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Sand in weird places


Sand in weird places

This was supposed to be about how it's legal to masturbate in public in Sweden as long as you're not masturbating TO anyone, but then the comic took me weird places.

3rd June 2014

26 minutes ago #9278985        

Finland is pretty sexy though, especially in that panel o_o

2 hours ago #9278916        

@Vallraffs Suuuuuuure...;)

2 hours ago #9278914        

lol Denmark looks so sexy<3

8 days ago #9275001        

Oh come on. It's not legal to masturbate in public in Sweden, alright? It was simply a mistranslation of the result of a Swedish trial, in which the exact opposite was determined: that it is illegal to masturbate, no matter what you're masturbating to.

8 days ago #9274822        

wow...Iceland *-*

11 days ago #9273775        

Us Finns are never getting any reprieve, are we? :D


16 M
12 days ago #9273251        

That damn creature just wouldn't leave.. I had to summon kraken to take care of it.

19 days ago #9270798        


19 days ago #9270518        

finland is like ಠ__ಠ


19 F
20 days ago #9270342        

Finland arm looks like it going to fall off

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