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The End of America

The End of America

Inspired by some of the responses I got to this journal

I couldn’t help but smile while reading them. :)

23rd March 2010
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37 F
22 days ago #9334163        

@girlfromthebasement That's what I plan on doing, too. If I lose what I have now, I would have no reason to stay here. Maybe I'll be able to live in a place that doesn't discriminate against the long term unemployed. SSI is my only income.

25 days ago #9332826        

As an american, I honestly feel that I will someday move to either Canada, or Scandinavia in order to have healthcare. As someone with a disability, I hate the American healthcare system. I think it's terrible, and useless.


34 M
27 days ago #9332054        

Sadly, all obamacare did was increase ins costs (because we need equal coverage.. which meant that now us males have to pay for gynecologists..... even if we are single.... ) and find a new way to tax people, by taxing us if we do not have healthcare.


35 M
29 days ago #9330990        

America, public healthcare is a great thing. You should try sometime.



21 M
2 months ago #9324108        

NO! NOT THE FREEDOM HATING COMMIES! -nukes self with anti-vaxxers-

2 months ago #9315323        



999 O
3 months ago #9302592        

Link doesn't work


48 M
4 months ago #9279296        

This is not because of "republicans", this is because of the U.S. government. Both sides. They only care about money, and they screw the rest of us in the process.

"Obamacare" didn't solve any problems, it only made health insurance more expensive. So I couldn't afford it before, now even less so. Typical for U.S. government, to screw up something that should have been repaired...

4 months ago #9276865        

-_- Stupid America.


16 M
4 months ago #9275365        

Not gonna lie, Obamacare made things worse. Not that I'm against universal healthcare, just that it's not working as well as systems like Britain's NHS.

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