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Originally it was just about music and Sweden was dressed up for pop, but it then turned into a comic about the famous Scandinavian metal scene.

Norway, Sweden and Finland are known for metal, while Denmark is better known for rock.

Iceland is of course dressed up as Björk. :XD:

Oh, and Finland has that weird reddish skin-colour because a lot of the Finnish metal and rock bands I’ve seen are painted in some way.

18th November 2010

2 days ago #9329522        

Wow Norway

10 days ago #9326079        

That's what it was Turisas!

10 days ago #9326077        

Oh I know a Finnish metal band! But...I can't remember the name! It's going to kill me!!!! Now I have to go through me playlist all over again NOOOO!!!!

12 days ago #9325238        

Sweden without that black coat would look quite a lot like me :)


16 F
20 days ago #9322085        

Q: how did Finland put fire on the torch?

A: beucose he is on FIRE!!! xD

1 month ago #9312550        

Denmark has some great death metal bands..
so false i would say....
dawn of demise.

Not to forget folk metal..

Huldre. a must listen....

2 months ago #9308156        

why doesnt denmark have as much metal as the rest of the nordics? is there someone here that can explain this


15 F

Online Now
2 months ago #9301333        

Sweden looks like a girl.

2 months ago #9300908        

@IL_Dancer It's Finland, don't question him.

2 months ago #9297987        

Um, where did Finland get the torch from, exactly?

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