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Originally it was just about music and Sweden was dressed up for pop, but it then turned into a comic about the famous Scandinavian metal scene.

Norway, Sweden and Finland are known for metal, while Denmark is better known for rock.

Iceland is of course dressed up as Björk. :XD:

Oh, and Finland has that weird reddish skin-colour because a lot of the Finnish metal and rock bands I’ve seen are painted in some way.

18th November 2010

7 days ago #9130259      

england would be bruce dickinson i guess.
America would have to be someone from slayer (we like thrash in the US)
brazil, if it is ever added is sepultura.

13 days ago #9126248      

To be fair, Iceland looks pretty metal

14 days ago #9125887      

Funny thing is: Icelanders don't even like Björk, we prefer a Rammstein-like rock band. You should listen to Skálmöld and HAM. We also like Sigur Rós and Monsters & Men.

17 days ago #9123589      

Painted? Haven't noticed that. Then again, I don't listen to metal and the only Finnish metal band I know is Nightwish.

21 days ago #9120709      

@FinnishGuy007 He's my favorite guitarist too :)

27 days ago #9115402      

Thanks to this, I'm not picturing England dressed as Rob Halford.

28 days ago #9114659      

Don't lose them Denmark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 days ago #9114553      

@IvyR I of course had to do a google image search. The only one I could find with everybody in red make-up was Turisas. Then I also guess you could say that the masks of some of the guys in Lordi are similar in color to Finland in this comic. But I still have to say that the funniest Finnish metal band I could find in this search was Hevisaurus! :DDDD


36 F
1 month ago #9109625      

I don't know ANY Finnish bands who paint their faces like that. Not a one.


13 F
1 month ago #9109374      

what I Bjork?

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