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Driving in France with an Englishman was quite interesting. At first I thought I my view of French driving had been colored by my English chauffeur, but later I talked to a French girl who said, "As soon as you learn how to drive in France, you realize that everyone are out to get you"
Me: "But only in Paris, right? They must be more polite out in the countryside"
Her: "No" XD

3rd August 2012

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11 months ago #9383836        



I actually think Italy -- Rome mainly -- is worse than France.

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21 F
1 year ago #9317632        



I'm French, and I must admit: it's totally true. We drive like there is no highway code.


20 F
5 days ago #9485866        



I was in a taxi in London and I wouldn't exactly say they drive all that nicely xD

15 days ago #9482609        



Well, I guess I'm not moving to France anytime soon.

1 month ago #9474518        



Still not as bad as Arabia or Chicago.


20 M
4 months ago #9448102        



In Singapore due to a system set by our government most Singaporeans drive or ride safely or risk getting a license revocation after accumulating a certain amount of points.
One very effective way Singaporean traffic is controlled is through the use of a gantry which deducts a certain amount of money from a card placed in a card reader in every Singaporean road going vehicles the amount deduced differs with time but it usually happens in the mornings or evenings.
The most effective method is that all vehicle owners in Singapore can buy the right to own a motor vehicle for 10 years with the rights costing more than the vehicle itself.

4 months ago #9447548        



poor britain...well it's his own fault when he tries to drive without his PANZERDIVISION! in paris =/

4 months ago #9446557        



When I was in France (maaany years ago) all the cars had dints, because it seemed like most of the french had used too small parking lots and striked against the other cars


13 F
6 months ago #9430796        



If you live in Korea when you used to live in a smaller country, then you realize that the 'traffic jams' in there were nothing compared to here.
Of course, if you live in Korea and you move to China, then you also realize that it is possible to take more than one day to travel...

6 months ago #9423281        



In China the traffic rules are as following:

As a driver you have the biggest vehicle, so naturally you have the rights before all other vehicles to go first, plow through the lanes and if those icky cyclists or motorcycles drive in your lane, outspeed them centimetres away and well... you can argue that cyclists shouldn't be in the lane, hence you didn't have to worry about them. And put your hand on the honk constantly, move it people!!!

As a cyclist you have it so much easier to maneuver that naturally you don't care who is in the way. You run over people who walk, you swirl around cars when they get stuck in traffic, you don't use any safety gear, just go, go, go... and yes, you are fast and flexible, so you own the lane.

As a normal person walking, well, you are part of the huge group of people on the streets or sidewalks. You can easily block any cyclist with the power of the mass. You annoy drivers all the time because your walking speed is slow, but who cares. You have to get from point A to point B no matter how many roads you cross, and as for those around you, you never pay attention.

As a westerner who loved within this mess I am still wondering how I, after a year, survived this mess. China literally has no traffic laws and makes Southern Europe look like a lovely park in comparison to the wild amazons. France, you don't scare me anymore, even if small tiny European streets in high speed will still get my heart pounding for ten seconds. That is still nothing in comparison to a bicycle taxi on a highway with no way of escape.

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