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My Wedding

My Wedding

You can hear a version of the song sung by a Dane, a Swede, and a Norwegian here

9th April 2014

Tagged in Denmark

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2 months ago #9343870        

Why is she dressed as a pimp?

3 months ago #9331289        

...Well then.

3 months ago #9329651        

And she has the nerve to call Sister Sweden a whore...


21 M
3 months ago #9328340        

That... wow. Real song? Ha!


3 months ago #9326937        

all of the panels need to be Characters


16 M
4 months ago #9312467        

That sounds like a tavern song in a fantasy video game


16 O
5 months ago #9298564        

heh! It's ironic that she's wearing white. . . Nothing wrong with it, just ironic

5 months ago #9296585        

WELL, now!


13 F
5 months ago #9295516        

The last line was a random guess I made xD

5 months ago #9295193        

The last line is:
"At jeg har elsket med alle og enhver."
It's funnier that way. Less horrible than if she had no choice in the sleeping aroundness.

Go, Sister Denmark, you're cool

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