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Proud Finland

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Proud Finland

I wasn't going to make anything about Finland winning the World Hockey Championships because I don't care about sports at all. But then I saw that a Finn had written "Go go retarded lion!" and I couldn't help myself. :XD:

16th May 2011

11 days ago #9287701        


...I have NO idea what you just said. I was just making a reference to differential calculus. XD

Remember, Me = American, and American = Generally Out Of Touch With The World. I think you can understand it from there.


17 F
12 days ago #9287221        

Suomi must be a model to follow for Canada (the country in general, not the stereotypes XD)

12 days ago #9287163        


Finland is the derivative of Canada. Hockey is the derivative of Finland. Thus, Hockey is the second derivative of Canada.


17 F
2 months ago #9269305        

Is hockey a religion too in Finland 'Cuz in Canada, it does XD


19 F
2 months ago #9267850        

this is everyhing <3


15 M
2 months ago #9267538        

puck nom nom

3 months ago #9248696        

@Galgann That is exactly what I was thinking. The Lion has an automail leg.


25 M
3 months ago #9248351        

Automail... Fullmetal Alchemist?


16 F
4 months ago #9224991        

I remember this! It was here, in Slovakia that time ^w^ And next year in Finland we were second! :)

6 months ago #9188388        

Automatan, the Finnish lion emblem has an armoured hand. I guess you could say it's automail if you wish... It also stabs itself in the head...

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