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11th October 2011

2 months ago #9251231        

I like how finland looks like he puts his sword away.

2 months ago #9240634        

@livingbird True dat.

5 months ago #9188122        

@America-sama Haha thanks!

5 months ago #9187906        

@DanishGirlDK Your sense of humor is so super fun!

5 months ago #9187700        

@America-sama Haha! You make me laugh, haha

5 months ago #9187457        

@DanishGirlDK I own this poster as well. It's my second favorite poster since I'm such a naughty naughty person. LOL!

6 months ago #9157697        

This is my all time second favorite poster ever!

Iceland is so cute like always!

7 months ago #9150381        

:D Nordic counties in a nutshell

7 months ago #9135389        

@sparklingDane How dare you call Åland Sweden's pet >:(


25 F
8 months ago #9120027        

i love how finnland looks like he blushed because sweden is that near to him and the knife is just there, that sweden don´t come to close, because than finnland would just hump him XD

yeah yeah is only my shipping thoughts, but would be cool ^^

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