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Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

Ever since I saw this I’ve imagined Sweden to be crawling with video-game styled mutants. :XD:

14th February 2011

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10 days ago #9387328        

Ireland best for Quality of Life? OK, if you say so. Could've done with something more original for Brazil though


45 M
14 days ago #9384995        

Germany goes green.
Most solar panels.
Yaaay, something to proud of (hopefully). ;-)

But did you guys check out Bosnia?
That is nasty... best at: Landmines.

17 days ago #9383771        

I read that Japan has the fewest handicapped people per capita in the world. They don't talk about abortions much, but after Fukushima radiation has affected so much of the population I understand that they are quite commonplace. But the hospitals and doctors do not keep records, calling them all miscarriages. i read this after a Japanese nurse said that Japan is suppressing this news.


576 M
20 days ago #9382198        

@firedemonofthesun #9371775 I think for a long time we were the only country that tolerated drugs? Though mostly softdrugs, and I'm not sure if xtc falls under that category or not... But you can supposedly buy it at parties or something.


1 month ago #9371775        

it's rather funny what the site labels as the #1 things in the countries xD China is number 1 in pigs apparently. poor America is #1 in serial killers.... we just love killing shit apparently -.-; though i'm a lil concerned about Netherlands being #1 in ecstasy ..just what are those guys doing?

2 months ago #9365219        

That map is so old it says Norway is the biggest coffee drinker. It's before the time we started drinking coffee.

2 months ago #9361759        

The Czech Republic would make good friends with Denmark, it has the most beer drinkers :XD:

5 months ago #9331636        

I find it flabbergasting that the nation that's number one in serial killers is immediately next to the one number one in.... fruit juice....
That's one hell of a political border, I tell ya hwut.


15 F
5 months ago #9326234        

I ship basicly everyone with everyone in these comics

5 months ago #9325832        

I'm still wondering how Norway's head can support Denmark's weight...

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