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The End of America


The End of America

Inspired by some of the responses I got to this journal

I couldn’t help but smile while reading them. :)

22nd March 2010

23 days ago #9253543        

I know it's a strange thought but some of us (by that I mean Americans) really did want universal health care and fought hard at the local level to try and bring it about. Sadly we didn't win, and I agree that Obamacare is not at all what we were hoping for and I think that what makes it worse is that it will be a long time before we can even bring this topic back up seriously in our government. But there is always hope for the future.

1 month ago #9247502        

Surprisingly still relevant today....

3 months ago #9221437        

Ummmm...America? You know you literally cannot be a communist-nazi right? they HATED each other.

3 months ago #9219982        

Hmmmmm. Maybe.

3 months ago #9219359        

Haha ah well do you think Clinton is running for presidency ?

3 months ago #9218400        

Yeah! *high-fives*

3 months ago #9218221        

Thank you !
Democrats for the win ! :D

3 months ago #9218201        

A very Republican thought, indeed.

3 months ago #9213891        

@moonstone-budgie then why does aussie sound like nazi? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

5 months ago #9164033        

@danthescott If the federal government can't make such important decisions on it's own what is it's purpose? As far as I can see the federal government deals with military and little else.
And state by state law discrepancies is a recipe for disaster, just look at the discrepant laws now, like fireworks, people just travel to states where they're legal to bring them back to states where they're illegal.
Healthcare needs to be universal or it won't work effectively.

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