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Sand in weird places


Sand in weird places

This was supposed to be about how it's legal to masturbate in public in Sweden as long as you're not masturbating TO anyone, but then the comic took me weird places.

3rd June 2014

6 days ago #9241083        

@paizleeroxanne Your avatar fits perfectly.


25 M
8 days ago #9239686        

Legal to masturbate in public? Must have been sister Sweden's idea hah!


21 M
8 days ago #9239587        

Gotta get dat booty.

9 days ago #9238668        

I think that purple octopus will kill all of them if Finland doesn't first

9 days ago #9238662        

Norway is so adorable, would like to hug and never let go :3.

13 days ago #9236995        

I feel ashamed.

14 days ago #9236307        

that's perfect XD


23 F
17 days ago #9234736        

... Did not know this. Weird, considering pissing in public is forbidden. Granted, jiss is less smelly than piss, but the two have enough awkwardness in common that they should both fall under public decency and the lack thereof.


16 F
1 month ago #9222030        

@Ali I think it means harassing them, by openly jerking off in front of them/around them while blatantly staring. So you can jerk off on your own in the water, but you can't stare at anyone or masturbate ON them.

...I think.


32 M
2 months ago #9210196        

what does it mean "as long as you're not masturbating TO anyone" ??

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