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Pinned What would you like to be in the SatW book? Dayvi 717 lilyvirginia, 2 months ago
  SatW and Hetalia Lonkelo 3 Karalora, 20 hours ago
  Wouldn't it be nice to see more faces of the USA? YuKaraya 64 kyrtuck, 3 days ago
  Which SatW character do you look like the most? BeerGhost 131 Psychicpapergirl, 3 days ago
  Suggest new countries. Iateapenguin 211 Cloudcuckooland, 4 days ago
  How did you discover SatW? ZZDaikun 172 Fry3k, 4 days ago
  IDEA FOR A NEW COMIC! ancastel7 11 Williamb14, 5 days ago
  Favourite and most hated comic(s) TheDoctor1996 19 Zeust, 6 days ago
  Country's Human Names? sparklingicelandic 36 Svenskefan, 6 days ago
  Norwegian and Danish brstahl 1 Dalamard, 8 days ago
  Stereotypes! alluc new! alluc, 8 days ago
  Ever had a Dream involving SatW? PrincessOphelia 11 alluc, 8 days ago
  Sexiest SATW Character Saukkomies 37 Australian-Person, 9 days ago
  Disputed islands, islets, and rocks myojin 31 raqs, 11 days ago
  The Food Topic xel78 4 numbat, 13 days ago
  The pets and cuddlies? Unka_Oogie 10 AmericanButterfly, 16 days ago
  S.A.T.W.-couples<3 rokku 485 PrincessOphelia, 18 days ago
  Sister Canada? Igirisu 4 sagas, 26 days ago
  What about México? renoviajero 2 EricTheRedAndWhite, 27 days ago
  What's the most magical/beautiful language to you? Diogo 64 Ice0tea, 1 month ago
  Misconceptions people have about your country AwesomeSunflower 181 KimmoP, 1 month ago
  Another ethnicity joins the ranks! Woodwose 28 Iateapenguin, 1 month ago
  Name for the community Diogo 10 ItsLlamaSenpai, 1 month ago
  Everyone Loves Pirates! SvalTheBard 6 numbat, 1 month ago
  Which Character are you like PrincessOphelia 5 Saukkomies, 1 month ago
  Liberland Chracter aaron778 22 EricTheRedAndWhite, 2 months ago
  Inspired travel? rosyowl 1 PrincessOphelia, 2 months ago
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