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  If SatW had fangames? closetghostgal 7 AjarTadpole7202, 7 months ago
  Goyard Bags outletsalevips new! outletsalevips, 9 months ago
  Who Would Buy SATW Plushies? hh12 17 SomEone12, 9 months ago
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  How did you discover SatW? ZZDaikun 217 HeckHelloHiLol, 10 months ago
  Which SatW character do you look like the most? BeerGhost 194 closetghostgal, 12 months ago
  What are some of your headcanons for this comic? this_was_a_mistake 30 Sisu, 12 months ago
  Ever had a Dream involving SatW? PrincessOphelia 17 tinatulip34, 1 year ago
  Poorly explain your favourite SatW comic. closetghostgal 3 vlexitrokxh, 1 year ago
  Is it safe and reliable to buy Madden 21 Coins at jasmyn1 new! jasmyn1, 1 year ago
  Where can I buy cheap Madden Coins? jasmyn1 new! jasmyn1, 1 year ago
  Satw Hunger Game Simulator Who will Win!? AmericanButterfly 115 AmericanButterfly, 1 year ago
  Things you want in future SatW comics? closetghostgal 3 Yeehaw0, 1 year ago
  S.A.T.W.-couples<3 rokku 545 closetghostgal, 1 year ago
  Random things in SatW I would like to see AmericanButterfly 21 closetghostgal, 1 year ago
  What's the most magical/beautiful language to you? Diogo 167 Yeehaw0, 1 year ago
  England x France Neep 4 Neep07, 2 years ago
  SatW Fanfiction LoveToEat 10 Iva, 2 years ago
  SATWcomic Amino vince_le_ghey_boi new! vince_le_ghey_boi, 3 years ago
  Scandinavia and the World and Polandball hh12 12 spiros26, 3 years ago
  I'm learning Japanese! Mr_MK 5 FinnMacCool, 3 years ago
  If your country was in one of the Hogwarts houses? HHWinston 12 ClaraLovesSATW2, 3 years ago
  Misconceptions people have about your country AwesomeSunflower 453 Rayati, 3 years ago
  England YorkshireFarmer 19 ThatKawaiiKiwi_, 3 years ago
  What would you like to see in a SaTW comic? hh12 30 CharlieMcGeeFan, 3 years ago
  Weird question form an older comic Karol-X 1 FinnMacCool, 3 years ago
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