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The day the Iraq war started


The day the Iraq war started

Europe was mildly surprised. And pissed.

If you have no idea who or what Leeroy Jenkins is, here is the original video
A Leeroy Jenkins is basically a gamer who has no time for plans and simply storms right into the battlefield, ruining the rest of the team’s plans.

The real inspiration for this picture came from this remix of the video I just kept seeing America storming right into a minefield with a bunch of countries stumbling after. :XD:

Seriously, in those days Europe saw America as the world’s Leeroy Jenkins.

27th November 2009

18 hours ago #9266979        

@Dwyvach: Indeed. I do too.

Dear America. So impulsive!


11 F
1 month ago #9249931        

At least I have chicken

5 months ago #9160555        


6 months ago #9152880        

I seriously want that for a poster

6 months ago #9141400        

When it looks like the US is going to go Republican, duck for cover, and try to look harmless. When it looks like we're going to go Democrat, pray that Russia's too busy harassing Muslims to bother with you. One of these days, we might have another useful leader, but that excuse for not self-deporting is looking increasingly shopworn, I'm afraid.

7 months ago #9124221        

Now i want this as a poster


35 M
9 months ago #9071853        

America! F-ck yeah!

9 months ago #9071805        

The look on King Europe's face is priceless

9 months ago #9070860        

WOW reference anybody!!! XD

9 months ago #9064334        

@sinkoorava NOW YOU'RE GETTIN' IT!

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