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Swedish Army


Swedish Army

There's a story going around that small breasted women who join the Swedish army are offered the choice of free breast implants. They're also advised to gain a little weights, all intended to make them look bigger, more butch, and matronly. In other words, big breasts are scary. :fear:

You can get a Sister Sweden poster now here The poster has been selling a lot better than I thought it would. You naughty people. ;)

2nd March 2012


2 months ago #9248725        

Well, that makes sense, but I still see no real millitary value in that kind of "bombs".

2 months ago #9248668        

The way it was described to me, it's one of the few surgeries done where there is virtually no danger to any vital organs, and not even a great risk of heavy bleeding. And the same practice behind a breast implant can be applied when removing shrapnel (large shards of debris).

2 months ago #9247382        

Thats odd. I cant be sure concerning how autentic the articles are, but if the are, its realy strange that it would accualy come into practice.

5 months ago #9187031        

@America-sama I have no idea, I think it's pretty normal for an army

5 months ago #9186984        

@DanishGirlDK What is the Danish army like by contrast?

5 months ago #9186314        

@America-sama So you have that poster too, huh... haha!

5 months ago #9186222        

@DanishGirlDK Did you read that, I'm a naughty person apparently.

6 months ago #9156285        

With weapons like that, Sweden could easily conquer America and the world, if Sweden wasn't so pacifist!

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