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Mixed Feelings


Mixed Feelings

Some different relationships between the Scandinavian countries. I tried to pick three that each would have a different country in centrum.

The first is how things goes whenever talks of a united Scandinavia comes up. Sweden and Norway starts fighting, while Denmark cries in the middle.

The second is about how Swedes and Danes seem to be fighting over who the Norwegians like best.

And the last is the result of history because the last wars to be fought within Scandinavia was Denmark vs. Sweden and Norway vs. Sweden. Sweden won both and thus became very unpopular, which can still be felt.

10th November 2010

23 days ago #9123587      

Everyone DOES hate Sweden. Not sure about Iceland, though.

29 days ago #9118705      

"flaming bottle of beer"

Obviously you haven't tried Finnish beer...

1 month ago #9114652      

He he he so true *sniggers*

1 month ago #9106050      

flaming bottle of beer

2 months ago #9097267      

were is Iceland


16 M
2 months ago #9090032      

This is quite weird, when you pronounce 'løl'. It actually sounds the same as when the Dutch say 'lul'. What literally means 'dick' or 'cock' and is used as term to shout at a guy who has done something terribly rong or you have an argue with. These things are such fun to read.

3 months ago #9074771      

Awww :( Hhahaha were hated .. Or was, idk.

3 months ago #9064323      

@MalacoXMarabou Iceland has nothing against Sweden :) although most Icelanders are very fond of Norway but many Icelanders are not always very fond of Denmark (there are pretty mixed views on that matter). But it's not as if they hate Denmark or anything, but more as if they're not interested in anything that is Danish. I personally have no opinion about that matter, though it would be nice if Danish would not be a mandatory subject in our elementary schools.


26 O
3 months ago #9060777      

I kind of like how Finland is throwing a historically accurate Molotov cocktail, even though (to my recollection) they were used against Russia. But whatever! Yay! Fire and destruction! (Just kidding, of course. I'm a firm pacifist.)


16 F
4 months ago #9049311      

Of course he chooses Denmark :)

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