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Mixed Feelings


Mixed Feelings

Some different relationships between the Scandinavian countries. I tried to pick three that each would have a different country in centrum.

The first is how things goes whenever talks of a united Scandinavia comes up. Sweden and Norway starts fighting, while Denmark cries in the middle.

The second is about how Swedes and Danes seem to be fighting over who the Norwegians like best.

And the last is the result of history because the last wars to be fought within Scandinavia was Denmark vs. Sweden and Norway vs. Sweden. Sweden won both and thus became very unpopular, which can still be felt.

10th November 2010

6 days ago #9208477        

@MarcusZMonkey: The Spanish molotovs used a rag, yes. They were improvised weapons, although use was similar (the Finns developed better doctrine.)
The Finns took this design, and refined it. They used various flammable mixes, which they changed over the war. As you said, they used storm matches attached to the side. Not because of the damp and cold surroundings, but because it's far safer to use -- if you just stuff a gasoline soaked rag into the neck of the bottle, there is just so much that can go wrong. They also achieved more reliable ignition.
The differences can be summarized in that the Spanish constructed a widely used improvised weapon, while the Finns created a greatly improved version that was churned out in their (alcohol) factories by the millions. They also gave it an awesome name.

The Finns rightly deserve recognition in this field, although they weren't the original inventors.

Fun fact: The Japanese used molotovs against the Soviet around the same time as the Winter War too, with considerable luck although not at the immense scale that Finland pulled off. Your own UK also had them stockpiled and distributed, in case of an invasion, later in the war. :)
I have an associate that works as a tank driver; he quite hates molotov cocktails. Apparently it gets quite hot inside even modern tanks, even if the crew and vehicle aren't danger. At least, that's how he tells it. I have no hard statistics on that.

25 days ago #9191203        

Oh sweden, you poor thing! :D

26 days ago #9190885        

omg check out this site everybody! read it from the top if u like finnish warfare.

most of all though... look at the size of that SLINGSHOT!! :D BWAHHAHAHAA thats definitely where the idea of angrybirds came from. or at least thats what u would thing until you try eating icecream in Helsinki when theres sea guls around xD

26 days ago #9190378        

@Tzenker wait..arent the finn molotoves the ones with the fuses on the side for cold, wet winter warfare, while the spanish ones are the ones with the cloth in the top??

26 days ago #9190373        

@Tzenker how did the finns aulture the design then?

how did the spannish use them? just for clearing out bunkers?

26 days ago #9190051        

@MarcusZMonkey: No. Just no. The Finns invented the word "molotov cocktail" after Vyacheslav Molotov, who claimed that Russian bomb planes were delivering food (Molotov bread baskets). They naturally needed something to wash down all that bread.

The actual device was first used in the Spanish Civil War, which predated the Winter War by three years. While The Spanish Civil War isn't well known today, at the time it was studied by every military with the slightest ambition. Additionally, the war was joined by some Finnish volunteers, that later returned home as veterans.
So no, Finland didn't invent the molotov cocktail by any means... but they did refine the design and took its use to a much higher level.

1 month ago #9178908        


2 months ago #9157701        

Why isn't Iceland anywhere in here?

3 months ago #9150133        

Finland isnt in Scandinavia tho..

3 months ago #9147689        

LOL nice molotov. its not beer its vodka, and it was the worlds first real infantry anti tank weapon, appart from special rifle ammo in ww1. Finland invented them. kicked russian ass and burned out their tanks with them for years xD

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