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Nordic Halloween


Nordic Halloween

An early Halloween comic. Idea by Sbaldur.

America is dressed as the Marvel god/superhero Thor, while the rest are dressed as the version of the gods from the comic "Valhalla". Sweden is dressed as Odin.

One superhero that for sure will never be taken seriously in Scandinavia is Thor. Ever. :XD:

"Valhalla" is a re-interpretation of the old myths. For example, even though he’s a jackass, Loki doesn’t turn more and more evil. It’s just the other gods who trust him less and less because he keep causing trouble, and in the end they start blaming him for things he didn’t do.
In the story about Balder’s death he doesn’t intend for Balder to die. He just wanted to make a fool of Balder’s brother Hod by making him think he could hurt his brother with a mistletoe. So Loki was just as surprised as everybody else when it killed Balder.
Neither did he betray the gods during Ragnarok. The jotuns captured him without the gods knowing, so when the battle started they saw him on the jotuns’ side. He tried to get over to the gods, but was attacked by Heimdal.

In 1986 the comic got turned into a cartoon

25th October 2010

5 days ago #9131404      

Väinämöinen is actually pretty neat in the Iron Druid Chronicles. He only makes a small appearance, but the Norse gods in these books are pretty dickish at first and hence-wise poor Väinämöinen's very small appearance :(

I liked him though, he was quite sweet.

8 days ago #9129581      

Finland doesn't give a damn because they're not his gods anyway.
Here in Finland we have a mythology that is our own and has very few similarities to the rest of the scandinavia. So Finland should've been dressed as something of ours, maybe Väinämöinen?

10 days ago #9128292      

She is refering to the Valhalla comic, not the accual tales of the Eddas.

18 days ago #9122322      

beer ghost's only words:
"beer now?"

29 days ago #9113518      

I love the tiny ghost saying "beer now?" :D :D

1 month ago #9109183      

I'M TRUE! My last name is actually Åsgård, so there!

2 months ago #9098808      

lol We just love to crash other peoples parties.

2 months ago #9096984      

Hm... While I do agree that Loki is very misunderstood, I think that you may have been a bit creative with that explanation there... (I've studied Norse Mythology for quite a while.) Anyway, let's not forget how cruel the rest of the gods were to Loki.

2 months ago #9096873      

Yeah, Finland amuses me with his "meh" attitude XD Then again, Finland really is just Finland. Enough said X3

2 months ago #9094514      

And Finland has no f's to give

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