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The End of America

Northern Lights Poster

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The End of America

Inspired by some of the responses I got to this journal

I couldn’t help but smile while reading them. :)

22nd March 2010


21 M
13 days ago #9324108        

NO! NOT THE FREEDOM HATING COMMIES! -nukes self with anti-vaxxers-

29 days ago #9315323        



999 O
2 months ago #9302592        

Link doesn't work


48 M
3 months ago #9279296        

This is not because of "republicans", this is because of the U.S. government. Both sides. They only care about money, and they screw the rest of us in the process.

"Obamacare" didn't solve any problems, it only made health insurance more expensive. So I couldn't afford it before, now even less so. Typical for U.S. government, to screw up something that should have been repaired...

3 months ago #9276865        

-_- Stupid America.


16 M
3 months ago #9275365        

Not gonna lie, Obamacare made things worse. Not that I'm against universal healthcare, just that it's not working as well as systems like Britain's NHS.

4 months ago #9269095        

why do i live in a country with so many morons?...but there are still SOME of us who are intelligent


17 F
4 months ago #9267001        

Yep, this is an answer worthy of Republicans in USA.
And Canada is congratulating him because Obama said at once or towice, don't remeber, he wanted to have the same health system as Canada's.

5 months ago #9253543        

I know it's a strange thought but some of us (by that I mean Americans) really did want universal health care and fought hard at the local level to try and bring it about. Sadly we didn't win, and I agree that Obamacare is not at all what we were hoping for and I think that what makes it worse is that it will be a long time before we can even bring this topic back up seriously in our government. But there is always hope for the future.

5 months ago #9247502        

Surprisingly still relevant today....

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