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The Faroes

The Faroes

Every time I posted a comic that had Greenland in it, quite a few people asked me, ”What about the Faroes?”
Sometimes I would think, “You live in Canada! How the hell would you know about the Faroes?!” :XD:

Well, here he is. Denmark’s other “colony”.
The thing about the Faroes is that Danes usually forget all about them because they’re small and they don’t hate us quite as much as Greenland. In fact, they even voted yes to staying part of Denmark, and it quite upsets them that Denmark doesn’t pay them enough attention.

When Danes do remember there’s a place called the Faroes, we usually remember them for spending our money and then complaining about us when we ask them to pay it back. :XD:

8th August 2009

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26 M
26 days ago #9366369        

@Kikki94 lel


20 F
2 months ago #9353484        

Haha, when I read "Faroes" I thought about Egypt :P

2 months ago #9351906        

Wait is that poland´s mask or iclelands glasse´s

3 months ago #9343425        

Faroes! Come live with me!!!!!



15 F
6 months ago #9303147        

Sweden and Norway are just staring.

6 months ago #9301416        

@Thorantikrist Huh, another Thor.

6 months ago #9299261        

What is the little hair-thing that the Faroes has in later comics, and why isn't it here?

Omg... what if it's like Italy's curl from Hetalia? *squeeeeeeal*

6 months ago #9297724        

Actually we are thinking of adopt Föreyjar, they are our little brother...

8 months ago #9272940        

I like to believe that my nation is quite proud of ourselfs :3

9 months ago #9260813        

We Austrians know about the Faroes because we still haven't gotten over a horrible tie in Football, back in 1990 :'(

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