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Sweden Playing with Ropes


Sweden Playing with Ropes

And here he is! Bondage top Sweden. Yes, this is about as erotic as it’ll get. :XD:
I didn’t plan for the comic, but one thing just lead to another...

I don’t understand why some people find it hard to imagine Sweden being top/dominant. He may look like a sissy, but he sure can kick ass when he wants to. It’s just a matter of motivation. :D

5th December 2009


22 M
1 day ago #9317558        

@Canadaforeverandever A long story but it was a hell of a party


19 M
19 days ago #9308500        

Lol, pewdiepie has hijacked "I don't care!" so hard, could not be unseen. Ironic since swede as well xd

1 month ago #9299536        

@Rollen WHUT?!

2 months ago #9276801        

@-JustAnotherDane Nope!xD
I also love how this looks like one of those scenes with the kid, needing to go potty, and the adult that doesn't know what to do and then calls the one who does know what to do:P

3 months ago #9275125        

Am I the only one that thought of PewDiePie, when Sweden said "I DON'T CARE!!!"?


246 F
3 months ago #9266980        

Of course Denmark will have to pee somehow...


22 M
5 months ago #9235101        

oh good so im not the only one this has happen too

10 months ago #9128216        

Wow. Just. Wow. That was like two or three different types of BDSM/fetishes in one seven panel comic. *brain breaks while trying to wrap head around pervertedness of comic*

11 months ago #9109902        


11 months ago #9105576        

Swedes are normally not so loud but when we get pissed it comes out like volcanic explosion, can scare the pants off some people.

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