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My Wedding


My Wedding

You can hear a version of the song sung by a Dane, a Swede, and a Norwegian here

9th April 2014

2 days ago #9278892        

Sister Denmark still looks gorgerous - like always!^w^
( btw love the last pic:XD: )


19 F
25 days ago #9268905        

haha are those really the lyrics? that's kinda awesome


13 F
29 days ago #9267206        

Hahaha, that's funny... Sister Denmark is a playa XDD

1 month ago #9262151        

The more the merrier :*

2 months ago #9246648        

This is quite interesting

2 months ago #9246215        

This is.. This is so beautiful...

3 months ago #9239675        

Fuck yeah! :3

3 months ago #9236301        

it's cool when such young lady is your friend. it will not be boring with her =)

4 months ago #9205287        

that's a quite interesting point of view! XD


13 M
5 months ago #9198187        

Sister Denmark is a true player.

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