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Nordic Halloween


Nordic Halloween

An early Halloween comic. Idea by Sbaldur.

America is dressed as the Marvel god/superhero Thor, while the rest are dressed as the version of the gods from the comic "Valhalla". Sweden is dressed as Odin.

One superhero that for sure will never be taken seriously in Scandinavia is Thor. Ever. :XD:

"Valhalla" is a re-interpretation of the old myths. For example, even though he’s a jackass, Loki doesn’t turn more and more evil. It’s just the other gods who trust him less and less because he keep causing trouble, and in the end they start blaming him for things he didn’t do.
In the story about Balder’s death he doesn’t intend for Balder to die. He just wanted to make a fool of Balder’s brother Hod by making him think he could hurt his brother with a mistletoe. So Loki was just as surprised as everybody else when it killed Balder.
Neither did he betray the gods during Ragnarok. The jotuns captured him without the gods knowing, so when the battle started they saw him on the jotuns’ side. He tried to get over to the gods, but was attacked by Heimdal.

In 1986 the comic got turned into a cartoon

25th October 2010

11 days ago #9311888        

I find Norse Mythology quite intersting and most of the stories are very entertaining, but I think that what I love most about norse mythology has got the be the ironi of Balder the god of justice being killed, not to return until after Ragnerok. I mean that is a rather funny immitch for a religion "Justice is dead people. Deal with it!" ;)


15 F
28 days ago #9301848        

I don't like Nordic mythology much, I'm more into Greek. :/

1 month ago #9295985        

actually finland is one of the most complicated things in the eu and nordic
finns are mongolian scandinavian and slaavs sami plus uralic thus one finn is actually a lot more you might think.


22 M
1 month ago #9293053        

If you wonder why Finland has half an arm, it's because of this little doggy: /
This little doggy bit his hand off.

And as for Finland's place here... Well, for as far as I've been told, Sweden had "supervised" Finland at one point in history. But I don't know whether this would've been the same time in history, as when the norse mythology was at its' peak. :)

2 months ago #9286529        

What, why is Finland there? Finland's into Ugric, not scandinavian pagan.

2 months ago #9285881        

lol for a minute I thought that america was Wonder Woman

2 months ago #9283425        

What also bothers me about Marvel's Thor is that Thor was never blonde. He was red-haired, and Sif was not dark-haired. We all know that she had golden hair. Also that story about Loki being adopted (sure, he was a half-Jotunn but then again, most of the Æsir are descended from Jötunns. Even Odin), he came to Asgard on his own free will with his wife Sigyn. And he was allowed to stay because he helped so much with constructing Asgard and he became the God of Tricks.


48 M
2 months ago #9279785        

Well, of COURSE the U.S. would get the history wrong, if they got their information from movies and TV shows.

At least... 20... or 10... percent of us here actually know better.

So THERE. Ha! *hides*


2 months ago #9278700        

Hey, us Americans with a shred of literacy are just as disgusted every time Marvel Thor spouts mangled Elizabethan English.

That's like Lady Deathstrike speaking thick Hawaiian Pidgin.

2 months ago #9277615        

Goddammit, America!

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