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Sweden Playing with Ropes


Sweden Playing with Ropes

And here he is! Bondage top Sweden. Yes, this is about as erotic as it’ll get. :XD:
I didn’t plan for the comic, but one thing just lead to another...

I don’t understand why some people find it hard to imagine Sweden being top/dominant. He may look like a sissy, but he sure can kick ass when he wants to. It’s just a matter of motivation. :D

5th December 2009

18 hours ago #9266980        

Of course Denmark will have to pee somehow...


22 M
2 months ago #9235101        

oh good so im not the only one this has happen too

7 months ago #9128216        

Wow. Just. Wow. That was like two or three different types of BDSM/fetishes in one seven panel comic. *brain breaks while trying to wrap head around pervertedness of comic*

8 months ago #9109902        


8 months ago #9105576        

Swedes are normally not so loud but when we get pissed it comes out like volcanic explosion, can scare the pants off some people.

8 months ago #9103834        

@TheBrewer sorry the joke but Sweet! XD

8 months ago #9103030        

@TimMogens Honey mead flavored with rubar to make the sweetness of the Honey less nausiating in large quantities ;)

8 months ago #9102199        

@TheBrewer and what would a homebrew be?

8 months ago #9100093        

@TimMogens sorry i do not :) as said i prefer my homebrew :)

8 months ago #9098198        

@TheBrewer fine. Hey do you know a brand of Beer called St. Gallen? it's from a danish guy

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