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Nuclear Power


Nuclear Power

Ever since I saw this I’ve imagined Sweden to be crawling with video-game styled mutants. :XD:

14th February 2011

19 days ago #9234497        

Uhm... we have... Serial... killers...

2 months ago #9205556        

Female doctors hell yeah!

@DeadlyLittleKate Canada is hardcore :D

3 months ago #9189779        

Fruit juice drinkers?? Man we're boring.....


29 F
3 months ago #9184019        

Wow, I feel ashamed. I looked at that map, and the US is famous for having the most serial killers. -.-

3 months ago #9169312        


4 months ago #9149107        

This is hilarious... because Nuclear power is safer than Solar power.

7 months ago #9102653        

So Russia sleep experiment

7 months ago #9096784        

By video game style mutants, you mean like in Silent Hill? XD

8 months ago #9074963        

@KeksieKaro Ah, you'd be fine over here, then!


21 M
8 months ago #9072265        

Make a character for Ukraine :)

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