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Swedish Army


Swedish Army

There's a story going around that small breasted women who join the Swedish army are offered the choice of free breast implants. They're also advised to gain a little weights, all intended to make them look bigger, more butch, and matronly. In other words, big breasts are scary. :fear:

You can get a Sister Sweden poster now here The poster has been selling a lot better than I thought it would. You naughty people. ;)

2nd March 2012

13 days ago #9127361      

Um... Are you sure about that? I find it highly doubtful, and I know that it is not the case in Sweden.

1 month ago #9109107      



36 F
1 month ago #9109071      

I love Finland's sign. Why is he even there?! Not complaining...

2 months ago #9089833      

interesting. Sweden does have a good military though.

2 months ago #9083819      

I've never heard about this.

3 months ago #9062279      

I still agree with Sverige... what does big bobbies has to do with fear????

3 months ago #9062205      

Yes, they are "terrifying" Sweden....
And highely loveable!

3 months ago #9056852      

"You're so gay". Best explanation to men who think big breasts are terrifying

5 months ago #9013536      

Speaking of armies, wouldn't it be cool if there were empire themed comics? I know the results of empire - mircoonations and the like- are in the comic strip, but what about funny victories/defeats like Aland vs. Russia?

5 months ago #9007157      

May have said this already, but a lot of armies will offer free breast implants to give their surgeons practice. In some countries, this benefit is offered to wives of military men as well.

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