109678      

Also true of the US, although I think the most terrifying driving I've ever witnessed was in Rome.

1 month ago #9109024      

I hope you never go to Naples or Milan!!! XD

2 months ago #9102345      

The motorcycle drivers there are insane O.O


24 M
2 months ago #9092609      

lol you forgot to add that it takes the french about 5 minutes to realize that the green light is on. -- that really annoyed me those times I've been there. lol still pretty fun ^^

3 months ago #9074975      

@Drika I think it's good - it's a sign you're good at it, being able to relax the rules! ^^
Well, where I live, it seems to all work fine... But I live in a very boring and safe area, and the capitals are always going to be insane in contrast!


23 F
3 months ago #9067481      

Noone can beat us
(and I'm not sure if it's a shame or not. At least you can drive everywhere without any problems).
BTW even English people have they own problems with driving. Me and my boyfriend where in London last spring and we had more problems with the crosswlak than the left/right thing. I don't know if it's just London or all the UK but they are completly senseless. (I mean, what's the point in having to wait two traffic lights to cross over a street?)

3 months ago #9065728      

Speed racer in a baguette with a French flag

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