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How to use a bike


How to use a bike

When I moved to England I noticed a lot of differences from Denmark. When I moved back to Denmark I noticed even more. One being that "cyclist" means different things.

In Denmark a cyclist just means a person on a bike (and most Danes are cyclists), but in England it's mostly used about people who are really really REALLY into bikes.

27th May 2014


6 days ago #9249560        

I'm always amazed to read how amazed Americans are by Dutch bikes (and even more by the lack of helmets). Essential reading:


11 F
7 days ago #9248837        

I pretty much bike like Denmark

10 days ago #9246651        

England was an awesome cyclist while Denmark was an ordinary cyclist

19 days ago #9240750        

My sister almost broke her legs in an accident with a stupid careless person on a bike once :3


23 F
30 days ago #9234726        

I've come across both types in Sweden and both are equally horrible to face while in a car.

On one hand, the competitive race-training folks who insist on taking their bicycles ON THE FRIGGIN HIGHWAY (as if we didn't have a gajillion of small off-the-chart roads all over the place).

On the other hand, the regular Örebro citicen. Örebro is the town of shitty traffic, and not only because it's almost as many jackdaws as human inhabitants, but because local politics insist that people shouldn't use cars in the city while leaving no room for people to leave their cars because the parking lots all cost an arm and a leg. As such, anyone from outside the city is faced with local inhabitants on bikes who all have the combined self-preservation of a suicide bomber as they throw themselves out on the road blindly in the knowledge that if an accident happens the car owner will automatically be the culprit.

Örebro is the closest large city from where I live, and it's sort of the pimple of Sweden.

1 month ago #9233016        

Fortunately I learned pretty quickly to differentiate the pavement from cyclist paths. Icelanders who don't pay the price.

1 month ago #9226896        

I think we have both types of cyclists over here xD


12 M
2 months ago #9222822        

Oh the animation though...

2 months ago #9216738        

@AgProv omg this is so true. I picked up a hell of a cycling culture in Denmark and people in the UK just keep laughing cos im neither in a race, or using a car instead. England is just so daft. people there a wasteful with their cars and bus fares, stuff like that...

@Kestrad just be glad you weren't this guy


52 M
2 months ago #9204301        

Being a cyclist anywhere in Britain means you have to be somewhat obsessive about it and somewhat bloody-minded. I was at uni in Norwich - East Anglia is a part of the UK which is generally flat and has much in common, geographically and culturally, with Denmark and the low countries. Humon would either love it or hate it there. But the thing is, Britain is an agressive car-culture where car drivers look down on and disdain cyclists as weird people too poor to own cars, and who treat them as a bloody nuisance taking up too much road space. You have to be bloody-minded and aggressive to survive.

The classic story illustrating how car drivers behave towards cyclists comes from the old Tour of Britain ("Milk Race") cycle race - generally seen as a poor relation to the big events like the TdF and Giro d'Italia. The big names in world cycling might turn up as a warm-up for the season's big events. Anyway, a stage of this Tour was established in Yorkshire in the middle 1990's. As is usual for a big road race, all roads were closed and car owners in the area were advised not to go out or to find alternative routes that Sunday afternoon. this was compled with - apart from one woman who bloody-mindedly got onto the race route in among the cyclists, caused havoc, knocked several riders off who were not expecting to meet anything other than race traffic, and generally wrecked the day. If she'd done this in France she'd have been lynched. Finally arrested, she was indignant she'd been stopped, and insisted she wasn't going to give up HER routine and not be able to drive home on her usual route just because of a bunch of people on bikes who in her opinion were a bloody nuisance holding up the traffic. These people paid no road tax, making them not even second-class road users, and should have given way to her, she didn't care if they were racing... this caused embarrassment to the race organisers and serves to illustrate the commonly held belief among British car drivers that cyclists are a bloody nuisance with no rights of free passage.

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