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Nordic Halloween

Nordic Halloween

An early Halloween comic. Idea by Sbaldur.

America is dressed as the Marvel god/superhero Thor, while the rest are dressed as the version of the gods from the comic "Valhalla". Sweden is dressed as Odin.

One superhero that for sure will never be taken seriously in Scandinavia is Thor. Ever. :XD:

"Valhalla" is a re-interpretation of the old myths. For example, even though he’s a jackass, Loki doesn’t turn more and more evil. It’s just the other gods who trust him less and less because he keep causing trouble, and in the end they start blaming him for things he didn’t do.
In the story about Balder’s death he doesn’t intend for Balder to die. He just wanted to make a fool of Balder’s brother Hod by making him think he could hurt his brother with a mistletoe. So Loki was just as surprised as everybody else when it killed Balder.
Neither did he betray the gods during Ragnarok. The jotuns captured him without the gods knowing, so when the battle started they saw him on the jotuns’ side. He tried to get over to the gods, but was attacked by Heimdal.

In 1986 the comic got turned into a cartoon

26th October 2010

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14 M
9 hours ago #9375615        

america looks like austrailia

2 months ago #9358329        

Even though I know who it is, I can't help but think. Frodo, Pipin, Samwise, Merry, and Gandalf.

2 months ago #9349915        

Finland has also own mythology (Kalevala), but must remember that Finland/finns and Kvenland/kvens are also part of Scandinavian mythology/Sagas.
Orkneyinga saga, Fornjót was a "king". It is stated that he "reigned over Gotland, which we now know as Finland and Kvenland (link under).
And as you may know, Kvens are old finnish tribe how are living today in Norway. So, Finland is also here in right place with Scandinavians/nordics cousins.

Records on Fornjót's offspring[edit]
According to the medieval Orkneyinga saga, Fornjót was a "king". It is stated that he "reigned over Gotland, which we now know as Finland and Kvenland". According to the account of Hversu Noregr byggðist, Fornjót's great-grandson Snær (Old Snow) and his son Thorri were also kings. Snær is also mentioned in Ynglingasaga, in relation to Finland. According to Hversu Noregr byggdist, Thorri "ruled over Gothland, Kvenland (Kænlandi), and Finland". According to the information given, the Kvens made sacrifices to Thorri.[citation needed]

The medieval accounts which discuss the lineages sprung from Fornjót and his descendants — mainly Nór and Gór — leading to the later rulers of Sweden and other countries, include the following:

Beowulf (8th-10th century), the Íslendingabók (8th-10th century), the Poetic Edda (c. 800-1000), Ynglingatal (late 9th century), Historia Norvegiæ (late 12th century), Skáldskaparmál (c. 1220), Hyndluljóð (13th century), the Gesta Danorum (started c. 1185, finished c. 1216), Ynglinga saga (c. 1225), the Orkneyinga saga (c. 1230), Hversu Noregr byggðist (c. 1387), Ættartolur (1387).[citation needed]

4 months ago #9328107        

@jegerfrost Um, he never says anything other than ''perkele" so he wouldn't answer in any other situation either. And he's wearing the costume


4 months ago #9328103        

@AwesomeSunflower which is why he doesn't reply when Sweden is calling out Tyr


21 M
5 months ago #9324522        

I love how little Finland cares, he's just like "There is no beer in my hand."

5 months ago #9323685        

Finland shouldn't really be in this comic. We have our own mythology.


5 months ago #9323450        

Pffft.... "Taken seriously" or not, I have NO problem looking at Chris Helmsworth

5 months ago #9311888        

I find Norse Mythology quite intersting and most of the stories are very entertaining, but I think that what I love most about norse mythology has got the be the ironi of Balder the god of justice being killed, not to return until after Ragnerok. I mean that is a rather funny immitch for a religion "Justice is dead people. Deal with it!" ;)


15 F
6 months ago #9301848        

I don't like Nordic mythology much, I'm more into Greek. :/

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