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Sand in weird places

Sand in weird places

This was supposed to be about how it's legal to masturbate in public in Sweden as long as you're not masturbating TO anyone, but then the comic took me weird places.

3rd June 2014

Tagged in Iceland Sweden Finland Denmark Norway

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20 days ago #9345720        

@Mushies Finland and Iceland....hmmm XD You are finnish right?

21 days ago #9345415        

@Malikha_Khan Yessss <3

21 days ago #9345413        

@Mushies You realllly like Iceland don't you?

22 days ago #9345149        

OMG Iceland let me hug you.


25 days ago #9343880        

Sweden is a weird as sexual intercourse country, but I still want to go

27 days ago #9342846        

What does Finland have against squid?


21 M
1 month ago #9339425        

I don't get the last panel.... :(


18 O
1 month ago #9338549        

What is the connection between Finland-Octopus and Octopus-Iceland?

2 months ago #9334833        

lol @Krondax The mama wanted revenge for her baby that Iceland killed XD


34 M
2 months ago #9334085        

um, could someone please explain that last panel for me?

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