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Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

Ever since I saw this I’ve imagined Sweden to be crawling with video-game styled mutants. :XD:

14th February 2011

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2 days ago #9361759        

The Czech Republic would make good friends with Denmark, it has the most beer drinkers :XD:

3 months ago #9331636        

I find it flabbergasting that the nation that's number one in serial killers is immediately next to the one number one in.... fruit juice....
That's one hell of a political border, I tell ya hwut.


15 F
3 months ago #9326234        

I ship basicly everyone with everyone in these comics

3 months ago #9325832        

I'm still wondering how Norway's head can support Denmark's weight...



999 O
3 months ago #9323700        

Denmark on Norway's head should be an avatar


16 F
4 months ago #9322038        

We took all the female doctors from the world, have fun perverts ho are pretending to be sick xD //Finland

4 months ago #9317432        

Those are dangerous! Here we have... well... nothing? Better safe than sorry Sweden!

5 months ago #9299848        

Judging by Denmark's reaction to the blobs, he hadn't figured until afterwards :P

5 months ago #9298960        

Greetings from Finland, we are going to build more nuclear power
with russians. :)
And here is some finnish dialog about it:


32 M
6 months ago #9289583        

There is another nuclear mutant in Swedens closet that Sweden don't want to brag too much about.
Shortly after the WWII, Sweden considered building nuclear weapons to defend themselves.
And I believe that "considered building" part is more like "did build some, but not officially *cough*". Soon after signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1968, facilities quickly where converted to nuclear power plants and other non-weapon related infrastructure. Additional power plants where also built.

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