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German Sparkle Party


German Sparkle Party

I always wanted to draw Prussia, Nazi Germany, and Germany together. Didn't plan for it to be a German Sparkle Party picture though...

23rd September 2012

21 days ago #9304688        

@Dorena Sparkle parties are the best!


15 F
24 days ago #9302609        

Germany is so creeped out by his counterparts.

2 months ago #9287175        

Goddamnit, you're ruining dudes for me! DX

4 months ago #9260094        

Draw them again... With less sparkels...


18 M
4 months ago #9251673        

wow...this is really disturbing!


31 M
7 months ago #9186720        

Really, Nazi Germany? Fishnets? Oh, you're a slut, alright...

8 months ago #9170795        

My goodness, Prussia? Next stop, 1630 when Prussia was still Brandenburg, and Sweden was parading through as Gustavus Adolphus intervened in the 30yrs war?


27 M
8 months ago #9166574        

My eyes... what did I just see? o.o

8 months ago #9158635        

Cannot unsee what i have seen ;-;

9 months ago #9141971        

poor germany.. *hug* it will ok.

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