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Party Crasher


Party Crasher

Oh how often I have been asked by Estonians, “Where is Estonia? We’re a Nordic country too!”

Problem is, the other Nordics doesn’t think so. :XD:

I asked around what the stereotypes for the Baltic countries were, and the overall answer was, “Very depressed people who wear grey and live in grey houses”

Estonia have a good relationship with Finland, which is why he doesn’t hide, but he doesn’t consider her a Nordic either which is why he doesn’t let her in. The Finland’ish hat is because Estonians are seen as being very much like Finns by the other Baltics.

3rd August 2010


16 M
8 days ago #9312593        

It's funny because it's true! Many people who live in Southern Finland take a raft over to Estonia to get cheap liquor but don't want them as a Nordic country.

11 days ago #9310971        

Estonia has a pretty good reason to party with them.

17 days ago #9307984        

Yeah, scandinavia and the world, but if there are a lot of countries that really aren't scandinavians, nordics, or just europeans, so, why Portugal don't? There are Spain, Italy... Are they scandinavians? It don't sounds stupid to me @TheDaneandNorwegian


15 F
24 days ago #9303141        

He took her vodka :(


17 M
25 days ago #9302103        

Its funny because Finns use to go to Estonia for cheep alcohol.
Myself i was in Tallinn, for "reasons" *looks over shoulder* And they really try to act Nordic, with viking themed things all over the place, and they most speak Finnish included there.


19 O
29 days ago #9300020        

Poor Estonia, she just wants to party XD

1 month ago #9296812        

@clement123 dude, that sounded extremely stupid... And if you haven't noticed the is called scandinavia and the world. So of course the comics are mainly about scandinavia

1 month ago #9296811        

I am a Dane and they are NOT a part of our nordic group!!

1 month ago #9296214        

I agree that as a Norwegian, we tend to group Estonia, Latvia and Lithuenia as one package, and we don't regard them as nordic. But we do like them a lot, and at least Norway is helping theese countries financially, and militarily and we actually have Norwegian forces stationed in one of the countries now. Norway have a lot of people from the Baltic states working, unfortunately, Baltic mafia have allso ventured into Norway, smearing their reputation :(

1 month ago #9292390        

thanks for the support @Sarilhos :)

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