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Originally it was just about music and Sweden was dressed up for pop, but it then turned into a comic about the famous Scandinavian metal scene.

Norway, Sweden and Finland are known for metal, while Denmark is better known for rock.

Iceland is of course dressed up as Björk. :XD:

Oh, and Finland has that weird reddish skin-colour because a lot of the Finnish metal and rock bands I’ve seen are painted in some way.

18th November 2010

12 days ago #9287144        

Yes, because even Glam Metal is more metal than Classic Rock...

I'm going to puke.

17 days ago #9283162        

Whenever I think of Finland, i think Nightwish.


48 M
23 days ago #9279812        

olaftheodd, Finland's folk metal scene is mind blowing. :D

25 days ago #9278489        

the american metal seen has let me down... norse metal all the way man!!!


16 M
25 days ago #9278318        

Norway has Mayhem, everyone else can stay quiet now ^_^

1 month ago #9275619        

Scandinavian metal is awesome! ^_^


16 M
1 month ago #9273293        

Finland also has Amorphis.


25 M
3 months ago #9248348        

Finnland has Nightwish. Enough said.

3 months ago #9244644        

@The_Jarl Iceland also plays with demons... What is more metal than that?


19 M
3 months ago #9239865        

But Icelanders have Skálmöld, a viking metal band of awesomeness.

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