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Proud Finland

Northern Lights Poster

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Proud Finland

I wasn't going to make anything about Finland winning the World Hockey Championships because I don't care about sports at all. But then I saw that a Finn had written "Go go retarded lion!" and I couldn't help myself. :XD:

16th May 2011


16 F
22 days ago #9322017        

Be proud... BE PROUD...*crying*


15 F
2 months ago #9301340        


2 months ago #9295968        

Finland Fuck yeah
best education fuck yeah
ice hockey fuck yeah
angry birds fuck yeah
russians your days are through cuuse now you have to anwser to
finland fuck
mannerheim fuck yeah
åland fuck yeah
least corrupt coyntry fuck yeah
puukot fuck yeah
finland fuck yeah

3 months ago #9287701        


...I have NO idea what you just said. I was just making a reference to differential calculus. XD

Remember, Me = American, and American = Generally Out Of Touch With The World. I think you can understand it from there.


17 F
3 months ago #9287221        

Suomi must be a model to follow for Canada (the country in general, not the stereotypes XD)

3 months ago #9287163        


Finland is the derivative of Canada. Hockey is the derivative of Finland. Thus, Hockey is the second derivative of Canada.


17 F
4 months ago #9269305        

Is hockey a religion too in Finland 'Cuz in Canada, it does XD


19 F
4 months ago #9267850        

this is everyhing <3


15 M
4 months ago #9267538        

puck nom nom

5 months ago #9248696        

@Galgann That is exactly what I was thinking. The Lion has an automail leg.

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