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  Did you know there is a Nordic Optical Telescope? KOakaKO 4 KOakaKO, 6 years ago
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  Tea and Tea Culture needed more America-sama 105 America-sama, 6 years ago
  What tips would you give to others about SatW? Dayvi 8 FinnMacCool, 6 years ago
  The Countries last names head canon AmericanButterfly 4 Diogo, 6 years ago
  The Countries last names head canon AmericanButterfly new! AmericanButterfly, 6 years ago
  We Miss Åland Driventosanity 33 TheDarkLordOfCheese, 6 years ago
  Germany lost his precious pregnant seal to Denmark KellySmeraldo new! KellySmeraldo, 6 years ago
  Gävle goat DoomBagel 2 ire_shirker, 6 years ago
  The most beautiful coat of arms in the world MrZurab 41 Valkyrja, 6 years ago
  Ærø Psykir 5 EnglishCheeseMan, 6 years ago
  Unable to post on the January 6 comic Groundhog new! Groundhog, 6 years ago
  Japan to have a (temporary) potato shortage. ZZDaikun 3 Dan, 6 years ago
  Indonesian here? aulzaqi 2 ferduzi, 6 years ago
  effef Nudelholz 6 FinnMacCool, 6 years ago
  English people finlandruotsi 18 Liquid, 6 years ago
  Idea for a new comic! ^_^ ferduzi new! ferduzi, 6 years ago
  satW Headcanons SisterFinlandIsBest 2 SisterFinlandIsBest, 6 years ago
  Polish is a beautiful language AnnoyingPony new! AnnoyingPony, 7 years ago
  Heritage ohiogiant 405 CaroMarzo, 7 years ago
  The Boston Molasses Disaster biocava new! biocava, 7 years ago
  Comic font GengarStyle 1 EricTheRedAndWhite, 7 years ago
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