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Driving in France with an Englishman was quite interesting. At first I thought I my view of French driving had been colored by my English chauffeur, but later I talked to a French girl who said, "As soon as you learn how to drive in France, you realize that everyone are out to get you"
Me: "But only in Paris, right? They must be more polite out in the countryside"
Her: "No" XD

3rd August 2012

1 month ago #9206593        

I just arrived in Paris. I second this.

2 months ago #9183585        

I remember when I went to Beijing several years back that the Chinese are the most insane drivers I've ever seen anywhere...

3 months ago #9154004        

Since I live in the middle of nowhere, I'd be terrified to drive anywhere in Europe.

4 months ago #9144256        

Happens quite a lot in the U.S., just add profanity!


23 M
4 months ago #9135206        

try driving in my country. you'll be swearing every damn minute

5 months ago #9124064        

If france way of driving looks agresive to you, never come to venezuela, here every living thing is on its own. Even the dogs.

5 months ago #9118799        

Yeah.... Sure that's waaaaaay better than the driving in Italy!

6 months ago #9109678        

Also true of the US, although I think the most terrifying driving I've ever witnessed was in Rome.

6 months ago #9109024        

I hope you never go to Naples or Milan!!! XD

6 months ago #9102345        

The motorcycle drivers there are insane O.O

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