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Now for sale

11th October 2011

5 days ago #9135389      

@sparklingDane How dare you call Åland Sweden's pet >:(


25 F
28 days ago #9120027      

i love how finnland looks like he blushed because sweden is that near to him and the knife is just there, that sweden don´t come to close, because than finnland would just hump him XD

yeah yeah is only my shipping thoughts, but would be cool ^^

4 months ago #9031985      



4 months ago #9031848      

@FrankHarr XD Yus!!

5 months ago #9023343      


Yup. And Denmark's so funny about it when it goes missing.

5 months ago #9022180      

@FrankHarr Of course. Denmark has the beer! xD

5 months ago #9009107      

"Denmark, give your ghost to Iceland... Surely he will like it... "

I think the ghost prefers Denmark.


14 M
6 months ago #8986635      

Denmark, give your ghost to Iceland... Surely he will like it...

6 months ago #8986063      

@HuggingSeal ... Åland?

7 months ago #8970284      

i really like that Ghost!! :D

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