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  SatW at WorldCon75 in Helsinki 2017? FinnLover 1 AwesomeSunflower, 3 years ago
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  Canada's Sexy new Prime Minister Spiritbw 8 djv2448, 3 years ago
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  Shouldn't America be overweight and stupid? Aleksanteri 31 Svenskefan, 3 years ago
  How does a kiss sound in your language? Anthraxia 19 Chika981, 3 years ago
  Sexiest SATW Character Saukkomies 48 Chika981, 3 years ago
  Best city to live in Norway? NappeExo 7 Chika981, 3 years ago
  What country has the worst traffic??? Ranmah76 11 Chika981, 3 years ago
  Sister Canada? Igirisu 12 Chika981, 3 years ago
  Comic Suggestions! SpikeylovesSatW 3 epic-pineapple-power, 3 years ago
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