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The End of America


The End of America

Inspired by some of the responses I got to this journal

I couldn’t help but smile while reading them. :)

22nd March 2010

2 months ago #9164033        

@danthescott If the federal government can't make such important decisions on it's own what is it's purpose? As far as I can see the federal government deals with military and little else.
And state by state law discrepancies is a recipe for disaster, just look at the discrepant laws now, like fireworks, people just travel to states where they're legal to bring them back to states where they're illegal.
Healthcare needs to be universal or it won't work effectively.

2 months ago #9162683        

WWWWWAAAAIIIITTTTT Australians weren't Nazis


19 M
3 months ago #9135149        

well... to call it a step is a bit much. Heck, even calling it "universal health insurance" is too much. Really, its just another expansion of medicare that doesn't solve the real problems (not enough doctors, doctors spending too much time with paperwork, insurance corporations making life-altering decisions on people's lives based on profit) of the american health care system.

4 months ago #9113275        

Of course they weren't on Nazi Germany's side
But that's something you would hear a Republican say :P


13 F
4 months ago #9113270        

I'm pretty sure that Canada wasn't on Germany's side in world war 2

4 months ago #9110532        

it wont work in america because its too large. and with canada they are split into provinces and they handel it province by province

4 months ago #9109887        

Lol whiny bitch

5 months ago #9101659        

@ehkrickor Umm... you know all Scandinavian countries have the same health care... right...?

5 months ago #9101220        

haha this is so true.

5 months ago #9096603        

@Heimrikr Yepp... Stereotype talking, we are quite sure that America is dumb...

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