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No More Fun


No More Fun

Enjoy my tacky taste in tablecloth and nail polish. :D

Yes, they all live in my apartment, which is why I’m not keen on drawing too many countries. It can be pure chaos. Especially when America is around, because he insists on being the centre of attention at all times. :XD:

I'll probably do more comics/pictures like this. It was fun.

EDIT: Don't worry. This isn't permanent. ;)

25th June 2010


14 M
1 day ago #9267494        

well, you certainly aren't alienating ME with all the gay stuff

9 days ago #9264013        

@America-sama I don't think Aland is bi so much as Swedensexual.

15 days ago #9261459        

Kinda reminds me of Cirkeline

24 days ago #9257108        

SISTER ÅLAND is the new cutest thing in the world! *squee*

4 months ago #9189370        

Why would the gay stuff alienate readers? There's plenty of hetero which makes queers feel like they don't belong, which I guess is alienation? idk.


16 M
5 months ago #9164534        

@America-sama Probably just because Åand likes sweden so much, i think.

5 months ago #9162756        

Is Åland bi? He's/She's still willing to be in a relationship with Sweden even if it's now a straight one.


22 F
5 months ago #9157306        

Poor finland D:

6 months ago #9140615        

Poor Finland!

7 months ago #9132121        

Why are you traumatizing them?? Poor Finland looks heartbroken and ÅLAND just had a forced sex change..

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