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Party Crasher

Oh how often I have been asked by Estonians, “Where is Estonia? We’re a Nordic country too!”

Problem is, the other Nordics doesn’t think so. :XD:

I asked around what the stereotypes for the Baltic countries were, and the overall answer was, “Very depressed people who wear grey and live in grey houses”

Estonia have a good relationship with Finland, which is why he doesn’t hide, but he doesn’t consider her a Nordic either which is why he doesn’t let her in. The Finland’ish hat is because Estonians are seen as being very much like Finns by the other Baltics.

3rd August 2010

3 days ago #9292390        

thanks for the support @Sarilhos :)

4 days ago #9292094        

Lol poor Estonia


17 M
14 days ago #9286423        

Being in a Southeast Asian country, most of us don't know the Baltic countries. But as far as I know because I really loved geography and random trivia, these countries are always deemed to be a sad part of Europe. I haven't been to Europe, or even out of my country so yeah I'm stereotyping haha! BTW I think Finland likes big boobs so he didn't let Estonia in! haha

19 days ago #9282685        

I have a small problem with the stereotypes in this one. Since when have Estonian or Baltic women been stereotyped as grey? I've only ever heard the stereotype that they put a lot more effort into looking good than the Finns and from what I've seen in Tallinn, this stereotype appears to be rooted in fact. And to be honest Finland should have just left the Scandinavians to their sausage fest and gone to party with sister Estonia. There is not a single man in Finland, who would not invite sister Estonia to join the party.

And now onto the matter of whether Estonia is Nordic or not. Estonia and Finland should be treated like a package deal in this respect. Either both are Nordic or neither is. If we get pedantic about the subject, then Finland and Estonia should be considered a separate entity of their own. Both are jammed in a group that they don't really belong in. Finland and Estonia are actually more closely linked than even most Finns realise. Naturally there is the linguistic and genetic connection, but there is also a great deal of cultural similarity between the two, actually much more than between Finland and Sweden. Swedish history naturally largely ignores Finland before the time of the Swedish rule, because it doesn't concern them, and there is a small but extremely vocal minority in Finland that pushes forward the view that the Finns just suddenly sprung into being when the Swedes took over and thus the Finnish culture is basically just a variation of Scandinavian cultures. In reality the Swedish influence on the Finnish culture is much smaller than one would think given the length of time Finland was under Swedish rule. The Swedish influence is largely contained on the western coast and to the descendants of the Swedes who settled there. The rest of Finland has culturally more in common with Slavic states than with Scandinavians. Finns like to downplay this, because they don't want to admit to having anything in common with the comrades across the eastern boarder.

Estonia and Finland form their own group of outcasts in the area not really belonging to any of the other groups linguistically or genetically or even culturally. The only reason Finland is considered Nordic and Estonia isn't is because after WW2 the great heroes of the west decided that after destroying the German military power it was a good idea to let their good friends in the USSR "liberate" eastern Europe. Up until this point Estonia and Finland had actually walked very much hand in hand through the process of becoming independent states and volunteers from both countries fought in each others wars against USSR. 3500 Finnish volunteers fought in the Estonian war of independence and approximately a 1000 Estonian volunteers fought in the winter war. These 1000 Estonian volunteers are especially worth mentioning because the Swedes make a lot of noise about the 8000 volunteers who fought in the winter war. When you consider the fact that Estonia was under Soviet occupation at the time and still managed to find a similar proportion of its people as Sweden to fight for Finland, it is a disgrace that this is so often ignored.

The reasons for this close connection to Estonia being largely omitted in Finnish education are many. After WW2 Finland would have been completely alone without the connection to the Nordic countries, so the cultural connections to Scandinavia were emphasized. Secondly the comrades in Kremlin were not keen on Finland pointing out that Finns and Estonians were unified in their fight against Russification. Then there is the third reason of uncomfortable questions rising when you bring up the fact that there is a genetically, linguistically and culturally related group called Baltic Finns. Why is the subject often uncomfortable and a bit risky? Well, that would be because then you have to bring up the other groups of Baltic Finns, who weren't as lucky as Finns and Estonians, such as Karelians, Ingrians, etc. This is a bit of an uncomfortable subject because the Karelians, Ingrians and other Baltic Finns who lived in the lands that are now part of modern day Russia, faced forced deportations, Russification, ethnic cleansing and all manner of terrorisation by the Soviets before and after WW2. Especially the older generations of Finns who received their education during the years of Finlandization have yet to grow the stones to actually call Russia out on all their genocidal BS, so they get a bit touchy around this subject and if you are willing to point out all this crap pulled by the Soviets, you are very very close to being labeled a crazy, racist, neonazi, who wants to go attack Russia, reclaim Karelia and conquer everything between eastern Finland and the Ural mountains.

Sorry about the long rant that was quite possibly more than just a bit off topic. To reiterate my point. Estonia has pretty much the same right to get in to the group of Nordic countries as Finland has. Most of the agreements regarding trade and freedom of movement that have been made between the Nordic countries, would be redundant in the case of Estonia, because they are already a member of the EU, Schengen area and the Euro zone. But IMO Estonia should be allowed to join the Nordic counsel. And even if the other countries are hesitant about that, Finland should definitely support Estonian ambitions to join in.


25 F
1 month ago #9273030        

I agree with @clement123. Portugal please.


22 M
2 months ago #9265549        

As was the people of Normandy, Rus(now western Russia), the Baltic, Dublin and even Naples and Sicily during the 11th century, so that argument does not fit.
If we count latitudes on the other hand(with DK being the lower limit), then Scotland but not the rest of UK is legible, though all of the Baltic should be legible as well.
At this point, I think that it would be best to just classify the Nordic Council as a group of northern countries with a somewhat similar culture or history.

2 months ago #9265513        

Hi, I'm new in this site, I'm portuguese and want to say that noticed unfortunately the absence of Portugal in this comics and in avatars. Please, have you already think put Portugal in comics. I think it's an important country in Europe

3 months ago #9249287        

It's annoying that the Nordic countries were willing to allow Scotland status as a Nordic nation, but not Estonia or the UK as a whole.

I mean, for gods sake, my homeland of Yorkshire was literally founded by Vikings.

3 months ago #9248434        

@Wilda @EstoniaNordic Actually, it is. Finland is a nordic country, the finns are a Finno-Ugric people. Scandinavia is a whole different term that excludes Finland but includes Denmark, while Fennoscandia includes Finland but excludes Denmark. Talk about a landmine of terminology :)

3 months ago #9244649        

@Wilda Actually it's not, it's Finno-Ugric. Only reason they are ''Scandinavian'' is that they were annexed by Sweden.

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