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Driving in France with an Englishman was quite interesting. At first I thought I my view of French driving had been colored by my English chauffeur, but later I talked to a French girl who said, "As soon as you learn how to drive in France, you realize that everyone are out to get you"
Me: "But only in Paris, right? They must be more polite out in the countryside"
Her: "No" XD

3rd August 2012


21 M
3 days ago #9328285        

Rules are for the weak! And the not-dead!


21 F
26 days ago #9317632        

I'm French, and I must admit: it's totally true. We drive like there is no highway code.

29 days ago #9315699        

oh yeah that's true when i turned 18 i got my drivers licence in france only one HUGE problem in Finland you drive by EVERY SINGLE RULE so my parents were rather worried to let me drive....


15 F
2 months ago #9302733        

Love how you portray the cars as teapots and baguettes.

2 months ago #9299802        

Driving in the cities in China is either total mayhem (when the traffic moves), in which case the best advice for pedestrians is the run for the nearest shelter... or roughly equatable to a parking lot.

2 months ago #9293009        

You need to see how the traffic is here in Colombia haha.
If you drive like a british you won't arrive anywhere haha


22 M
3 months ago #9288785        

It is true that the "honk" is a parish thing though. I live on the Norman coast (many tourism) and every time we hear someone making noises on the streets or honking like crazy we know he is from Paris! ;)

3 months ago #9287639        

When I saw this in the comic section under "England", I thought it was a Brit driving in a country that drives on the right. XD

3 months ago #9287173        

And now in America:


3 months ago #9275709        

@Arethusa can you imagine local police anywhere in a densely populated area/city of Asia, trying to enforce laws that keep mopeds and other such small vehicles off the sidewalks? :P

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