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The day the Iraq war started

The day the Iraq war started

Europe was mildly surprised. And pissed.

If you have no idea who or what Leeroy Jenkins is, here is the original video
A Leeroy Jenkins is basically a gamer who has no time for plans and simply storms right into the battlefield, ruining the rest of the team’s plans.

The real inspiration for this picture came from this remix of the video I just kept seeing America storming right into a minefield with a bunch of countries stumbling after. :XD:

Seriously, in those days Europe saw America as the world’s Leeroy Jenkins.

28th November 2009

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4 days ago #9390169        

that's video's audio is jacked. Switch to this ( link.

29 days ago #9376523        

I just watched American Sniper. This is what I mostly have gotten out of foreign people: They're just like me. They just have a totally different surroundings, which gives them totally different motivations. I don't even know what the truth is when I watch the news anymore. At moments like 9/11 and especially the aftermath of what followed (war, bombing, growing intolerance) I really AM turning into Sister Finland.

I have my knife ready by the door, but I only stab when necessary. :p


15 F
2 months ago #9368185        


3 months ago #9354471        

Hahaha, as a WoW player I'm proud Leeroy made it into this, but I still laugh at it, I don't know how many times I've done that absent-mindedly when Tanking a Raid haha. :3 But man, his Raid team would've given him hell. Lmfao.


3 months ago #9354005        

America, get back here, you forgot your tan.


21 M
5 months ago #9327793        


-charges into Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central America-

5 months ago #9327742        

Yup... 'Murica...

5 months ago #9326072        

@Narnia-the-Awesome I remember that :D greetings fellow hetalian

6 months ago #9324160        

I still remember when me and my friends Alfred, Mathias, and Gilbert were all playing CoD and then Al sprints toward the other team yelling, "I got this guys, LEEEEEEROOOOY JEEEENKIIIINSSSSS!!!" The look on Mathias's and Gilbert's faces... Absolutely priceless XD


14 F
6 months ago #9312323        

"Goddamnit Leeroy!"

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