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Talk to Me 1


Talk to Me 1

Talking Swedish hurts so bad in his Finnish soul! And yet, non of the other Nordics speak it better than him. D:

As you can see, I’m moving further and further away from the idea that Finland can’t talk at all. Instead I now prefer to think that he just doesn’t want to talk, and when he does, it’s in Finnish (or as here, Swedish).

That way achieve two things.
1: Everybody who doesn’t understand Finnish still don’t understand what he says, meaning he might as well be mute.
2: It illustrates that Finnish is significantly different from the other Nordic languages.

Someone will probably ask, “Why does she keep switching between talking Swedish and English?”
The answer: So non-Swedes can understand what is going on, obviously.

And just to avoid an awkward situation when you meet a Swede and feels like telling him/her that you love them, Finland is not saying “I love you” but “I love my mistress” :XD:

Talk to me 2

8th June 2010


20 F
10 days ago #9133122      

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaweh omg <3

2 months ago #9098978      

my race just got emasculated. IT HURTS! .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. count me in as emotionally damaged now.

2 months ago #9090252      

Sweden and Finland were one nation for many hundereds of years, im not sure 600 or 800. This is a very long time. That ended 300 years ago.
We Swedes treated Scania terrible. Once in one of the wars that always came and went the Swedes took Scania -again- And started to burn and destroy anything that could support a war campaign, creating a empty land with no resources to use. These wars was big consumers, and to brought all with the campaign wasnt done in those days. 'Ahh, to se Copenhagen burn in the dawn...' All this shit is history. But we come throgh as humorless stiffies are because of Scania. The two third northeren Sweden doesnt give a hoot about the Scania rednecks or nothing.An old man was in at hospital and he screamed in his sleep 'the danes are coming-the danes are coming..' Very odd, but its not rooted out of us for long. Huddinge Hill STHLM Sweden signing of...this comic is so good =D


3 months ago #9076144      

I just can't handle Finlands face! He's such a cutie! (kind of like a psychopath cutie, but a cutie in the end) <3

3 months ago #9066854      

good aidea sis sverige

4 months ago #9036459      

This is glorious

5 months ago #9008399      

"Härskarinna" is best translated as "mistress".
However, not mistress as in lover, but as in ruler, dominatrix or similar (the fermale parallel to "master").


37 F
6 months ago #8990532      

For the record, Finland also speaks much better English than he thinks he does.

6 months ago #8989230      

Poor Finland.


37 F
7 months ago #8976970      

Damn, that's cold. It's like making a Korean say it in Japanese.

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