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Pinned What would you like to be in the SatW book? Dayvi 725 Koshee, 15 days ago
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  Suggest new countries. Iateapenguin 240 QuantumCubes, 7 days ago
  The Finns are violent drunks MazVN 3 AwesomeSunflower, 7 days ago
  Country's Human Names? sparklingicelandic 46 Frost_Marvel, 7 days ago
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  Shouldn't America be overweight and stupid? Aleksanteri 28 sagas, 9 days ago
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  Favourite and most hated comic(s) TheDoctor1996 23 Alan43, 29 days ago
  Sister Canada? Igirisu 10 sneachda, 1 month ago
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  Wouldn't it be nice to see more faces of the USA? YuKaraya 66 sagas, 2 months ago
  Sister korea Ranmah76 1 Igirisu, 2 months ago
  Americans are different shades. Ranmah76 new! Ranmah76, 2 months ago
  Fact Cards Dayvi 16 Finn123, 2 months ago
  Norwegian and Danish brstahl 1 LokiLoki22, 3 months ago
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