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Mean Names

The head-thing Norway and Denmark are doing is a replacement for hugging, because hugs look so awkward with their tiny bodies and giant heads.

Anyway, I was talking with a fellow Dane about the various mean names Scandinavians have given each other, and we realised that for some odd reason the Danes never came up with a name for their nemesis, the Swedes. We therefore came to the conclusion that “Swedes” was considered a sufficiently mean word in itself. :XD:

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23rd February 2011
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3 years ago #9730329        

Dane devils more cool than dare devils...

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3 years ago #9723842        

one of the meanest words danes have for norwegians are "swedes". it usely not that common used since we danes dont want to be that brutal to norwegians.

3 years ago #9759267        

Some of my friends were eating over at my house one day and we were having meatballs, and one of my friends said "Oh my God I love meatballs." And instead of doing the obvious thing and making a sex joke her boyfriend said "You Swede (Din Svensker)" And I've never seen someone look so offended

4 years ago #9649767        

That not-hugging is super adorable c:
Sweden, you should've known xD

6 years ago #9387325        

It's better to be talked about badly than not talked about at all


6 months ago #9846644        

I remember a conversation I had with a woman from New York, USA, who had come up to Canada for work and so she could get married to her ladyfriend (this being a while before USA finally got around to making gay marriage legal). She was... hmm... very stereotypical of Italian descended New Yorkers; the accent, the constant gesturing... A colourful character with a lot of personality, you could say.
Anyway, the conversation went like this:

She: "So whatdya call EYE-talians up here anyway?"
Me (after a confused pause): "We... call them Italians."
She: "No, but, when you wanna be rude to them? Like a racial slur!"
Me (completely serious): "Why would we ever want to do that?"
She stared at me in total incomprehension for almost a full minute. Finally...
She: "....Canadians..." (Shaking her head)

Fun as it was watching her head almost explode... I wasn't kidding. I was in my late 20s at the time and didn't know any racial slurs for Italians, along with quite a few other ethnic groups. I'm 40 now and still aren't very familiar with quite a lot of the ones that are apparently used in the USA (New York in particular). The rarer ones, at least.

Like... I honestly don't know what a mick, a spick, or a gook, are. I've heard the words thrown around by Americans, but haven't a clue who they refer to.

Once again, I'm 40 now, and I live in Canada. We don't have a lot of use for racial slurs on the whole, but at least I know what the common (American) ones ARE.


2 years ago #9816279        

but what do norwegians call swedes and danes? or are they just too sweet to have their own derogatory terms? ='p
it feels like norway is the canada of the north XD

3 years ago #9750103        


3 years ago #9747057        

They're so cute.

3 years ago #9735666        

We call English people "Island Monkeys" here...well :D

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