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Nuclear Power

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Nuclear Power

Ever since I saw this I’ve imagined Sweden to be crawling with video-game styled mutants. :XD:

14th February 2011


32 M
7 days ago #9289583        

There is another nuclear mutant in Swedens closet that Sweden don't want to brag too much about.
Shortly after the WWII, Sweden considered building nuclear weapons to defend themselves.
And I believe that "considered building" part is more like "did build some, but not officially *cough*". Soon after signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1968, facilities quickly where converted to nuclear power plants and other non-weapon related infrastructure. Additional power plants where also built.


48 M
23 days ago #9279830        

Obviously Sweden received some radioactivity from Chernobyl, but shouldn't number one for mutants be either Belarus or Ukraine?


22 F
1 month ago #9275002        

Adaptable carefree Norway :D

1 month ago #9271052        

And Bolivia is number one at ... Brazil Nuts?

2 months ago #9263288        

Well, Ukraine is actually pretty creepy place and not only Chernobyl is the reason of that :/

4 months ago #9234497        

Uhm... we have... Serial... killers...

5 months ago #9205556        

Female doctors hell yeah!

@DeadlyLittleKate Canada is hardcore :D

6 months ago #9189779        

Fruit juice drinkers?? Man we're boring.....


29 F
6 months ago #9184019        

Wow, I feel ashamed. I looked at that map, and the US is famous for having the most serial killers. -.-

6 months ago #9169312        


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