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Originally it was just about music and Sweden was dressed up for pop, but it then turned into a comic about the famous Scandinavian metal scene.

Norway, Sweden and Finland are known for metal, while Denmark is better known for rock.

Iceland is of course dressed up as Björk. :XD:

Oh, and Finland has that weird reddish skin-colour because a lot of the Finnish metal and rock bands I’ve seen are painted in some way.

19th November 2010

Tagged in Iceland Denmark Sweden Finland Norway

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6 days ago #9387928        

Sweden looks chuffed to bits with himself in that first scene. He should keep the long hair


21 M
17 days ago #9382125        

Isn't it Fennoscandian metal scene then?

23 days ago #9378920        

Wow. Now I really want to see Sweden doing Caramelldansen. That would be hilarious.

24 days ago #9378045        

@Svear Sabaton - White Death or Talvisota. ^^



20 M
24 days ago #9377830        

@Kalastajamoraali Lars Ulrich (founder of Metallica) is from Denmark. He moved to the United States when he was 15 years old, so yeah. But in comparison to the other nordic countries when it comes to the amount of metal bands, Denmark is quite low on the list.

Also Metallica is recognized as being american, despite Ulrich being from Denmark.

Care less but my favourite metal band from Sweden is to me obviously Sabaton. They sing about past history which most of it is about Sweden during it's great empire. Anyone who understands swedish should listen to their songs, some are also sung in english.

This one is about our king Carolus Rex death:


Interesting stuff..

27 days ago #9376864        

Metallica is a bit danish, right? ^^


18 M
29 days ago #9375412        

Metal is simply the best music ever! ^^

1 month ago #9374550        

For once, Finland is not intresset in torching Sweden

1 month ago #9374294        

All though we're more into oldschool rock..
Denmark is the country behind ''Copenhell''..

1 month ago #9372350        

@Zeust MyRock is just about the only radio station i ever listening to.

Yeah it's a danish band. It's not that we don't have any death metal bands, but they are few in numbers. Give Hatesphere a listen. It's danish as well.

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