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Mean Names


Mean Names

The head-thing Norway and Denmark are doing is a replacement for hugging, because hugs look so awkward with their tiny bodies and giant heads.

Anyway, I was talking with a fellow Dane about the various mean names Scandinavians have given each other, and we realised that for some odd reason the Danes never came up with a name for their nemesis, the Swedes. We therefore came to the conclusion that “Swedes” was considered a sufficiently mean word in itself. :XD:

23rd February 2011

4 months ago #9184224        


4 months ago #9177668        

I thought "Skide Svensker" was a stock phrase?

6 months ago #9137696        

I hope they brushed their teeth, that drooling could be a dental hazard amongst the mutated jaws

7 months ago #9109134        

I always tell this to exchange students xD

9 months ago #9081876        

I feel utter disgust about it . To use someone like that . Now back to this .
Not entirely true you did tell me you liked her and pretty much that ( about your relationships ) But if you must . No i unfortunate have not , I had a bad experience and love is a mere word to me now .
Yeah i guess so but i just wanted to be friendly .


16 F
9 months ago #9081619        

@Meanwhile I think she did use him, at least at first. I dont know what their relationship is now, I havent talked to her in months.
Its not irrelevant. I've told you plenty of things about my relationships, but its okay if you dont want to talk about it. Just stop saying things are irrelevant. This is a random conversation okay?

9 months ago #9079637        

since you didn't tag me i didn't see it
If you don't want to go into the self harm that i can totally understand that .
But as i said if she did use him I would feel utter disgust
It's irrelevant if i had one . What about you did you ever have one ?


16 F
9 months ago #9071930        

I dont wanna go into that............Whats irrelevant......And what happened?

9 months ago #9071925        

Ah I though she was just using him and I felt utter disgust about it .
Cutting yourself does indeed imply it. So did you feel depressed then ?
That's Irrelevant how about you ?


18 O
9 months ago #9071851        

this is too cute omg what

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