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Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

Ever since I saw this I’ve imagined Sweden to be crawling with video-game styled mutants. :XD:

14th February 2011

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16 days ago #9371775        

it's rather funny what the site labels as the #1 things in the countries xD China is number 1 in pigs apparently. poor America is #1 in serial killers.... we just love killing shit apparently -.-; though i'm a lil concerned about Netherlands being #1 in ecstasy ..just what are those guys doing?

1 month ago #9365219        

That map is so old it says Norway is the biggest coffee drinker. It's before the time we started drinking coffee.

1 month ago #9361759        

The Czech Republic would make good friends with Denmark, it has the most beer drinkers :XD:

4 months ago #9331636        

I find it flabbergasting that the nation that's number one in serial killers is immediately next to the one number one in.... fruit juice....
That's one hell of a political border, I tell ya hwut.



15 F
5 months ago #9326234        

I ship basicly everyone with everyone in these comics

5 months ago #9325832        

I'm still wondering how Norway's head can support Denmark's weight...


999 O
5 months ago #9323700        

Denmark on Norway's head should be an avatar


16 F
5 months ago #9322038        

We took all the female doctors from the world, have fun perverts ho are pretending to be sick xD //Finland

5 months ago #9317432        

Those are dangerous! Here we have... well... nothing? Better safe than sorry Sweden!

6 months ago #9299848        

Judging by Denmark's reaction to the blobs, he hadn't figured until afterwards :P

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