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German Sparkle Party


German Sparkle Party

I always wanted to draw Prussia, Nazi Germany, and Germany together. Didn't plan for it to be a German Sparkle Party picture though...

23rd September 2012

6 days ago #9135193      

Poor Germany looks uncomfortable. The other two obviously feel fabulous though.

7 days ago #9134590      

Look how fab they are!


16 F

Online Now
20 days ago #9126590      

O_O... Lol love the sparkles they make them fabulous.(( I still don't know what to say about this. ))

1 month ago #9111516      

i don't even know how to respond this...stuff

2 months ago #9102336      

Hilarious xD

2 months ago #9098534      

Holy... I. No words. None.

2 months ago #9096745      

:( I wish this one was on a mug, stein or pint glass!

2 months ago #9092607      

Looks like Germany is making weird porn again. That's what Austria says!


100 M
2 months ago #9083389      

I have lost what is left of my innocence.

3 months ago #9074143      

Prussia reminds me of Freddie Mercury ~ Jared

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