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How to use a bike

How to use a bike

When I moved to England I noticed a lot of differences from Denmark. When I moved back to Denmark I noticed even more. One being that "cyclist" means different things.

In Denmark a cyclist just means a person on a bike (and most Danes are cyclists), but in England it's mostly used about people who are really really REALLY into bikes.

27th May 2014

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21 days ago #9382327        

In England you must be good to keep from being run over by giant lorries.

1 month ago #9372374        


1 month ago #9372341        

@Zeust haha thank you. It's exactly the same here with drunk cyclists and drunk drivers, but yeah i gues it makes sense :)


576 M
1 month ago #9372199        

@ForeverWhelmed #9372185 Maybe it depends on where you live? Here in the Netherlands cyclists are notorious for running red lights, showing risky behaviour, failing to indicate when they turn left or right, paying no attention to their surroundings, riding around without lighting when it's dark, I can go on and on... Of course there are horrible car drivers as well but they are usually found on the highway, Dutch car drivers tend to be quite civil on town roads. Perhaps it's different in Denmark? Though I've spent 3 months in Copenhagen and didn't really encounter bad drivers as far as I remember either. Maybe I'm just lucky.
Your accident sounds absolutely horrible by the way, sorry to hear about it. But I'm glad you still have your fingers.
I'll end with a funny thing: drunk driving is really looked down at and condemned while drunk cycling is considered quite normal. Though I guess on a bike you are predominantly a danger to yourself and not to others, and also the speeds are lower so you don't need to react as fast. It makes sense I guess. And how else to get home when public transport isn't driving around anymore?


1 month ago #9372185        

@Zeust yeah I hate the gases as well but does the cyclists really behave that badly? I find it to be opposit where I live (odins aka odense), it's a smaller city so perhaps thats why. I was hid by a car a while ago where i nearly lost 2 of my fingers, so I consider myself to be insanely careful when i bike or drive....this might also have added to my contemt for cars...


576 M
1 month ago #9371897        

@ForeverWhelmed #9371793 I too quite dislike cars because they're practically everywhere and I don't like to breathe their exhaust gases. Scooters are even worse (and horribly abundant here in the Netherlands). But when I look only at behaviour in traffic, cyclists are definitely worse than drivers. Riding and texting, running red lights, crossing the road when it's quite risky... I gotta admit I myself too am guilty of that last one in addition to being a sucker for velocity. But I think I'm not nearly as bad as many other cyclists here, many of us are true aholes on the road...


576 M
1 month ago #9371894        

@whale21 #9326556 What @ADutchmanAml and @mcv said. Also, we mostly don't ride on roadbikes but rather on bikes where you sit upright, making it much easier to balance without holding the wheel.

1 month ago #9371793        

@Isaactheamerican No. it's because it's easier healthier and better for the environment. That is at least why I bike instead of drive. And I really hate cars.

2 months ago #9371094        

the reason why everybody is a cyclist in Denmark is because gas there costs twelve bucks a gallon and cars are 100k because it's so small.


17 M
3 months ago #9354565        

I'll remember to keep my eyes wide open when I go to Danmark

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