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Size matters

Northern Lights Poster

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Size matters

I wasn't planning on posting a comic about this yet, but people have spammed me with the "ÆØÅ (Size Matters)" song so much that I thought I might as well post it now to let people know that yes, I have seen it.

(Before you click the link, know that the song isn't about who has the biggest alphabet in the world, but simply about the Norwegians desperately looking for something they have that's bigger than what USA has)

28th September 2012

3 days ago #9328906        

Æ Ø Å yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeyye

4 days ago #9328442        

But it sounds alike... where did Sweden get that from? Denmark maybe? xD
ä ö å and æ ø å
there is something from Denmark in there!

10 days ago #9326254        

Fun fact: The Norwegians did indeed get ÅÆØ from Denmark, but after the SWEDES ruled over us, we elected a DANE as our king. Soooo... Norway liked Denmark better than Sweden ;)


19 F
10 days ago #9325958        

Aaaah kollektivet is awesome ♡


20 M
10 days ago #9325915        

Why the accents?


999 M
11 days ago #9325630        

@Ice0tea My grand grandfather was named Ståhlberg :)

19 days ago #9322732        

Don't worry Sweden, we have ä ö ü in Germany to match yours :)

22 days ago #9321224        

@Vela no Å and å both had belonged and will belong to the Finnish alphabet:
The "Swedish o", carried over from the Swedish alphabet and redundant in Finnish; retained especially for writing Finland-Swedish proper names (such as Ståhlberg). Pronounced as [o]. No Finnish words contain a letter å. And the name of our first president will never change.
Also just as the Estonian alphabet contains;
Cc(not official only used in loanwords),
Qq(not official only used in loanwords),
Šš(only used in loanwords)
Zz(only used in loanwords)
Žž(only used in loanwords)
Ww(Not officially part of the alphabet only used in loanwords)
Xx(not officially part of the alphabet)
Yy(not officially part of the alphabet)

24 days ago #9320046        

@Vela We use it in people's last names like Ice0tea said. Not only fennoswedes have surnames like that. Besides we use Q even less.


14 M
24 days ago #9319983        

@Ice0tea It belongs to Sweden's alphabet and no we do not use it. We have used it, but no. No more

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