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Talk to Me 1

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Talk to Me 1

Talking Swedish hurts so bad in his Finnish soul! And yet, non of the other Nordics speak it better than him. D:

As you can see, I’m moving further and further away from the idea that Finland can’t talk at all. Instead I now prefer to think that he just doesn’t want to talk, and when he does, it’s in Finnish (or as here, Swedish).

That way achieve two things.
1: Everybody who doesn’t understand Finnish still don’t understand what he says, meaning he might as well be mute.
2: It illustrates that Finnish is significantly different from the other Nordic languages.

Someone will probably ask, “Why does she keep switching between talking Swedish and English?”
The answer: So non-Swedes can understand what is going on, obviously.

And just to avoid an awkward situation when you meet a Swede and feels like telling him/her that you love them, Finland is not saying “I love you” but “I love my mistress” :XD:

Talk to me 2

8th June 2010


17 F
1 day ago #9330028        

*poking my finnish friend right now*

5 days ago #9328802        


12 days ago #9325818        



16 F
21 days ago #9322231        

sister sweden................................................................................. you fucking bitch! Finland will never be himself again... D:

22 days ago #9321557        

Sister Sweden U bitch :D

23 days ago #9321499        

Adorable :)


24 M
1 month ago #9312978        

Oooh, our poor Finnland brother :D


16 M
1 month ago #9312135        

The power of boners is stronger! ;P

2 months ago #9297230        

its funny because the finish swedish is actually more easy to learn for english people

3 months ago #9286152        

@sneachda Not really.. Hungarian is in the same linguistical family, but it's not at all similar. The only "major" language Finnish is similar to is Estonian.

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