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Svalbard is the Norwegians’ favourite island, and a place where people are required to carry guns because of the large number of polar bears living there.

Sweden and Denmark trying to shoot each other is of course another joke on them holding the world record for most wars fought between them.

I came up three different ways it could go wrong when hading these guys weapons. I’ll probably draw them some day.

1st February 2011

10 days ago #9129656      

Am I the only one who wants to see how svalbard got his scar?

12 days ago #9128296      

True. We are quite pleased with good natured bickering, nowdays.

21 days ago #9121712      

Go Sweden!!!!!!
Kick Denmark's soggy grubby arse!!!!!!!!!


13 F
1 month ago #9109342      

Canada, north pole and Greenland is gonna be mad if a polar bear is killed.


19 M
2 months ago #9098365      

I don't think there will ever be wars again.


14 M
2 months ago #9096918      

Sweden and Denmark have bad memories.

2 months ago #9096375      

Svalbard = cheap drink! :D

3 months ago #9071959      

Wait... does Svalbard actually have the flag of Svalbard as seen in the Uncyclopedia article on Svalbard ( It is a nice design, but...

3 months ago #9071414      

@akwatik You're welcome. :)


21 M
3 months ago #9071350      

@CanadaHaz Ok ^^
Well, thanks for help. At least, it proves that it isn't a matter of level in english.

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