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My Wedding


My Wedding

You can hear a version of the song sung by a Dane, a Swede, and a Norwegian here

9th April 2014

5 days ago #9239675        

Fuck yeah! :3

11 days ago #9236301        

it's cool when such young lady is your friend. it will not be boring with her =)

2 months ago #9205287        

that's a quite interesting point of view! XD


13 M
2 months ago #9198187        

Sister Denmark is a true player.

2 months ago #9193560        

I feel like Sister America should be singing back-up here...

3 months ago #9183470        

There is actually also a Finnish version of this, sung by a folk band of four girls with a kantele as their instrument

3 months ago #9175210        

@Pjede Haha nice nok, lev livet :-)

3 months ago #9175181        

@DanishGirlDK nah - life's too short for that :-)

3 months ago #9174745        

@Pjede er du jaloux :-)

3 months ago #9174702        

Get a room you two :-)

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