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Mixed Feelings


Mixed Feelings

Some different relationships between the Scandinavian countries. I tried to pick three that each would have a different country in centrum.

The first is how things goes whenever talks of a united Scandinavia comes up. Sweden and Norway starts fighting, while Denmark cries in the middle.

The second is about how Swedes and Danes seem to be fighting over who the Norwegians like best.

And the last is the result of history because the last wars to be fought within Scandinavia was Denmark vs. Sweden and Norway vs. Sweden. Sweden won both and thus became very unpopular, which can still be felt.

10th November 2010


48 M
19 hours ago #9279792        

MarcusZMonkey, spalling means that when an explosive hits the outside of an armored surface, it causes the inside of that surface to flake off and kill people inside the armored vehicle like shrapnel. Spalling is a bad thing.

29 days ago #9267234        

@Galgann like a baaadaass!


25 M
2 months ago #9248342        

Instead of stabbing Sweden with his knife, Finnland throws a molotov cocktail? Badass!


25 M
3 months ago #9238002        

Like i always say: we couldn't possibly piss off this many Douchbags at once if we weren't doing something right.

3 months ago #9224129        

@Tzenker I wonder if it tastes different then. I mean some times it does and sometimes it doesnt.

what does spalling mean?

hay if the finns didnt turn their vickers-6-ton tanks into 75mm SPGs like the germand did, then what did they use them for? and y didnt they? do u know?

3 months ago #9224020        

@MarcusZMonkey: Viina is just what they call that type of alcohol. A different word than vodka, but more or less the same thing.
Finlandia is that same alcohol, except without the added sugar. It's made by the same company, but labelled and marketed in a different manner.

Strife just means battle, give or take.

The STRV-122 is a variety of the Leopard 2. There are several versions of it. There is nothing particularly special about the Swedish version. Far from as creative as the STRV-103.

IEDs are makeshift explosives. Often mines. HESH is a shell that smears a chunk of plastique on the enemy tank, which then explodes an instant later, creating a shockwave and resulting spalling. A great weapon circa 1940-1970, but nowhere near as good anymore. It remains fairly effective against fortifications.

3 months ago #9223744        

@Tzenker is it same as koskon, or is it different then? Kosken Viina looks like regular koskon to me.
but FINALLY! now I know that u can get koskon in UK. it was there all along xD but im having trouble finding strawberry flavour. I got to widen my shoppng search a bit, maybe. I havent seen nordic berries either, but i gont get to go out much cos i live in the middle of nowhere and the car is gone most of the time. hopefully that will change when i move house.

i dunnow what strife wagon means. does it mean (running side-ways)?
damn it. i suck at my own damn language here.
are there any differences between the laopard 2 and the STRV 122? I mean I can look it up myself, but ist often hard to track down little details such as this.

LOL! well how do they even hit the underside anyway? I mean apart from the explosion of course (if the warhead hits the ground under it). Im guessing HESHs and IEDs are high explosive right? im more experienced with research of WW2 stuff.

Im guessing if the contraban was found, theh the army would use them against tanks.

hay I thought people in hose days koined the army cos the other jobs were low pay shit. or at least in the UK. but im not too sure. maybe im thinking of WW1, when people were eager to fight.

4 months ago #9223556        

@MarcusZMonkey: Finlandia is meant for export, rather than domestic consumption. If you want to sell to foreigners, you label your product according to their desires, national pride be damned. For reference, Finlandia is basically Koskenkorva Viina without sugar.

STRV-103 is the Swedish tank that features an autoloader. STRV is an abbreviation for Stridsvagn, which (directly translated) means "strife wagon." The 103 was replaced by the 122, which is pretty much just the Leopard 2.

As for details on the armor of the Leclerc and CHOBHAM, I'd look up the technical details. CHOBHAM is superior against HEAT weapons, while the LeClerc is less specialized. For good or ill.
As for what you need to "take out" a Challenger 2, it really depends on your definition. While the tank has an excellent track record, it has been penetrated by significantly less than Hellfires. HESH and IEDs, usually when hitting the underside. It has since been upgraded, but I expect it remains far from invulnerable. A lot of things can go wrong in war.

As for the vodka, I didn't mean to say that the army performed illegal distillation. What I meant was: Civilians frequently performed illegal distillation, and I would be very surprised if none of the abruptly mobilized soldiers carried some contraband.

4 months ago #9223336        

@Tzenker @Tzenker i dunnow what strife-wagon means.

I dunnow what doctrine means either. i suck at my own freakin language lol

what armour does the lclerc have then?

oh,a nd whats CHOBHAM made from? Im guessing it deffinatly has more than 1 layer to it, and is like a more bendable form of carbon-fibre, or kevelar. or else it would either shatter, or be penotrated by shaped charges of things like RPGs or Javalins. something really resistant to high tempritures, and impact, as its kind of flexable, and absorbs the impacts of warheads. at least thats what i hear about it. I also hear that the only thing that can take out a challanger 2 is a hellfire missile.

I already foregotten what to call the finnish stuff. and its funny u should say that, because last time i looked on a Finlandia bottle, it said VODKA xD I wonder if finland knowes about this.

btw im now confused about the vodka. u said it was legal in the army, but not for public consumtion. now your saying the army was making the stuff illegally?

and BTW, is the STRV-103 the swedish autoloaded spg u were on about?

4 months ago #9222533        

@MarcusZMonkey: STRV is short for Stridsvagn. Strife-wagon.

I meant that the AMX Leclerc is more flexible than the STRV. Not that it's more flexible than the Abrams or Challenger. It remains a nice tank, with 20 official types of ammunition available, of which 6 can be loaded into the tank at once. That's pretty good for an auto-loader.
Its armor is also less specialized than the CHOBHAM of the Abrams and Challenger, as CHOBHAM performs best against shaped charges.
That said, the tank itself may be no more flexible. It depends on the skill of the operators, the talent of the leaders, and above all doctrine and type of engagement.

Illegal distillation was widespread in Finland.
Commercial alcohol was not strong enough to act as practical incendiary devices.
If referring to Finnish produced alcohol, never call it vodka. They will not appreciate it.

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