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No More Fun


No More Fun

Enjoy my tacky taste in tablecloth and nail polish. :D

Yes, they all live in my apartment, which is why I’m not keen on drawing too many countries. It can be pure chaos. Especially when America is around, because he insists on being the centre of attention at all times. :XD:

I'll probably do more comics/pictures like this. It was fun.

EDIT: Don't worry. This isn't permanent. ;)

25th June 2010

5 days ago #9132121      

Why are you traumatizing them?? Poor Finland looks heartbroken and ÅLAND just had a forced sex change..

20 days ago #9121677      

Finland just can't stand being without his soulmate!!!:C

1 month ago #9109842      

Hahahah, oh no!

2 months ago #9097551      

ÅLAND NOOOOO!!!!!! T_T I feel your pain finland...

2 months ago #9085816      

But gay is fun D:

2 months ago #9085630      


3 months ago #9067036      

thank goodness... love sister Sweden domi comics... and also the Little mermaid ruler ^.^

3 months ago #9055748      

Cute nail polish! (I never fail to miss the point... ^^)

4 months ago #9035547      

Oh, my favourite ship AnlandXSverige and NetherlandsXDanmark

4 months ago #9031181      

@Keichwoud med hvidløg

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