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Hurry hurry hurry


Hurry hurry hurry

Denmark was well aware that it didn't have the military power to fight the Nazis, so the plan was to surrender and cooperate with them. However, they also knew what the Nazis did to Jews, so when reports came in that the Nazis were on their way the Danish government immediately got hold of 99% of Danish Jews and shipped them off to neutral Sweden in the dead of night.
(Unlike in this comic though, the Jews knew where they were going and why)

This of course also means the Jewish community in Denmark is pretty small today.

11th March 2014

6 days ago #9242864        

I love this personification so well, because this is pretty much what happened.

17 days ago #9236318        

he behaves almost like loving father... nice to see this)

2 months ago #9214220        

This is probably the best and cutest you have ever done!


17 M
2 months ago #9211950        

@AgProv i think they're just supposed to be jews


17 M
2 months ago #9211949        

@ShapeShiftsalot that wouldn't look evil though :/

2 months ago #9211880        

Kind of funny how Nazi Germany was anthropomorphically, well, how shall I put it? Chronically mentally challenged. Sending birthday greetings to the Fuehrer from all over the empire in unison in full knowledge you're using the most sought after code in the entire world to do it with. Nazi Germany should be depicted as a mutant chimpanzee.


52 M
2 months ago #9204314        

Israel? Bit of a hot potato at the moment for any cartoonist, or perhaps too hot a blintz to hold. SatW is generally light-hearted in the way it points out national foibles and failings: the current goings-on in Israel and the occupied territories might well be a bit too dark for the SatW treatment. Although humon's treatment of the Danish cartoons about the Prophet was agreeably spot-on and made a good satirical point well within the bounds of the SatW universe.

3 months ago #9189928        

I love the Jews in this. they're so sweet :3

3 months ago #9170003        

This is my favorite comic. It shows the good in humanity and of course I freaking love Denmark :P

3 months ago #9167972        

MqCorey, No they did not. Their property was first siezed by the whermacht and later the Danish goverment.

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