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How to use a bike

How to use a bike

When I moved to England I noticed a lot of differences from Denmark. When I moved back to Denmark I noticed even more. One being that "cyclist" means different things.

In Denmark a cyclist just means a person on a bike (and most Danes are cyclists), but in England it's mostly used about people who are really really REALLY into bikes.

27th May 2014
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21 hours ago #9332033        

@whale21 Yeah, easily. Being Dutch means you're practically born on a bicycle, so most of us have become very good at doing other things while riding their bikes, just like @mcv says. Many of us can even ride a bike without using their hands (for a little while, anyway)!

Of course, the Dutch traffic police is not too happy about this loose attitude...


5 days ago #9330358        

@whale21 Many Dutch people are remarkably adept at handling their phone while riding a bike laden with kids and groceries, although there are absolutely instances where I question their safety. Still, those people apparently manage to survive.

Here's a nice overview (from an American perspective) of how the Dutch use their bikes:

8 days ago #9329231        

Hey it's like a pianist I'm a pianist


21 M
10 days ago #9328344        

Denmark + Bicycle = Sucks to be Iceland


23 F
10 days ago #9328040        

I know this is an old post, but it just got very relevant for me, who have just started cycling in England after growing up cycling in Sweden. Everyone here hates cyclists! And everyone but me are in lycra! Help!


20 M
14 days ago #9326556        

@ADutchmanAml Really? I need both hands to properly control my bike, if I tried to check my phone while moving I'd probably eat it on the sidewalk.

22 days ago #9323454        

Heh. Danish bikers are apparently just like Dutch bikers. I can often be found on a bike while checking my phone. :X

25 days ago #9322203        

That happend very often to me in Denmark

1 month ago #9313573        

Hey, this actually happened to me last time I was in Denmark.

2 months ago #9304096        

lol invisible pedals ^_^

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