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The Faroes


The Faroes

Every time I posted a comic that had Greenland in it, quite a few people asked me, ”What about the Faroes?”
Sometimes I would think, “You live in Canada! How the hell would you know about the Faroes?!” :XD:

Well, here he is. Denmark’s other “colony”.
The thing about the Faroes is that Danes usually forget all about them because they’re small and they don’t hate us quite as much as Greenland. In fact, they even voted yes to staying part of Denmark, and it quite upsets them that Denmark doesn’t pay them enough attention.

When Danes do remember there’s a place called the Faroes, we usually remember them for spending our money and then complaining about us when we ask them to pay it back. :XD:

7th August 2009

1 month ago #9204417        

@SethBlizzard Yes and vice versa :P

1 month ago #9204414        

@SethBlizzard Yes and vice versa :P

2 months ago #9198384        

I don't mind how autonomous Greenland and the Faroes are, as long as they stay part of the Danish Realm.

3 months ago #9173383        

noooo why greenland snd the faeroes hate us D: i love people from there! im part faeroe, i have only met kind people from there and i hate this tension!

5 months ago #9124794        

Fun fact: Greenland and Faroe Islands actually like Iceland more than Denmark. Recently, Iceland and Greenland established a Friendship Day held in Reykjavík. I personally like Greenland and Faroe Islands very much. Iceland helped the Faroese to recover from a hurricane and the Faroese (and Norwegians) helped Iceland during the Financial Collapse in 2008.

Denmark's friends: Norway, Sweden, Germany and Holland.
Norway's friends: Sweden, Svalbard (Norway's twin brother), Iceland (Norway's younger brother), Denmark and Finland.
Iceland's friends: Greenland, Faroe Islands, Norway and Svalbard (older brothers), Sweden and Finland.
Sweden's friends: Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, England and Japan.
Finland's friends: Sweden (I think), Estonia, Iceland and Norway.
Greenland's friends: Iceland, Faroe Islands, Svalbard and Canada.
Faroe Islands' friends: Iceland, Greenland and Shetland.

I think this is how it should be in this comic ;)

5 months ago #9124568        

@SethBlizzard Icelandic is actually a Scandinavian language as well. But yes, I get what you mean.


22 M
6 months ago #9103638        

Well I love the Faroes islands and their languege <3

6 months ago #9102523        

God dammit Denmark!!!!

6 months ago #9095051        

@Danishsalmon I LIVE in America and for a while I thought there were no states ^_^. I was only four at the time though

7 months ago #9085973        

Faroese is quite close to Icelandic, except that much of the grammar is very Scandinavian. So reading and listening to Faroese is a source of great amusement to Icelanders, 'cause it's so close our language and yet not. Pictures of Faroese signs will make Icelanders laugh.

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