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I want you to be happy

I want you to be happy

Right after reading about the Napoleon war and how Denmark in the end gave up Norway, I head this song on the radio, about a man who loves his girlfriend but lets her go because she isn't happy with him. Ever since then I’ve been thinking of that story when it is played.

Do you feel like me?
I can tell you’ve been crying again
Do you stand by a crossroad?
I think I know which way to take
It would be so easy
We could pretend noting was wrong
What if I held you close?
We could stay here, just for a moment, in dreamland.
But I know
I can’t live with it, would hate myself
If I kept you here, you deserve more

Yes, I know that you have to move on
But I want you to know, you are perfect
Baby, I’ll let you go
I let you fly
It’s time for you to be happy again

Take a seat honey, and give me a moment
I try to find them, but there are no right words to use
I know it’s going to sound stupid
I know it will hurt
But you deserve my honesty
I can’t live with it, would hate myself
If I kept you here, you deserve more


It’s nobody’s fault, promise me you’ll never change
I know someday you’ll be happy


“Glad Igen” by Rasmus Seebach

This is an extremely sappy way to look at it, but screw you! I will interpret history in a sappy way and illustrate it sappily if I want to! You can’t stop me from noting, biatches! *flashes bling, throws money in air and other such gangsta’ behaviour*

5th May 2010

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7 months ago #9270482        

my heart


7 months ago #9269098        

as a history major, i love it when people have silly and fun interpretations of history.


246 F
7 months ago #9267610        

very touching...

8 months ago #9250961        

When insaw the kyrics, i tought of the end song in portal one.

8 months ago #9250808        

Awh, I love that song <3

1 year ago #9117923        

Stupid bloody lawyers 0~0


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1 year ago #9117261        


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