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No More Fun

No More Fun

Enjoy my tacky taste in tablecloth and nail polish. :D

Yes, they all live in my apartment, which is why I’m not keen on drawing too many countries. It can be pure chaos. Especially when America is around, because he insists on being the centre of attention at all times. :XD:

I'll probably do more comics/pictures like this. It was fun.

EDIT: Don't worry. This isn't permanent. ;)

26th June 2010

Tagged in Sister Sweden Aland Sweden Humon Finland

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2 days ago #9376598        

So much fun to be had with stunts like this. Me likey.


15 F
23 days ago #9368131        

I didn't know you're female...


25 M
3 months ago #9341416        

Pretty funny how a notorious Yaoi fangirl like Humon finds it within her to be Homophobic, when she can use it to insult a country she doesn't like.

4 months ago #9328927        

Cool how you have landmasses living in your apartment


5 months ago #9326273        

Oh damn.. Kinda feel bad for them.


16 F
5 months ago #9322224        

You messt with the wrong Finland... I'm going to get you... Watch your back...


16 M
5 months ago #9312620        

Look at the devastation on Finland's face ;P

6 months ago #9303632        

Yeah, you're CLEARLY not a furry...


6 months ago #9302497        


I can't think of any male webartists who could be so shameless with drawing gratuitous bodyhair.

6 months ago #9296845        

fun fact
sister finland + sweden = the most overprivliged minoroties fenno sweeds
finland + sister sweden = the canser of finland gets twice as much money than it collects in taxes from finland.

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