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Nuclear Power


Nuclear Power

Ever since I saw this I’ve imagined Sweden to be crawling with video-game styled mutants. :XD:

14th February 2011

2 months ago #9102653      

So Russia sleep experiment

2 months ago #9096784      

By video game style mutants, you mean like in Silent Hill? XD

3 months ago #9074963      

@KeksieKaro Ah, you'd be fine over here, then!


21 M
3 months ago #9072265      

Make a character for Ukraine :)

3 months ago #9067710      

@christmassysocks rain doesn't bother we say in Austria "Ich bin doch nicht aus Zucker" (="I'm not made of sugar")

3 months ago #9066543      

hard is because we build enetery alone the second biggest hydroeletric plant and the one which generates more power. but half of it Is in Paraguay and they use OUR energy. one turbine is 90% of Paraguay energy and 9 turbines is 20% of Brazil's. And they still think we should give them 4 turbines..... We should take the last one. we built is ours.

3 months ago #9064661      

@KeksieKaro Sorry, I seem to have a talent for missing the point... :/
Then they need to learn the difference between two quite dissimilar countries...
Hehe, and the rain? :P

3 months ago #9061496      

lucky for us norwegian that we have the mountains, we nearly cover our electrical needs with hydropower and wind powder.

3 months ago #9060036      

@christmassysocks you didn't get what I meant,did you? ^^"
it's just that Austria is left out almost every time in such statistics...and for most US Amerikans almost everything we actually did is german in their Schnitzel...
but thanks^^
(and just to add,I'm actally in love with your home country^^" I just love your humor and your music and the landscapes and London and the language...and so on and so on^^")

3 months ago #9059423      

@KeksieKaro Okay then, what about the Vienna Philharmonic? And Mozart? And Christmas markets, and Swarovski, and so much more...
(I'm probably in love with your home country... I'm sorry, it's just so beautiful...)

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