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German Sparkle Party

German Sparkle Party

I always wanted to draw Prussia, Nazi Germany, and Germany together. Didn't plan for it to be a German Sparkle Party picture though...

23rd September 2012

Tagged in Germany

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45 M
9 days ago #9385009        

Can't... <duuuuh> ...get... <drrriible> ...images... <aaaargh> ...outta... <tilt> <zzzzip> ...head!

Not that I'm homophobic, just not my style.
And that laughter in the vid... <shudder> <brain-tilt>.

12 days ago #9383880        

Poor Germany. He looks so uncomfortable like this

15 days ago #9382377        

haha that link...aaaaaah gotta love the internet

17 days ago #9381302        

D.W Griffiths made a silent film featuring a fearsome invading army. To make them look fearsome, he got his costume department to design pointy helmets for the army. The Kaiser saw this film and liked the idea; so he made his army wear pointy helmets designed in . . . Hollywood.


20 days ago #9379766        

brain bleach... PLEASE.


15 F
25 days ago #9377244        

Oh my god, that link... :'D

1 month ago #9374857        

That link... I've seen worse, but not funnier. Good job.

2 months ago #9367450        

I'm going to prog my eyes out what I just saw


15 F
2 months ago #9367062        

I'm scarred for life...

2 months ago #9365364        

Poor Germany. I'm not sure if he looks so nervous because of the way his dad and grandad are dressed, or if it's just because of, well, you know.

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