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Svalbard is the Norwegians’ favourite island, and a place where people are required to carry guns because of the large number of polar bears living there.

Sweden and Denmark trying to shoot each other is of course another joke on them holding the world record for most wars fought between them.

I came up three different ways it could go wrong when hading these guys weapons. I’ll probably draw them some day.

1st February 2011

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10 days ago #9387329        

The look on Norway's face right at the end. Brilliant

17 days ago #9383768        

This is one of my favourites for so many reasons.

2 months ago #9369132        

@Kibeth Neat! Do you think you could do an "Ask anything about Svalbard" thread on the forums?


22 F
2 months ago #9366580        

@Kibeth: I guess you are actually the most badass people in the world. *.*


2 months ago #9364073        

As someone who grew up on Svalbard I would like to point out that gun safety, reindeer hunting and how to survive in the wild during blizzards was part of our P.E. classes. And we went through it every year from 8th to 13th grade :) Good times... Every August 8th to 13th grade (this means just about 40 students... tiny place xD) would first spend a day at the shooting range learning to shoot and how to handle a gun safely, then we would all go up on one of the mountains close to Longyearbyen and one of the teachers or an older student would shoot a reindeer or two, depending on our permit. Then we'd part it and 9th grade would cook it while the biology classes would study the parts we didn't eat. This was how we started each school year to break the ice and get to know each other. I'd say you portrayed Svalbard pretty well! :D

It's also the only place I've been where we've celebrated midsummer on the beach in a snow storm :)

5 months ago #9331641        

All the open carry protesters should know about Svalbard.
Potential win-win outcome. (And a chance to feel safe inside a coffee shop again...)

5 months ago #9329509        

Svalbard is so cute!!!!


21 M
5 months ago #9328156        

@Mummi I picture Sister Norway's twin to be an eyepatch wearing nutcase who uses a mini-gattling-gun instead of a shotgun. Because f*ck yeah that would be awesome.

6 months ago #9317433        

Might as well face it, Denmark is going to the emergency room


18 F
8 months ago #9286223        

Does sister Norway have a twin too then?

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