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Party Crasher

Oh how often I have been asked by Estonians, “Where is Estonia? We’re a Nordic country too!”

Problem is, the other Nordics doesn’t think so. :XD:

I asked around what the stereotypes for the Baltic countries were, and the overall answer was, “Very depressed people who wear grey and live in grey houses”

Estonia have a good relationship with Finland, which is why he doesn’t hide, but he doesn’t consider her a Nordic either which is why he doesn’t let her in. The Finland’ish hat is because Estonians are seen as being very much like Finns by the other Baltics.

4th August 2010

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11 days ago #9387209        

@Braffolk seriously, the losers? Being a bit dramatic, I'd say. The Nordic nations may have some things going for them, but they are far from perfect let alone *superior* (somehow) to the Baltic nations.

13 days ago #9385675        

Estonian flag has cold nordic colours in it --she tries too hard.


15 M
18 days ago #9383115        

@bog We call it Estland or Eistland in every Germanic language excluding English

30 days ago #9376631        

One of my favorite countries lately has been Estonia. It's a crazy mix of old and new but behind that it's just so much friendlier than Finland (or Sweden ¬.¬)



25 M
2 months ago #9364584        

I love Estonia! Had one of my favorite holidays there.

4 months ago #9344720        

But must remember that finland was 700-years east part of sweden, so finland and sweden has very long common history and that links finland very strongly to sweden and to scandinavian culture. I think that finnish peoples think that it is ok if estonia join to nordic councel, but i dont know what the other nordic countrys think about it.

5 months ago #9337895        

Before WW2 when Estonia,Latvia and Lithuania were independent, the all four of them (including Finland) were considered baltic countries. Only after the WW2 when Estonia, Latvia and Litheania ceased to exist, Finland was accepted fulle as part of the nordics.


34 M
5 months ago #9332129        

This was the first SATW comic i saw.... love this one

6 months ago #9325269        

Such language trees are basically still only educated speculations.
Alternative view (speculation) posits that indo-european and uralic languages both form a sprachbund, not a splitting language tree. With a sprachbund, there might never have been any unified proto-language (nor any unified proto-home).

But what perhaps is relevant to the topics of Nordics, is that uralic has always been to the north of indo-european.


6 months ago #9322605        

@Ice0tea Yes, true. Must visit soon. Also, it doesn't make much sense that learning Finnish is not common at all in Est. It's usually English first, then Russian and after that German, Spanish, French or something like that. I would love to have spent my 3 years of learning German (that actually got me nowhere), learning Finnish instead.

Here's an awesome language tree as well

Also, happened upon a video of "Estonians celebrating NewYears in Helsinki" and wish to apologize for the behavior. Most of us are really not like that.

And WHY we decided to go for Est ONIA not Est LAND (as we call it ourselves), I will never understand.

So yaay Suomi <3

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