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Nordic Halloween


Nordic Halloween

An early Halloween comic. Idea by Sbaldur.

America is dressed as the Marvel god/superhero Thor, while the rest are dressed as the version of the gods from the comic "Valhalla". Sweden is dressed as Odin.

One superhero that for sure will never be taken seriously in Scandinavia is Thor. Ever. :XD:

"Valhalla" is a re-interpretation of the old myths. For example, even though he’s a jackass, Loki doesn’t turn more and more evil. It’s just the other gods who trust him less and less because he keep causing trouble, and in the end they start blaming him for things he didn’t do.
In the story about Balder’s death he doesn’t intend for Balder to die. He just wanted to make a fool of Balder’s brother Hod by making him think he could hurt his brother with a mistletoe. So Loki was just as surprised as everybody else when it killed Balder.
Neither did he betray the gods during Ragnarok. The jotuns captured him without the gods knowing, so when the battle started they saw him on the jotuns’ side. He tried to get over to the gods, but was attacked by Heimdal.

In 1986 the comic got turned into a cartoon

25th October 2010

2 days ago #9243660        

Why is Finalnd not angry this time? Usually he is the easiest to anger!


23 M
27 days ago #9228588        

Well of course USA has the wrong image of the Nordic gods they have the wrong image about pretty much anything :D

2 months ago #9205710        

I wonder what SAtW America would think hearing that Thor's a woman from now on:
OK I'm not entirely sure if I can trust FOX news but it's talked about all around the internet so I guess it's legit.

2 months ago #9199789        

Americans and their Hollywood History...

2 months ago #9194832        

@Ruara Ohhhhhh thanks. :)


16 F
2 months ago #9194501        

Fenrir, the son of Loki, bit off Tyr's hand, so that's why Finalnd got only one arm.

2 months ago #9193523        

What's with Finland's left arm (his left)

2 months ago #9191350        

@Mnemonicmonkeys Don't be silly, my dear pleb! Gaivs Jvlivs Caesar is too magnificent to have svch a beard!

3 months ago #9188663        

I think Finland dressed up as Julius Caesar every time I see this one

3 months ago #9178335        

Iceland as Balder is probably the most fitting role I have ever seen.

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