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Size matters


Size matters

I wasn't planning on posting a comic about this yet, but people have spammed me with the "ÆØÅ (Size Matters)" song so much that I thought I might as well post it now to let people know that yes, I have seen it.

(Before you click the link, know that the song isn't about who has the biggest alphabet in the world, but simply about the Norwegians desperately looking for something they have that's bigger than what USA has)

28th September 2012


36 M
1 day ago #9137875      

I'll leave this here, in Spanish:
"Mi papá tiene 57 años" = My dad is 57 years old.
"Mi papa tiene 57 anos" = My potato has 57 buttholes.


21 M
5 days ago #9135135      

@DECtape The English alphabet is way more inefficient than the Scandinavian one. What, for example, is that E in "are" doing? What is the purpose of the GH in "though"? And how come "word" is pronounced like "nerd", not like "lord"? So yes, English is the only major Germanic language that only uses 26 letters - and the also the only Germanic language with a completely chaotic spelling system (and the few rules it does have are nothing like the rules all other languages with 26 letters follow - unlike, for the most part, the other Germanic languages: German "I" = Swedish "I" = Latin "I" = Italian "I" = Spanish "I" = freaking Japanese "I" = English "E").

12 days ago #9130786      

Forget your Æ,Ø, and Å. The English alphabet operates on the principals of RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing [which we invented by the way]). While you guys are being all bulky, inefficient, and less useful for embedded systems we are being efficient and sleek! While you use your instruction set to do front end heavy consumer applications we sit in the background and run your routers, low end phones, gateways, and a host of other things! You can make that comparison... right?


23 M
18 days ago #9127265      

That's the best video I have ever seen. HAHAHA

Also, reminds me of this.

22 days ago #9124302      

The Cyrillic alphabet! Especially Ы Ъ Щ :) But I love more letter Þ because there is no language among modern languages but Icelandic which use it.

1 month ago #9109083      


1 month ago #9108705      

I don't brag about America. Ever. And this is why.


14 M
1 month ago #9106883      

Sweden know how to get a awkward silence :)

We Swedes are proud of our Å, Ä and Ö!!!

2 months ago #9101526      

Pssst.... The letter Å that Norway, Sweden and Denmark all use were "invented" by the Norwegian lingvist (I think thats how it's written) Ivar Aasen. Originally the sound that Å use were written as AA. :)

2 months ago #9087626      

Love that song! It's really catchy and fun!

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