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Svalbard is the Norwegians’ favourite island, and a place where people are required to carry guns because of the large number of polar bears living there.

Sweden and Denmark trying to shoot each other is of course another joke on them holding the world record for most wars fought between them.

I came up three different ways it could go wrong when hading these guys weapons. I’ll probably draw them some day.

1st February 2011


13 F
4 months ago #9199213        


5 months ago #9194406        



25 M
5 months ago #9192480        

@Keichwoud Don't be silly :)

5 months ago #9192299        

@Svamlet Sure, if you change your name to Denmark, your flag colours to red and white, your anthem to "Der Er Et Yndigt Land", your last three letters to ÆØÅ...


25 M
5 months ago #9191570        

@Keichwoud How about we keep Scania and get Bornholm, Jylland, Själland and all of your other islands, and you can have a bunch of breadcrumbs? :)

5 months ago #9188154        

@Keichwoud Isn't Bornholm the island who once ditched the Swedish king for the Danish king? You can keep Bornholm, I am pretty sure they want to stay with you still...

As for Scania, like I said, Sweden won't let them go. Even if they had to take the blame for voting in Sverigedemokraterna, whom still haven't been kicked out from the system (more or less, they've gained power instead *sighs*). So, no Denmark, you won't get Scania because we Swedenified it. And Scania will not be allowed to leave, ever. Not considering how many bloody times we tried to either force you to hand it over, or buy it from you (which didn't work, because you simply took it back a few years later).

5 months ago #9187592        

@Shitzadorina How about a trade? We get Scania, you get Bornholm.

5 months ago #9187590        

@CharlesXI Denmark.

5 months ago #9187460        

@CharlesXI That's the Danish flag, and just to note. Denmark's hade their glory period already, so let's not fall into another stupid bickering north, because I'm pretty sure our borders are set... unless Scania wants to leave again. Then Sweden will fight for it, because Scania is ours.

5 months ago #9186689        

areyou from Sweden or Denmark I cant tell by your flag. sorry if I meant any offence.

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