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German Sparkle Party

German Sparkle Party

I always wanted to draw Prussia, Nazi Germany, and Germany together. Didn't plan for it to be a German Sparkle Party picture though...

23rd September 2012

Tagged in Germany

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37 M
18 days ago #9357156        

Ze goggles, zey do nothink! o.o


18 M
1 month ago #9351941        

That party pants.

1 month ago #9350806        

If Japan Sister sees that, she would have a big nose bleeding :p

2 months ago #9343638        

Look up hetalia German sparkle party, it's hilarious, and even though, in the Hetalia verse, Austria is a total Beethoven fan boy, I could totally see him singing this song lol


2 months ago #9337879        

Somehow, Prussia reminds me of Freddie Mercury...I think this uniform would have fit

2 months ago #9335764        

@Demonic-PhyrPhly I feel that too...

3 months ago #9328899        

I have this pic in my phone XD


21 M
3 months ago #9328293        

OH GOD MY EYES! History will never be the same!

3 months ago #9327290        

i like it *~*

3 months ago #9325472        

My eyes~!!! D: WHY CAN'T I LOOK AWAY?!?! D:

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