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Party Crasher


Party Crasher

Oh how often I have been asked by Estonians, “Where is Estonia? We’re a Nordic country too!”

Problem is, the other Nordics doesn’t think so. :XD:

I asked around what the stereotypes for the Baltic countries were, and the overall answer was, “Very depressed people who wear grey and live in grey houses”

Estonia have a good relationship with Finland, which is why he doesn’t hide, but he doesn’t consider her a Nordic either which is why he doesn’t let her in. The Finland’ish hat is because Estonians are seen as being very much like Finns by the other Baltics.

3rd August 2010

1 day ago #9133939      

Interesting. Wich if theise countrys have a culture closest to the native one?

2 days ago #9133269      

@Bloodblender well, an analogy I alway do to explain south american coutries for those who read SATW is.
Brazil: would be Denmark, cause it's happy and have the less mountains
Argentina: Would be Sweden. cause it's the beloved Rival. pluss they are more focused in work rather than fun
Uruguay: Would be Norway. For long Argentina nd Brazil fought for these piece of land with estrategical position.
Paraguay: Would be Finland. cause they are the more different and they hate all south americans.
Chile: would be Iceland. cause they do the most Radical stuff and have vulcanoes, and stuff.

Can ask me anything that you may want.

2 days ago #9133146      

Well, Brittain is not that far from Scandinavia when it comes to culture. There are some very distinctly different things, but not as many as you may think. The germanic speaking countrys of the North (all but Finland) have a lot more exchange with Britain than we have with Estonia, somthing that dates back a few hundred years. How it was before that, I do not know yet.
When it comes to Brazil, I dont know much enough to judge either way. Thanks for sharing this, tho. It may help me in understanding more about South America in the future.

4 days ago #9132283      

@Bloodblender I don't know, I think Scotland is far too much british to be scandinavian.... but I also am not Scottish soo let's then decide it. What makes me really sad is: Brazil beeing considered as Latin-America. Okay, Portuguese comes from Latin and all stuff. but if you look our culture is too far from the other latin-americans. starting by we donT have colorfull corn, and we don't wear those clothes. I thing the only Latin countries in Americas that can be put in the same group as Brazil is Argentina, Uruguay and Maybe Chile.

9 days ago #9129035      

That may be true, altho Germany and Scotland (even if it isnt its own country yet) may be Estonias competitioners in this.

9 days ago #9128713      

@Bloodblender hum.... well I see your point, but I still thing they are... let's say.... "the most nordic that's not nordic" country....

10 days ago #9128310      

We dont dislike Estonia, but we simply does not share nearly as strong bonds with Estonia as with our neighboring nordic cuntrys, historical and otherwise.

1 month ago #9103996      

Estonia IS thankful to our EU and NATO allies, especially to the USA who has increased the number of patrolling fighter jets from 4 to 10. We could use more anti-tank weaponry and ammo though.

1 month ago #9102503      

Huh Estonia should be thankful for not being attacked by Russia already.


19 M
2 months ago #9098728      

I believe too @Ekawar ;)

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